Boycott Tami Door

January 5, 2014 in Event, Featured, Media

When: Sundays, 5:00 to 7:30  (Will meet from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. on 1/5/14 due to the march in the evening).

Where: 2068 Locust Street, Denver CO 80207

Come join us as we protest at the home of Tami Door, CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP). The DDP promoted and helped push through the Urban Camping Ban, and Tami Door took the lead in doing so. Freedom of Information Act requests show communications between her and Albus Brooks sharing how big businesses interested in purchasing property in Denver were turned off by seeing homeless people on 16th Street Mall, to which Albus Brooks: Denver City Councilman replied, “Dear Lord!”

Brooks’ shock was not at the crisis of homelessness in Denver, but that anyone in business should have to witness that crisis. He and Door both believe our homeless community should be neither seen, nor heard, and, in fact, not even covered by so much as a blanket. They continue to support the ban they created, even after it has failed to achieve many of the stated goals, such as helping homeless individuals to get more services. Instead, people forced to live on the streets are getting less sleep, more police harassment, and live with more fear (see the Report From the Streets at

Two business members of the DDP have come out against the Urban Camping Ban, calling on the Mayor and City Council members to amend or repeal it, given its many failures. We now call on it’s biggest proponent, CEO Tami Door, to recognize what her own DDP members have recognized: the Urban Camping Ban has not met its most basic promises and needs to be repealed.

Fridays: Boycott The Tattered Cover

January 5, 2014 in Event, Featured, Press

When: Every Friday night, 5:30 p.m.

Where: 1628 16th Street, Denver, CO 80202


Every Friday we Boycott at the Tattered Cover Bookstore. They have refused to come out against the Urban Camping Ban. They have taken a side in support of the Ban by refusing to do so and by being a member of the Downtown Denver Partnership.

This is a human issue, not the false political issue it has been turned into by the Downtown Denver Partnership, which is nothing more than greedy Denver corporations who control Denver’s politics, rather than the citizens.

Tattered Cover has chosen profits over the well-being of their fellow citizens. They should be ashamed of themselves!

Slutwalk Denver

June 23, 2013 in Event

Slutwalk Denver, Saturady July 6th

SlutWalk Denver is back again in the mile high city! Taking place on Saturday, July 6th from noon to 4pm, the event will include it’s traditional rally and march. SWD is kicking off things this year by involving a sister-cause, One Billion Rising, and their flash mob dance to “Break the Chain” that was performed at Skyline Park on V-Day. The event will also include more rhymes from last years local slam-poet performers, Lady Speech and Suzie Q. Youth slam poetry group Minor Disturbance will also be sharing their work. After the march, the event will culminate with and open mic and several speakers, including representatives from the GLBTQ, kink/BDSM, sex worker and minority communities. Informational resource booths will also be in attendance with participants including Planned Parenthood, the Gender Identity Center of Colorado, the Rape Assistance and Awareness Program, One Colorado, The Center, Art from Ashes and many more. In addition, there will be therapists on hand from Pride Counseling to assist anyone in need of help. More information can be found at  and facebook by searching Slutwalk Denver.

July 4th: March to End Illegal Surveillance

June 12, 2013 in Event

When: July 4th @ Noon
Where: Colorado State Capitol

The 1st Amendment is our permit to march. The only rights we have are the ones we fight to keep. All are welcome.

In solidarity with Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning. BRING WHISTLES!

We demand that the surveillance of any person be done with the direct oversight of the international public and that whistleblowers and truth tellers be protected from prosecution!

We demand the full freedom of press and privacy as promised by the U.S. Constitution! We demand all our constitutional rights!

The Patriot Act has accelerated the widespread use of illegal surveillance in violation of the spirit and letter of the 4th Amendment.

We demand the PATRIOT Act  be repealed and the National Security Agency be fully investigated on the issue of unwarranted surveillance!

We ask for the involvement of all people in a sign-carrying march at Civic Center Park to HALO camera HQ (13th and cherokee/ police hq) on Independence Day, July 4, at high noon, to demand greater public awareness of surveillance and persecuted whistleblowers!

Meet at the Capitol!

Passed the Occupy Denver GA: 16 yea  0 no and 0 abstain

Occupy Denver rejects white supremacy, this march is governed by Occupy Denver’s anti-oppression commitments. We support a diversity of tactics when dealing with bigotry in our community.

Research Project/Survey on Occupy GAs

May 16, 2013 in Event, Featured

A team of Denver based Occupiers are conducting a large scale research project to understand Occupy GAs around the country. How many are still going? What are they like? Who attends them? What do they do?

Take our survey

The Project:

The purpose of the research is to gather information about the practices and developments of Occupy General Assembly’s across the country since September 2011. The goal is to learn how GAs have been used within the Occupy movement; to learn why some GAs continued and others discontinued; to learn what procedures and facilitation techniques worked and did not work; to learn what the demographics of Occupy GAs has been and how marginalized communities have been represented; and to compare the GA methods of different Occupies around the country.
Interviews and surveys with participants in Occupy GAs across the country will be used to gather information about the developments of GAs. Surveys will be used to gather information from a large pool of respondents from each Occupy. A smaller number of interviews will ask for more in depth explanations and stories about the processes and development of each GA.

