10/6: Action At King Soopers in Capitol Hill

September 27, 2012 in Endorsement, Event

As you may have heard with all the buzz in the last 24 hours, WE WON!! Yesterday Chipotle signed onto the Fair Food Program with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW). Thanks so much to everyone in Denver who has mobilized to push forward the work of the CIW, bringing us closer to the new day in Florida agriculture! This is a huge victory for everyone involved with tangible advances for Florida farmworkers and an enormous step forward for Fair Food.

Now that Chipotle has signed, we have to quickly rework plans for tomorrow, Saturday October 6 to keep the momentum of our growing movement and to celebrate our victory!!! King Soopers is a regional chain of Kroger Supermarket, which has been a target of the CIW for three years. We’ll still meet up at 4:00 pm but now in Cheesman Park to march together to nearby King Soopers for a picket, manager letter delegation and theater performance. Then onto a fiesta to celebrate our hard work! – We’ll provide food, but feel free to bring beverages of all kinds and/or snacks!!

Schedule of Saturday’s Action

4:00 pm – Meet at: Cheesman Park to begin march.
Meet at Pantheon – look for the red bucket pyramid
1599 East 8th Avenue
Denver, Colorado 80218

5:00 pm – Action outside: King Soopers
1155 East 9th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218

6:30 pm – Party at: Centro Humanitario
2260 California Street
Denver, CO 80205

Remember your gloves! We’ll be carrying 153 buckets from the park to build a huge pyramid in front of King Soopers, representing the number of tomato buckets a farmworker must fill to earn a day’s minimum wage.

Thank you all again for committing to this struggle – now it’s important to use the momentum of this big victory to continue to work together to fight for farmworkers rights!

Cancelled Protest & Victory

Chipotle signs agreement with CIW to join Fair Food Program!

From the joint press release, Gerardo Reyes’ quote:

“With this agreement, we are laying down a foundation upon which we all – workers, growers, and Chipotle – can build a stronger Florida tomato industry for the future,” said Gerardo Reyes of the CIW. “But more than this, today’s news marks a turning point in the sustainable food movement as a whole, whereby, thanks to Chipotle’s leadership, farmworkers are finally recognized as true partners — every bit as vital as farmers, chefs, and restaurants — in bringing ‘good food’ to our tables.”

To read the press release in full, go to the CIW website today! And check back soon for much more on this developing story…

(Note: With the signing of today’s agreement, all plans for this weekend’s action in Denver are CANCELLED) (Stay toned for other potential actions with the CIW on this day…)

Florida Farmworkers and Consumers to Hold Procession and Vigil Outside of Major Chipotle Festival, Calling on the Denver-based Restaurant Chain to Include Farmworkers in ‘Food with Integrity’ Vision

Denver, CO (October 6, 2012):  On Saturday, Oct. 6th, the  Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW)—an organization of Florida farmworkers—will be joined by Denver Community members to a hold peaceful procession outside the gates of Chipotle Mexican Grill’s “Cultivate Festival” in City Park, urging the Denver-based corporation to include farmworkers in Chipotle’s vision for a sustainable supply chain. Beginning at 4:00 P.M., the procession will gather at the Denver Museum of Natural Science (Colorado Blvd. & E. Montview Blvd.), and make its way around the perimeter of the festival.  Following the procession, the group will gather for a vigil led by prominent Denver community leaders and clergy, to begin at 5:30 P.M.

The events are designed to highlight a key ingredient missing from Chipotle’s recipe for “Food with Integrity”: the farmworkers themselves who harvest the tomatoes sold in Chipotle locations across the U.S. “There can be no legitimate definition of ‘integrity,’ sustainability or social responsibility when it comes to food without the participation of farmworkers and respect for our fundamental human rights,” said the CIW’s Oscar Otzoy.

The protest coincides with Chipotle’s “Cultivate Festival”— a celebration of the restaurant chain’s commitment to ethical purchasing practices, “bringing together food, farmers, chefs, artisans, thought leaders, and musicians,” and is part of a larger, national Fair Food movement, asking Chipotle to join the CIW’s innovative Fair Food Program and respect farmworkers’ rights and dignity.

