July 9 – Know Your Rights Training by West Denver Copwatch

July 5, 2012 in Endorsement, Event

Occupy Denver’s General Assembly has endorsed the following event.

What: West Denver Copwatch – Know Your Rights Training
When: July 9, 2012 from 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Where: Van Cise-Simonet Detention Facility

On July 9th 2010, Street Preacher Marvin Booker was murdered by 5 Sheriff’s Deputies in the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Facility. The Denver community has rallied behind the Booker family, working hand in hand with love and resistance against the Denver police and Sheriff’s departments to end their reign of terror and brutality in our streets. Our Denver and Aurora communities have fought a long, ongoing battle against these injustices, and we will continue to organise, fight, and protect ourselves against this occupational force.

Two-years after the brutal murder of Marvin Booker, with the Denver and Aurora police continuing to threaten, brutalize, and murder our friends, neighbors, and families, we will hold a Know Your Rights Training outside of the building where Marvin Booker was murdered, to kick-off a month of solidarity against police.

Keep your eyes out for more information on a Month Against Police Brutality at West Denver Copwatch. RSVP on Facebook

June 30 – UnArmed & Dangerous: Artists Declare NO Attack on Iran!

June 26, 2012 in Endorsement, Event

On June 16, 2012, the Occupy Denver General Assembly endorsed an event titled “UnArmed and Dangerous” by the Colorado Coalition Against Attacking Iran. This event urges us to lay down our arms and pick up our instruments. It will consist of three nights of music and poetry, with the first occurring on June 30. Iran is so much more than the current regime and, whatever the virtues or vices of government policy, the US should not attack or support bombing Iran.

When: June 30, 2012 from 1:00pm to close
Where: Mercury Cafe, 2199 California St., Denver, CO
RSVP on Facebook

1:00pm Doors open, meet, greet, eat, drink & be merry
1:30-3:30pm Cost of War workshop by Veterans for Peace, film “True Cost of War”
4:00-6:00pm Films about Iran, traditional dances by Iranian Cultural troupe
7:00pm Music, Poetry featuring Phil Woods & our Words-Against-Warriors
8:00pm Elena Klaver & Friends
9:00pm HipHopRapPoetExtraordinaire Chris Steele
10:00pm Kate LeRoux Band

Occupy Denver endorses statewide peace conference to oppose attacking Iran

April 21, 2012 in Endorsement, Event

On Tuesday, April 17, the Occupy Denver general assembly endorsed the following event, being planned by the Colorado Coalition Against Attacking Iran.

Who: Colorado Coalition Against Attacking Iran
What: Statewide Peace Conference to Oppose Attacking Iran
When: Saturday, May 12 from 9:00am to 2:30pm
Where: First Unitarian Society of Denver Church (14th and Lafayette, Denver, CO)
Facebook: Colorado Coalition Against Attacking Iran for updates, RSVP here

The Colorado Coalition Against Attacking Iran, a recently formed group of concerned individuals from Boulder, Fort Collins and Denver, is organizing a conference on Saturday, May 12, at the First Unitarian Society of Denver Church (14th and Lafayette) in Denver from 9 am to 5 pm. The goal is to organize a Colorado statewide campaign to oppose attacking Iran and for re-orienting our country’s priorities toward rebuilding our fragmented and devastated communities.

Download flyer

Occupy Denver endorses Critical Mass

April 18, 2012 in Endorsement

As carbon dioxide levels climb to 393.65 parts per million—far above a sustainable 350 ppm threshold—thousands of Americans remain skeptical of global climate change. Some even continue to challenge the connection between human energy consumption and the present environmental crisis. Could this madness be yet another symptom of the ideological power wielded by a propagandist media? Or is it the voice of your local Congressman speaking as puppet for big oil interests? Or is it a manifestation of the death drive of an ecocidal 1%? All the above?

Through it may be tempting to believe that fuel consumption, car culture, and industry as usual have no harmful impact on the global environment, the verdict of scientists is in: It’s hurting us, and in a bad way, and that harm may be irreversible.