The results will be published on interoccupy, occupy websites, and other outlets.

What we need from you:

We are looking to get as many people as possible who have participated in Occupy and attended a GA to fill out the survey about how GAs have functioned in that city. We want to get survey responses from people in Occupies that still have GAs and Occupies that do not still have GAs.
Spread the word by: mass emails, inclusion in newsletters, endorsements by GAs, facebooks posts, on Occupy websites, or any other methods. If you would like to distribute printed versions of the survey, contact us and we’ll send a printable version.

Be sure to include this link when spreading the word.

The Researchers:

This research project is being conducted by Terese Howard and Christopher Mandel. They have participated in at least 500 combined hours of Occupy Denver GAs since September 2011, and are frequent GA facilitators. Both researchers have done sociological research in academic settings before, but are proudly doing this project independent of any institutional structure.

May 25: My Occupy Book Release Party & March Against Monsanto After-Party

May 16, 2013 in Event, Uncategorized

My Occupy book release party/March Against Monsanto after-party

May 25th, 7pm.  Top level of Denver Art Society.

Come celebrate the release of My Occupy: An Account of One Person’s Adventures in the Occupy Movement by Christopher Mandel.

All proceeds will go to the Denver Art Society, which has supported Denver area artists and activists graciously and has already made a real difference for a lot of people in its short existence.   Thank you  DAS!

Organic, Non-GMO food will be provided by Food Not Bombs, and there’ll also be drinks available.

There will be a one of a kind, interactive musical demonstration of “Sound Painting” led by DU music professor and former heavy metal singer, Conrad Kehn.  Sound painting is a unique musical language designed to bring order to improvised music while allowing participant to freely express themselves.

There will also be other performers, to be announced later.

Chris Mandel will be signing all books sold, and will donate $2 per copy to DAS.

My Occupy is the day-to-day journal of an Occupy organizer who, for several months, dedicated his life to the movement. It’s a one-of-a-kind, detailed account of how activists in the Denver area struggled to organize themselves while dealing with the authorities, philosophic differences among the activists themselves, and a public that was all too ready to turn its back on the would-be revolutionaries. My Occupy holds detailed accounts of conflicts between protesters and police forces; the specific measures activists took to organize themselves; and the organic evolution of Occupy culture. This is the story of Occupy from within Occupy, and is particularly focused on Denver.

$$ Suggested donation of $3 dollars at door.  Donations also taken at food table and bar.

Due to legal restricts associated with selling drinks you must be on the guest list to participate so please click “join” on the Facebook Event or email

Please share this invite with your friends.

May 25: March Against Monsanto ~Denver

May 15, 2013 in Event

When: May 25, 2013 @ 11am
Where: Colorado State Capitol-West Steps, 200 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80203

Keynote Speaker

Director/Producer, Genetic Roulette: The Gamble Of Our Lives
Bestselling Author, Genetic Roulette and Seeds of Deception
Executive Director, Institute for Responsible Technology

Mr. Smith has counseled leaders from every continent, campaigned to end the use of genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH or rbST), and influenced the first state laws in the United States regulating GMOs. A popular keynote speaker around the globe, Mr. Smith has been described as “a life-changer”. Mr. Smith has lectured in 30 countries and has been quoted by world leaders and hundreds of media outlets including, The New York Times, Washington Post, BBC World Service, Nature, The Independent, Daily Telegraph, New Scientist, The Times (London), Associated Press, Reuters News Service, LA Times, Time Magazine and Genetic Engineering News. Mr. Smith is also a popular guest on leading radio shows and television programs, such as NPR and The Dr. Oz Show

Other Featured Speakers:

  • Danielle Morrow- from Food & Water Watch will discuss GE labeling and the corporate influence over our food system
  • John Fehringer -Organic farmer
  • Alan Lewis- How the GMO debate is unfolding in Washington
  • Adam Powars- Personal Trainer
  • Eric Belsey-Urban farmer

Performances by:

  • DJ Brick Lee with Treehouse collective
  • Broslyn Bards
  • The Rowdy Shadehouse
  • Lafayette St Players will close the event with a Musical performance to Les Mis called Do You Hear the People Sing? . **we hope that it turns into a flash mob**

Food available for purchase from Local Organic Lunch


May 14: One Year Anniversary of the “Urban Camping” Ban

May 8, 2013 in Event

May 14 @ 1:30 p.m.

Demonstration at the Downtown Denver Partnership
16th and Welton

Where are homeless people without shelter supposed to sleep?
How are they to stay warm?
Denver needs help in solving these problems

Join us for a demonstration outside the Downtown Denver Partnership to raise our voices as we continue to call out their lobbying practices that place business interests over human rights.

The information in the survey shows that the 16th Street Mall and Civic Center have been largely cleared of the homeless, but hundreds of homeless people still walk the streets of Denver every night as they did before with a few changes. Now they cannot lie down, cover themselves and are constantly urged to “move on” by the police.