“As farmworkers – the human beings actually confronting the poverty wages and labor abuses every day in the fields – we have yet to have a role in Chipotle’s vision,” explained Gerardo Reyes of the CIW. “Instead, Chipotle insists on pursuing an impossible ‘go it alone’ approach to social responsibility. Under their plan, Chipotle says it will review its own code of conduct and decide if any changes are needed, Chipotle will check its own payments for accuracy under its penny per pound plan, and Chipotle will verify its own compliance with the changes it is proposing. That’s just not credible. Transparency, verification, and commitment are essential elements of the agreements we have reached with other fast- food leaders, and they are fundamental aspects in any defensible definition of social responsibility.”

The Fair Food Program is a unique partnership among farmworkers, tomato growers, and ten leading food retailers – including major fast food corporations Subway, McDonald’s and Burger King – that advances both the human rights of farmworkers and the long-term interests of the Florida tomato industry. It is the first large scale program for real, lasting social accountability in the domestic produce industry. The program improves the wages and working conditions of Florida farmworkers by committing major buyers of tomatoes to pay a premium of a “penny per pound” for tomatoes to be passed through to farmworkers by the growers for whom they work. Additionally, retailers commit to target their purchases to growers willing to implement the Fair Food Code of Conduct developed together by farmworkers, growers, and buyers. The Fair Food Program combines worker-to-worker education, a 24-hr complaint line that is confidential and free of retaliation, ongoing audits that follow up on complaints and uncover issues workers might not be aware of, and, most importantly, real-market consequences for failure to comply with the Fair Food Code of Conduct.

Chipotle has built its nearly $3 billion revenue on an image of serving “Food with Integrity,” assuring consumers that the ingredients served at their restaurants “are grown, made and shipped without exploiting people.” While Chipotle has taken admirable steps in assuring they source from farms that can demonstrate humane treatment for animals, when it comes to human rights, they have yet to join the Fair Food Program, instead taking an approach that is not only unverifiable, but means that Chipotle is under no obligation to stop buying tomatoes from growers where workers’ rights are violated, the cornerstone of the Program’s success.

Background:  Florida  farmworkers  have  long  faced  brutal  conditions  in  the  fields,  including  sub-poverty  wages, widespread labor rights violations, and even modern-day slavery. Today, however, change is underway, thanks to the efforts of farmworkers, fair food activists, Florida tomato growers, and ten food industry leaders who have joined in support of the CIW’s Fair Food principles, including a penny-per-pound piece rate wage increase, a strict code of conduct, a cooperative complaint resolution system, a participatory health and safety program, and a worker-to-worker education process.  In November 2010, the CIW and the Florida Tomato Growers Exchange (FTGE)  signed an agreement to extend these principles to over 90 per cent of Florida’s tomato fields.

Without the participation of Chipotle and the remaining purchasers of Florida tomatoes, the unprecedented farm labor transformation promised by the CIW’s landmark agreement with the FTGE is significantly diminished. Each buyer must commit to direct its purchases to those growers complying with the code of conduct – and away from those who don’t – in order to provide the market incentive to improve working conditions in the fields. “Everybody in the system has to be invested for it to work,” said Reggie Brown of the FTGE.

About the Coalition of Immokalee Workers:

The CIW (www.ciw-online.org) is a community-based farmworker organization headquartered in Immokalee, Florida, with over 4,000 members. The CIW seeks modern working conditions for farmworkers and promotes their fair treatment in accordance with national and international human rights standards. The CIW’s Campaign for Fair Food has won unprecedented support for fundamental farm labor reforms from retail food industry leaders. The Campaign for Fair Food taps the unique powers of all the elements of our country’s food industry:

  • of consumers, to demand the highest ethical standards for food production;
  • of food retailers, to use their tremendous buying power both to demand higher labor standards of their suppliers and help raise farmworkers out of poverty through a price that supports sustainable production;
  • of growers, to continuously improve their operations and meet consumer demand, keeping pace with an evolving marketplace, and,
  • of farmworkers, to help expose and fix the worst abuses and apply their unique knowledge toward modernizing, and humanizing, our farm labor system.