Occupy Denver seeks to foster understanding and raise awareness about environmental as well as economic sustainability, and this entails pushing for alternative modes of transportation. Therefore, keeping with Occupy Denver’s “diversity of tactics” approach to a wide array of issues, the General Assembly voted on Saturday, March 31st to endorse Critical Mass Denver. Critical Mass is the enactment of a literal situation in which, for a snapshot in time, bicycles are the dominant mode of transportation. According to CM philosophy: “By riding en mass we create an experiential space for both cyclists and the wider community to see what a world full of bikes looks and feels like.”

Critical Mass is non-political and is not beholden to any particular ideology. There is no leadership or membership, and there is no predetermined route for bike rides; our decision is made by spontaneous consensus, and we ride as one indivisible mass. A safe space is intended for all who attend. It should be further noted that CM is not particularly an Occupy Denver event. Occupy Denver offers its unwavering support to those who may not necessarily agree or subscribe to its principles.

Currently, Critical Mass Denver meets the last Friday of every month at 6 PM, at Lincoln Park (Broadway and Colfax).

Off your computer, into the streets!

Occupy Denver endorses several upcoming DABC events

April 3, 2012 in Endorsement, Event

The Occupy Denver general assembly voted on Saturday, March 31 to endorse, but not organize, several upcoming DABC events for the months of April and May to show solidarity with some shared interests.

April 4, 2012: Denver ABC’s Monthly Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night, 6:30pm, 27 Social Centre
April’s event will focus on Mumia Abu Jamal and the MOVE 9 in honor of Mumia’s birthday. ABC provides the paper, envelopes, postage, dinner and kid friendly activities.

April 10: State Repression and Political Prisoners Workshop @ the Art of Social Justice Conference 10:00am Auraria Campus, Plaza Building Room 114
This workshop will introduce the ongoing legacy of state repression in the United States and the political prisoners that have been claimed by it.

April 14 & 15: DABC Training Institute- Zoë and Dave’s Guide to Street Safety, 11am, 27 Social Centre, $5-$50 suggested donation
Join direct action organizers and street medics in learning how to prepare for, call, participate and support actions. This class will cover building support infrastructure, creating tools and street tactics.

April 20: Never Alone Tour, 7pm 27 Social Centre $5-$15 suggested donation
The nationwide Never Alone tour will be crisscrossing the country in April 2012 speaking about long-term anarchist prisoner support, focusing specifically on the cases of Eric McDavid and Marie Mason as well as strategizing how to grow a culture of resistance, sustain us and our friends for the long term and a security culture beyond 101 workshop. Free vegan food and kid friendly activities!

April 24: Solidarity Action for Mumia, 6pm, Democratic Party Headquarters (8th and Santa Fe)
In honor of Mumia Abu Jamal’s birthday, take action for political prisoners. This action is in solidarity with a national call to occupy the Justice Department in Washington, DC.

April 28: 27 Social Centre Secret Cafe, 11:30am, 27 Social Centre
Looking for the best Saturday brunch in Denver? Come enjoy vegetarian, vegan and gluten free brunch choices, tasty drinks, fast service and great community with the 27 Social Centre. The 27 Social Centre is a radical cultural space in Denver and home to groups like DABC, Colorado Street Medics, Denver Zine Library and many others. Food is $5-12 suggested donation for a plate and kids always eat free.

May 26: The Story of Colors/Las Historia de los Colores- A puppet show and story telling, 3pm P&L infoshop (2727 West 27th Ave) Free!
Join us for a bilingual reading and puppet show of the Chiapas folktale as told by Subcomandante Marcos and Domatila Dominguez. Snacks will be provided.

American Indian Movement

January 7, 2012 in Endorsement

This statement from the American Indian Movement was approved by the Occupy Denver General Assembly on Oct. 9th 2011.