Activists have requested that the Downtown Denver Partnership meet (in light of the new information in the survey), and work with the homeless community and other caring groups to end this shameful situation which has been made worse by the ordinance. They have declined.

The Downtown Denver Partnership initiated the ordinance and now that it has passed, life is worse for the homeless. Help us ask the Downtown Denver Partnership to join with us and take a lead in the efforts to end this painful, disgraceful situation.

Denver’s homeless community, service providers, and concerned people joined together a year ago to resist the passage of this hurtful ordinance. We invite you to join together again one year later to continue to stand for the right to sleep.

For further information on how the camping ban has been effecting people’s lives, read the report prepared by Denver Homelesss Out Loud.

History of the “Urban Camping” Ban

Mayor Michael Hancock and Councilman Albus Brooks (District 8), with pressure from the Downtown Denver Partnership, led the effort to pass an ordinance in the Denver City Council that authorizes the police to require the homeless go to a shelter or move along whenever they are caught protecting themselves from the elements or face criminal sanctions. The “Urban Camping” Ban, now Sec. 38-86.2. of the Denver Municipal Code, passed on May 14, 2012 and supersedes Sec. 38-86.1. which provided the homeless a safe sanctuary in the Downtown Denver Improvement District between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. The 16th Street business community wanted the homeless out of sight before the tourist season began.

Not only was all expert advice ignored in drafting this ordinance, but it was introduced into the Land Use, Transportation & Infrastructure Committee before consulting with the Denver Homeless Commission, a commission appointed by Mayor Hancock himself. It was introduced into the Land Use Committee instead of the Health, Safety, Education & Services Committee where it belonged so that it would garner enough votes to clear the committee to the full City Council.

Its proponents said it would provide a quick solution to the unsightly impact of homeless people gathering on the 16th Street Mall and in Civic Center Park which hurt Denver’s reputation and its business climate, and at the same time provide more beds and services to the homeless.

Many people who opposed the ordinance during public hearings stated, even pleaded that there were serious issues that needed to be addressed, and that a more appropriate way of addressing them was to convene a problem-solving conversation with the homeless, the 16th Street business community, people concerned about Civic Center Park, organizations that offer shelter and services to the homeless, the faith community and other interested individuals and organizations. A number of City Councilmembers offered amendments to the ordinance to make it safer for the homeless. Not a single change to the ordinance was made to address the concerns of the large number of speakers who opposed the ordinance. To quote Councilwoman Shepherd on the evening of the final vote, “I know the way this vote is going to go. I know it. And I think you all know how this vote is going to go too. And unfortunately, the sad thing about it is that it has been like that from day one.”

The process was an affront to democracy, transparency and accountability. The ordinance was passed in the Denver City Council by a vote of 9 to 4:

Voted Against Ordinance:
Susan K. Shepherd (District 1)
Paul D. López (District 3)
Robin Kniech (At Large)
Deborah (Debbie) Ortega (At Large)

Voted For Ordinance:
Jeanne Faatz (District 2)
Peggy Lehmann (District 4)
Mary Beth Susman (District 5)
Charlie Brown (District 6)
Chris Nevitt (District 7)
Albus Brooks (District 8) – Lead Sponsor
Judy H. Montero (District 9)
Jeanne Robb (District 10)
Christopher Herndon (District 11)

May Day Labor Call for Path To Citizenship

April 28, 2013 in Event

When: May 1, 2013 at 11:00 a.m.
Where: Denver Capitol Building (West steps), 1492 Lincoln

Join us when hundreds of supporters from labor, immigrant, faith, youth and community groups will rally and march in support of comprehensive, common sense, immigration reform on Wed., May 1, 2013, beginning on the Capitol west steps at 11:00 a.m. and ending at Sunken Garden Park on Speer between 8th and 10th Ave. Diverse immigration reform supporters from the business community, faith leaders and elected officials will speak at the rally on the West steps of the Capitol before leading activists on a march along a path to citizenship down 13th Avenue towards “Citizenship” park.

Come out ready to have a good time.

11:00 a.m. - Rally
11:45 a.m. - March to “Citizenship Park” (Sunken Garden Park)

March Route:

Down Sherman St. to 13th, down 13th to Speer Ave, South on Speer Avenue Celebration- “Citizenship Park” (Sunken Garden Park, along Speer Ave. between 8th and 11th)

Facebook Event Page

4/13: Colorado BDS Conference – Working to end Israeli apartheid

April 2, 2013 in Endorsement, Event

When: Saturday, April 13, 2013 1:00-5:00pm
Where: Auraria Campus, North Building, Classroom #1608

Occupy Denver has endorsed the first-ever Colorado BDS Conference. Join us to learn about the movement and meet other groups and individuals working towards ending Israeli apartheid through Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

One of the goals of the Colorado BDS Campaign is to connect Colorado groups working on the Palestine/Israel issue to work collectively on BDS. By keeping all groups updated with events, news and action alerts, our voices will be stronger, and our ability to bring about change that much greater.

The Colorado BDS Conference is an opportunity to learn BDS strategies, find out what other groups are working on, and plug into the Colorado BDS network.

Together, we can end Israeli apartheid!