Press Contacts:
Oscar Otzoy, Coalition of Immokalee Workers oscar@ciw-online.org

Jake Ratner, Just Harvest USA (917) 817-3976

Septiembre 28 y 29. Ocupemos el Debate

September 21, 2012 in Event

Ocupemos el Debate, o sencillamente el Diálogo del Pueblo, se propone demostrar la falta de conexión entre los candidatos presidenciales de los dos partidos de las corporaciones y el pueblo de los Estados Unidos a quien supuestamente representan.

Encuentro Ocupemos el Debate
Septiembre 28, 4-10 de la tarde
Civic Center Park

Foro Popular
Comparta su historia. Atracciones en vivo. Comediante político Lee Camp. Poesía de vanguardia.  Tambores y música en vivo.

Conferencia Ocupemos el Debate
Septiembre 29, 8:30 am ( inscripción ), 9:00 ( inicio )
Central Presbyterian Church (1660 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80203)

Diálogo popular. Discutamos los problemas y las soluciones. Marcha al Capitolio 5:00 PM

Conexiones con Ocupemos el Debate
Website: http://www.occupythedebates.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OccupyTheDBates
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OccupytheDebates2012

El Debate

En esta campaña electoral hay dos tipos de diálogos:

  • Discusiones que están concebidas para mantener la actual estructura de poder. Estas conversaciones provienen de los candidatos de los partidos de las corporaciones, y de sus voceros en los medios de comunicación. Se fundamentan en gran medida en sentencias engañosas, mentiras y distracciones y se circunscriben a los dictados de los que financian las campañas. Los bien ensayados y cocinados “Debates” Presidenciales este próximo Octubre serán un reflejo de esta falsa conversación.
  • Discusiones que se proponen la solución de los problemas actuales. Tienen lugar en las comunidades de todo el país. Es donde se congregan en asambleas en el espíritu de la democracia participatoria. El pueblo tiene una comprensión real de la crisis con la que se enfrentan y de sus soluciones pero sus voces no serán oidas en los “debates” coreográficos de los medios de comunicación al servicio de de las corporaciones.

Ocupemos el Debate rechaza la estructura del sistema dominante basada en “pague dinero para hacerse oir” y sabemos que los candidatos que están proponiendo soluciones populares no serán invitados al podio. Por esto, para propagar y extender el diálogo, Ocupemos el Debate propone a todas las Ocupaciones locales que organicen actividades en torno al Debate. Entre las actividades planeadas están entrevistar en las comunidades para escuchar sus puntos de vista, tutorías, sesiones de diálogo informal desvelando verdades y hechos que deben ser conocidos, asambleas generales y conferencias para discutir los problemas que nos afectan y posibles soluciones.

Además de ello, a lo largo de todo el país pueden compartir sus preocupaciones y opiniones a través de nuestra página en Internet: OccupytheDebates.org.

La información local así obtenida será organizada por áreas de interés y soluciones propuestas por los participantes. Esta información se colocará en nuestra página, se mandará a la prensa y se hará accesible a los candidatos.

Las opiniones del pueblo deben de estar en la cabecera de las discusiones electorales. Además de elevar ésta información a los candidatos electorales y sus partidos, debemos de llevar esta información a los candidatos locales.

Señalamos que dentro de la estructura de poder actual, dominada por el poder de las corporaciones y el capital, los legisladores no van a atender adecuadamente las múltiples crisis que afectan al país y al planeta. Por esto, seguiremos protestando, educando y organizando para construir un sistema alternativo que ponga a las necesidades humanas por encima de la codicia del capital.

Calendario del Debate

Oct. 3 – University of Denver, Denver, CO
Oct. 11 – Centre College, Danville, KY (vice presidential)
Oct. 16 – Hofstra, Hempstead, NY
Oct. 22 – Lynn University, Boca Raton, FL

Teach-In: Inequality Matters

September 20, 2012 in Event

Rising inequality all across our nation is a result of intentional economic policy changes that have been implemented in the past 40 years. This workshop will explore state and federal policies that contribute to the growing wealth divide in America; with a focus will be on the color of wealth and the disparate impact these policies have had on communities of color.