An Indigenous Platform Proposal for “Occupy Denver”

“Now we put our minds together to see what kind of world we can create for
the seventh generation yet to come.” –John Mohawk (1944-2006), Seneca Nation

As indigenous peoples, we welcome the awakening of those who are relatively new to our homeland. We are thankful, and rejoice, for the emergence of a movement that is mindful of its place in the environment, that seeks economic and social justice, that strives for an end to oppression in all its forms, that demands an adequate standard of food, employment, shelter and health care for all, and that calls for envisioning a new, respectful and honorable society. We have been waiting for 519 years for such a movement, ever since that fateful day in October, 1492 when a different worldview arrived – one of greed, hierarchy, destruction and genocide.

In observing the “Occupy Together” expansion, we are reminded that the territories of our indigenous nations have been “under occupation” for decades, if not centuries. We remind the occupants of this encampment in Denver that they are on the territories of the Cheyenne, Arapaho and Ute peoples. In the U.S., indigenous nations were the first targets of corporate/government oppression. The landmark case of Johnson v. McIntosh (1823), which institutionalized the “doctrine of discovery” in U.S. law, and which justified the theft of 2 billion acres of indigenous territory, established a framework of corrupt political/legal/corporate collusion that continues throughout indigenous America, to the present.

If this movement is serious about confronting the foundational assumptions of the current U.S. system, then it must begin by addressing the original crimes of the U.S. colonizing system against indigenous nations. Without addressing justice for indigenous peoples, there can never be a genuine movement for justice and equality in the United States. Toward that end, we challenge Occupy Denver to take the lead, and to be the first “Occupy” city to integrate into its philosophy, a set of values that respects the rights of indigenous peoples, and that recognizes the importance of employing indigenous visions and models in restoring environmental, social, cultural, economic and political health to our homeland.

We call on Occupy Denver to adopt, as a starting point, the following:

1.To repudiate the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, to endorse the repeal of the papal bull Inter Caetera (1493) to work for the reversal of the U.S. Supreme Court case of Johnson v. M’Intosh 1823), and call for a repeal of the Columbus Day holiday as a Colorado and United States holiday.

2.To endorse the right of all indigenous peoples to the international right of self-determination, by virtue of which they freely determine their political status, and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural futures.

3.To demand the recognition, observance and enforcement of all treaties and agreements freely entered into `between indigenous nations and the United States. Treaties should be recognized as binding international instruments. Disputes should be recognized as a proper concern of international law, and should be arbitrated by impartial international bodies.

4.To insist that Indigenous people shall never be forcibly relocated from their lands or territories.

5.To acknowledge that Indigenous peoples have the right to practice and teach their spiritual and religious traditions customs and ceremonies, including in institutions of the State, e.g. prisons, jails and hospitals,, and to have access in privacy their religious and cultural sites, and the right to the repatriation of their human remains and funeral objects.

6.To recognize that Indigenous peoples and nations are entitled to the permanent control and enjoyment of their aboriginal-ancestral territories. This includes surface and subsurface rights, inland and coastal waters, renewable and non-renewable resources, and the economies based on these resources. In advancement of this position, to stand in solidarity with the Cree nations, whose territories are located in occupied northern Alberta, Canada, in their opposition to the Tar Sands development, the largest industrial project on earth. Further, to demand that President BarackObama deny the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline, proposed to run from the tar sands in Canada into the United States, and that the United States prohibit the use or transportation of Tar Sands oil in the United States.

7.To assert that Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain, control, protect and develop their cultural heritage, traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions. They have the right to maintain, control, protect and develop their intellectual property over such cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, and traditional cultural expressions.Further, indigenous peoples have the right to the ownership and protection of their human biological and genetic materials, samples, and stewardship of non-human biological and genetic materials found in indigenous territories.

8.To recognize that the settler state boundaries in the Americas are colonial fabrications that should not limit or restrict the ability of indigenous peoples to travel freely, without inhibition or restriction, throughout the Americas. This is especially true for indigenous nations whose people and territories have been separated by the acts of settler states that established international borders without the free, prior and informed consent of the indigenous peoples affected.