Corrine Fowler is the Director of the Campaign for Economic Justice. Corrine is a seventh generation native of Colorado and has studied and experienced the economic transformations that Colorado has undergone in recent decades and this has steered her commitment to economic justice. Corrine is dedicated to minimizing inequality and supporting public policies that will lessen the disparities for low-income populations and people of color. She has focused on social issues throughout her academic and professional career and is passionate about the need to educate and empower communities in order for them to advocate for policy changes that reflect the needs of all peoples. She has a background in public policy, nonprofit management, development, coalition building, and development. Corrine lives in Denver with her two wonderful boys and a crazy Goldendoodle, who provide her with continuing motivation to ensure that policies in Colorado are supporting all residents in the twenty-first century.

Thursday 9/20, 5:30-6:45pm
The Deer Pile, above City O’ City (13th and Sherman)

10/3: Detengamos al Imperio

September 19, 2012 in Event

Protesta contra el Debate Presidencial en Denver University
Miércoles 3 de Octubre a las 5:30 PM
Concentración para la Marcha: McWilliams Park, en E. Yale Avenue and S. Steele St.

El primero de los tres “debates” Presidenciales tendrá lugar en Denver, Colorado, el 3 de Octubre. No nos cabe la menor duda que esta farsa producirá una abundancia de falsas promesas, mentiras, perogrulladas y sentencias banales. Las conversaciones en éstos “debates” son diseñadas para que el público se divida en bandos polarizados, reforzando la ilusión de que dependemos de nuestros elegidos representantes y apartando nuestra atención de los problemas de raíz con que se enfrenta ésta nación. A pesar de que muy pocos fuera de los ámbitos académicos se atreverían a llamarlo así, El Imperio Americano es uno de éstos problemas.

Únete a la coalición “Detengamos al Imperio” y marcha con nosotros a los debates presidenciales para que los dos candidatos de las corporaciones sepan que se ha terminado el escuchar a sus absurdas discusiones que no hacen nada excepto mantener las actuales estructuras de poder que están arruinando moral y físicamente a esta nación y a tantas otras comunidades a lo largo y ancho del mundo. ¿ Democracia o Imperio Americano ? No podemos tener ambos. La única manera de evitar el destino de todos los imperios es admitiendo que América es exactamente éso, un descomunal imperio. Y de comenzar una discusión y comprensión sinceros en nuestras comunidades de por qué el imperialismo Americano, la colonización económica y el capitalismo están creando mas terrorismo, están desmantelando nuestros derechos constitucionales aquí en nuestro país y violando el derecho internacional en el exterior.

Sin importar qué candidato presidencial gane las elecciones, el Imperio Americano seguirá su penoso caminar matando y aterrorizando inocentes civiles a lo largo del mundo, mientras que las corporaciones y los bancos, utilizando nuestro trabajo, dinero y recursos se apresuran en arruinar a nuestras comunidades. Tanto el partido Republicano como el Demócrata representan al Imperio Americano, a Wall Street y al Complejo Industrial Militar, los verdaderos causantes de los problemas que ambos candidatos pretenderán resolver al tiempo que seguirán perpetuándolos.

Hacemos un llamamiento para acabar con el sistema de explotación capitalista que pone beneficios por encima de seres humanos y no vacila ante las pérdidas en vidas y en cultura que destruye en su camino.

Hacemos un llamamiento para que se cierren y desmantelen todas las bases e instalaciones militares en el exterior.

Hacemos un llamamiento para terminar con el creciente número de negocios privados y públicos que se esconden tras la etiqueta de “Defensa” y toda la corrupción y desperdicio que acarrean con ellos.

Hacemos un llamamiento para que terminen todas las ocupaciones militares, intervenciones y actividades beligerantes en las que participan los Estados Unidos y la OTAN a lo largo del mundo, con frecuencia bajo pretexto de ser “intervenciones humanitarias” o “liberadoras”.

Hacemos un llamamiento para que cese la militarización de las fuerzas policiales.

Hacemos un llamamiento para la derogación de NDAA, el Patriot Act, FISA Act, y el cierre de Guantánamo y otros centros de rendición secreta que violan las leyes internacionales.

Hacemos un llamamiento para que terminen los ataques con drones en suelo extranjero tanto en guerras formalmente declaradas como en las no declaradas.

Hacemos un llamamiento para que se de un tratamiento justo a todos los veteranos y se admita PTSD como motivo de compensación completa a los veteranos.

Hacemos un llamamiento para que se retiren todos los cargos contra Bradley Manning y el cese de la caza de brujas que se ha lanzado contra los denunciantes que han revelado las prácticas corrompidas e ilegales que se realizan en nuestro nombre.

Hacemos un llamamiento a los Estados Unidos para que respeten el derecho a la autodeterminación de los pueblos indígenas. Hasta el día de hoy, el Imperio Americano contribuye al genocidio de los pueblos indígenas dentro y fuera de sus fronteras. Demandamos el reconocimiento, cumplimiento y aplicación de todos los tratados y acuerdos libremente aceptados “entre naciones indígenas y los Estados Unidos”. Y el reconocimiento y admisión de que los pueblos y las naciones indígenas tienen derecho al control y disfrute permanente de sus territorios aborígenes y ancestrales. (Lea: Occupy Denver’s endorsement of AIM’s Indigenous platform)

Hacemos un llamamiento al Imperio para que cese la destrucción de barrios de minorías en aras de desarrollo especulativo y se preste la atención necesaria al cuidado de calles, sanidad y mantenimiento en general de dichos barrios.

Hacemos un llamamiento para que se de un tratamiento justo a los inmigrantes y que termine el acoso a los salarios justos en los Estados Unidos.

Hacemos un llamamiento para que se compense a todas las víctimas del Imperio: Los pueblos de Afganistán e Irak y otros que han sufrido la no declarada guerra y acciones secretas del Imperio Americano y a los contribuyentes de esta nación cuyos salarios ganados con el sudor de su frente fueron usados para financiar guerras ilegales y ocupaciones.

Hacemos un llamamiento para que termine el gasto de 1.5 trillones de dólares  gastados anualmente para mantener el Imperio Americano, combatiendo guerras ilegales y espiando a los ciudadanos americanos bajo la excusa de “seguridad”.  La maquinaria de guerra corporativa está usando 1.5 trillones de nuestros recursos para su propio beneficio en el negocio del ejercicio de crímenes contra la humanidad. Exigimos que nuestros recursos sean reasignados con el fin de apoyar a nuestras comunidades y el resto del mundo.

Detengamos el Imperio antes de que nos destruya a todos.

Para unirse a la coalición “Stop The Empire Coalition”  y añadir el nombre de su grupo en solidaridad con esta declaración, mande  un correo electrónico a pressteam@occupydenver.org

Mande un texto a @StopTheEmpire or @OccupyDenver a 23559, siga las instrucciones y cree un nombre de usuario para recibir puestas al día en texto en su teléfono.

Facebook Event – http://www.facebook.com/events/100793323409816/

Benefit for the White Clay Legal Support Fund

September 16, 2012 in Event

Occupy Denver endorsed the following benefit at the September 13 General Assembly:


Friday September 21st, 6pm
Friends’ Meeting House, (1825 Upland Ave, Boulder, CO)

Deep Green Resistance and the Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center are hosting a benefit concert on Friday, September 21st at the Friends’ Meeting House (1825 Upland Ave) at 6pm. The Earth Guardians and Common Good will be contributing musical performances, and Oak Chezar will be doing a standup comedy act at the event to raise money for the legal defense of five activists who were arrested at a protest near the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation last month.

The event is being organized for the benefit of five activists from Deep Green Resistance (DGR), who were arrested at the Women’s March for Peace. On August 26th, Lakota women from the Pine Ridge Reservation, their families and their allies—including DGR and the Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center—marched from Pine Ridge to the town of Whiteclay, Nebraska. Whiteclay has a population of 14, yet 4 liquor stores sell 12,500 cans of beer each day, perpetuating & profiting off the continued destruction of the Lakota, for whom alcoholism is endemic, felt by women and children on the reservation in particular, with rates of sexual assault and domestic violence double the national average.