9.To demand that the United States shall take no adverse action regarding the territories, lands, resources or people of indigenous nations without the free, prior and informed consent of the indigenous peoples affected.

10.To demand the immediate release of American Indian political prisoner, Leonard Peltier, U.S. Prisoner #89637-132, from U.S. federal custody.

Finally, we also remind Occupy Denver that indigenous histories, political, cultural, environmental,medical, spiritual and economic traditions provide rich examples for frameworks that can offer concrete models of alternatives to the current crises facing the United States. We request that Occupy Denver actively utilize and integrate indigenous perspectives, teachers, and voices in its deliberations and decision-making processes.

Submitted 8 October 2011

American Indian Movement of Colorado

Now with EXTRA! EXTRA! Livestream Today, Endorsements Keep Coming In

November 12, 2011 in Endorsement, Uncategorized

The endorsements keep rolling in. Please join me in thanking Health Care For All Colorado and Colorado Move To Amend for their support for Occupy Denver.

Please head to our endorsements section to read the statements issued by each of these organizations.

Colorado Move To Amend will be speaking at today’s rally against corporate personhood.

You can watch on the livestream here.
And another livestream here.

The action will pick up this afternoon.

Endorsements from Health Care for All Colorado and Colorado Move To Amend Chapters

November 12, 2011 in Endorsement

The endorsements keep rolling in. Please join me in thanking Health Care For All Colorado and Colorado Move To Amend for their support for Occupy Denver.

Colorado Move To Amend will be speaking at today’s rally against corporate personhood.

You can watch on the 1 Comment »

Two New Endorsements For Occupy Denver

November 9, 2011 in Endorsement, Uncategorized

Please check out our endorsements section and join us in thanking the Communications Workers of America Local 7777 and the Interfaith Worker Alliance for supporting Occupy Denver.

Two New Endorsements: Interfaith Worker Justice And CWA777

November 9, 2011 in Endorsement

The list of endorsements of Occupy Denver continues to grow. Communication Workers of America Local 7777 has endorsed Occupy Denver as has Interfaith Worker Justice.

Here’s the Interfaith Worker Alliance on facebook. And here’s CWA7777. Please take the time to learn more about their organizations and thank them for their support.

From the Interfaith Worker Alliance:

C/O Rev. Daniel Klawitter
140 Sheridan Blvd. Denver, CO 80226.

The Interfaith Worker Justice Committee of Colorado was formed in 2007 to provide a faithful witness to the struggles of working people in the State of Colorado. Whether it has been standing with union janitors trying to improve their working conditions in downtown Denver or helping to pass a Pay Day Lending law that caps the interest Pay Day stores in Colorado can charge their low-income customers, we have strived to be a religious voice in solidarity with those committed to a more just economic order.

It is this commitment that leads us to publicly support the right of the Occupy Denver protesters to express their dissatisfaction with “business as usual” in our country and our city. We condemn efforts to silence their voices and disrupt their community.

Occupy Denver protesters should be allowed to continue to peacefully exercise their right to democratically assemble together, engage in mutual dialog, and voice their concerns. And we call on all people of faith to lend humanitarian support in solidarity with Occupy Denver’s best aspirations.

As Kim Bobo, Executive Director of Interfaith Worker Justice in Chicago has stated: “People of faith may not all agree with or even understand everything the Wall Street protestors are saying. But these protests are a teachable moment. They are giving congregations an opportunity to talk together about how we can help families hurt by this economy.”

In Solidarity,

The Leadership Team of IWJ-Colorado.

Rev. Daniel Klawitter, chairperson and United Methodist Deacon.

Brother David Garner

Rabbi Joel Schwartzman

Rev. Mariah Hayden, Pastor, Warren United Methodist Church

Rev. Linda Gertenbach, United Methodist Deacon, retired

Rev. Anne Dunlap, Pastor, Comunidad Liberación/Liberation Community