“For over 100 years the women of the Oglala Lakota nation have been dealing with an attack on the mind body and spirit of their relatives”, says Olowan Martinez one of the organizers of the Women’s March and resident of Pine Ridge. “The Oglala have been silenced through chemical warfare waged by the corporations who are out to exploit and make a profit off of the suffering and misery of our people. The time has come to end this suffering by any means necessary.”

After the Women’s March, 5 activists from DGR locked themselves together with specially designed lockboxes, blockading the town and shutting down all alcohol sales for over 7 hours, costing the infamous stores more than $5,000 in revenue, before they were arrested by Nebraska State Patrol, and transported in a horse-trailer—in violation of state law—to jail, before being cited with three misdemeanor offenses.

Police misconduct was a theme throughout the march; a 14 year-old, defending himself from attack by some of the store owners was also arrested, and an officer sprayed pepper spray indiscriminately out the window of his cruiser, targeting women and youth, including a 10 year old boy. In light of these events, it is clear that justice has not yet been won for the residents of Pine Ridge.

“Within the context of more than 500 years of genocide at the hands of European Invaders, Whiteclay—and the excessive force of the police to protect it—is more than a criminal operation: it is a tool of genocide,” says Alex Budd of Boulder, one of the five arrested at the action. “One hundred and fifty years ago, it was smallpox infested blankets. Today, it is Whiteclay, Nebraska.”

Deep Green Resistance is committed to standing with the Lakota until the last of Whiteclay’s bars closes its doors forever, but the five arrested for civil disobedience are collectively facing up to $6,000 in fines and legal fees. In order to continue this fight, they need material support from those of us who understand the importance of victory. They are asking for donations at the door on a sliding scale of two to ten dollars from attendees of the benefit. Donations are crucial and deeply appreciated, and will go towards their legal defense and the campaign to shut down Whiteclay.

For more information, contact deepgreenresistancecolorado@riseup.net or visit www.shutdownwhiteclay.wordpress.com.

Dinner and Movie Night at Woodbine Ecology Center

September 16, 2012 in Event

On Tuesday, September 11, Occupy Denver endorsed the following event.

Deep Green Resistance is hosting a dinner and movie night at Woodbine Ecology Center, on Wednesday September 19th. The evening will be focused on a discussion about big oil and what folks can do about it. As we all know, Colorado is about to head on an insane path of fracking, and has done so already in many places devastating our sacred water supply. It is very important that we organize and work towards stopping this atrocity. The documentary film we have chosen is called Sweet Crude and illustrates how the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta is dealing with big oil in their community. We would love to get everyone concerned together to discuss this important issue for a night of food, fun and discussion.

Wednesday, September 19th. At 5pm will be dinner, at 6:30 the screening of Sweet Crude will begin, and a fire circle discussion will follow. The evening is scheduled to wrap up around 9.

Woodbine Ecology Center. 2584 Colorado 67, Sedalia, CO, 80135. Woodbine is a beautiful place nestled in the foothills of the Pike National forest.

Film screening and dinner is $20.00. All proceeds will go to Woodbine Ecology Center in support of their work towards indigenous values and sustainable communities. Please distribute the above information about the event if possible, send it off to any potentially interested parties, and let’s plan on having a great evening getting to know one another and strategizing together.

Please RSVP by the 17th so we know how much food to prepare! If you have any questions or to RSVP, email deanna.meyer@earthlink.net or deepgreenresistancecolorado@riseup.net. RSVP on Facebook.

Peace March #S22

September 15, 2012 in Event

September 22: International Day of Peace March & Rally

Join Occupy Denver and a colition of other peace activists to march against the military industrial complex and to rally in support of international peace. 

When: Saturday, September 22nd 12pm

Where: West Steps of the State Capitol Building (200 East Colfax, Denver, Colorado)

The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly. The first Peace Day was observed in September 1982.

In 2001, the UN General Assembly by unanimous vote adopted a resolution, which established September 21 as an annual day of non-violence and cease-fire. They invite all nations and people to honor a cessation of hostilities during this day, and to otherwise commemorate through education and public awareness on issues related to peace.

While we have only one day a year officially set aside to recognize abstaining from violence, many of us consciously work to integrate peace into our lives, every day, despite the dominant culture of violence in which we are embedded.

While we support the statements the UN has made over the years, this day continues to be an ineffectual token offering only, as the war machine rages on.  Why would we call for cease-fire only to start up again the next day?  These words put together are referred to as “resolutions” but they resolve nothing.

If international peace is the goal, then we must acknowledge that the American Empire is the leading destroyer of global peace and must be confronted.

From Occupy Denver’s press release for the upcoming Stop the Empire protest on Oct 3rd http://occupydenver.org/103-stop-the-empire-occupythedebates/

“No matter which presidential candidate wins this election, the American Empire will continue to trudge on killing and terrorizing innocent civilians throughout the world and destroying world peace. Both the Republican and Democratic Party represents the American Empire and the Military Industrial Complex.”

The overwhelming majority of humanity supports peace over war when given a choice. If governments were truly representing communities throughout the world then everyday would be International Peace Day.

To join the Stop The Empire Coalition, and add your groups name in solidarity with the statement in the link above please email pressteam@occupydenver.org

Text @StopTheEmpire or @OccupyDenver to 23559, follow the prompts and create a username to start receiving text updates to your phone

Facebook Event http://www.facebook.com/mobileprotection#!/events/139372699541600/


22 de Septiembre: Dia Internacional por la Paz Marcha y Concentracion

Únete a Ocupemos Denver y a la coalición de activistas y pacífistas para marchar en contra del complejo militar industrial y para manifestarnos en apoyo de la paz internacional.

Cuando: Sábado 22 de Septiembre a mediodía

Donde: Escalinata Oeste del Capitolio (200 East Colfax, Denver )

El Día Internacional por la Paz fué establecido por las Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas  en 1981. El primer día por la paz se celebró en septiembre de1982.

En el año 2001, la Asamblea general de las Naciones Unidas adoptó por unanimidad la resolución que establecía el 21 de Septiembre como día mundial de no violencia y alto el fuego. Todas las naciones fueron invitadas a observar este como un día de cese de hostilidades y al mismo tiempo conmemorar esta fecha mediante educación y concienciando al público de los temas relacionados con la paz.

Mientras que oficialmente solo tenemos asignados un día al año reservado al ejercicio de la no-violencia, somos muchos los que trabajamos y nos afanamos integrando la paz en nuestras vidas, día a día, a pesar de la cultura dominante de violencia en la que estamos sumergidos.

Al tiempo que apoyamos las declaraciones que las Naciones Unidas ha hecho a lo largo de estos años, éste dia es solamente un día de gracia al tiempo que la máquina de guerra sigue su curso. ¿ Qué sentido tiene hacer un llamamiento a un alto el fuego para retornar a la violencia el día siguiente? Las llamadas “resoluciones” no han resuelto nada.

Si nuestro objetivo es la paz mundial tenemos que admitir que el Imperio Americano es el principal destructor de la paz mundial y debe de ser enfrentado.

En el comunicado de prensa de Ocupemos Denver http://occupydenver.org/103-stop-the-empire-occupythedebates/  dirigido a las acciones de protesta del 3 de Octubre próximo:

“Sin importar qué candidato presidencial gane las elecciones, el Imperio Americano seguirá su penoso caminar matando y aterrorizando inocentes civiles a lo largo del mundo, mientras que las corporaciones y los bancos, utilizando nuestro trabajo, dinero y recursos se apresuran en arruinar a nuestras comunidades. Tanto el partido Republicano como el Demócrata representan al Imperio Americano, a Wall Street y al Complejo Industrial Militar, los verdaderos causantes de los problemas que ambos candidatos pretenderán resolver al tiempo que seguirán perpetuándolos.”

Una abrumadora mayoría de la humanidad está a favor de la paz cuando a la paz se le da una oportunidad. Si los gobiernos representaran genuinamente a los pueblos del mundo todos los días del año serían Dia Internacional por la Paz.

Para unirse a la coalición “Stop The Empire Coalition”  y añadir el nombre de su grupo en solidaridad con esta declaración, mande  un correo electrónico a  pressteam@occupydenver.org

Mande un texto a @StopTheEmpire or @OccupyDenver a 23559, siga las instrucciones y cree un nombre de usuario para recibir puestas al día en texto en su teléfono.

10/3: “Stop The Empire” #OCCUPYTHEDEBATES

September 7, 2012 in Event

Detengamos al Imperio

Stop The Empire

Protest the Presidential Debates @ Denver University

Wednesday October 3rd 5:30pm

March Meet up Location: McWilliams Park

@ E. Yale Ave & S. Steele St.


The first of the three Presidential “debates” will take place in Denver, Colorado on October 3rd.  We have no doubt that this charade will produce plenty of false promises, lies, empty platitudes and misleading statements.  The conversations at these “debates” are designed to divide people into polarized camps, reinforce the illusion that we are dependent on our elected officials, and divert our attention from addressing the root problems this nation is facing.  The American Empire, although few outside of academic circles would dare to call it that, is one such problem.

Join the coalition to Stop the Empire as we march to the presidential debate to let the two corporate candidates know we are finished listening to their meaningless conversations that do nothing except maintain the current power structures that are morally and fiscally bankrupting this nation and communities across the world.  Democracy or the American Empire?  We can’t have both. The only way to avoid the fate of all empires is to admit that America is exactly that, a full-blown Empire; and to start honestly discussing and understanding within our communities why American imperialism, financial colonization and capitalism are creating more terrorism, eviscerating our Constitutional rights here at home, and violating international law abroad.

No matter which presidential candidate wins this election, the American Empire will continue to trudge on killing and terrorizing innocent civilians throughout the world, while corporations and banks, using our labor, money and resources, rapidly drive our communities into the ground. Both the Republican and Democratic Party represent the American Empire, Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex – the true sources of the issues that both candidates purport to fix, but will continue to perpetuate.

We are calling for the end of the exploitative capitalist system that values profits over people and shows no regard for the lives lost or the cultures they attempt to destroy.

We are calling for a closure of all overseas military bases.

We are calling for an end to the increased public and private business structures that are hidden under the rubric of “Defense” and the corruption and waste that occurs within.

We are calling for an end of all military occupations, interventions and belligerent activity that the United States and NATO participate in worldwide, often under the self serving guise of “liberation” or “humanitarian intervention.”

We are calling for an end to the militarization of the American police force.

We are calling for a repeal of the NDAA, the Patriot Act, FISA Act, and the closure of Guantanamo and all other secret rendition sites that violate international law.

We are calling for an end to the usage of drone attacks on foreign soil in both declared and undeclared wars.

We are calling for the fair treatment of all military veterans, the diagnosis of PTSD as an ailment worthy of full VA benefits.

We are calling for all charges against Private Bradley Manning to be dropped, and an end to the witch hunt that has been carried out against whistleblowers who expose the corrupt and illegal activities carried out in our names.

We are calling on the United States to respect the self determination of indigenous peoples.  To this day, the American empire is contributing to the genocide of Indigenous peoples within its borders and around the world. We demand the recognition, observance and enforcement of all treaties and agreements freely entered into `between indigenous nations and the United States. To recognize that Indigenous peoples and nations are entitled to the permanent control and enjoyment of their aboriginal-ancestral territories.  (Read: Occupy Denver’s endorsement of AIM’s Indigenous platform)

We are calling on the Empire to end the destruction of minority
neighborhoods for the sake of new development and fair attention to the
roads, sanitation and general upkeep of these neighborhoods.

We are calling for the fair treatment of immigrants and an end to
undermining fair wages in the United States.

We are calling for reparations to be made to all victims of empire; the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, and others who have been harmed by the American Empire’s undeclared wars and covert actions, and to the taxpaying citizens of this nation whose hard-earned wages were used to fund illegal wars and occupations.

We are calling for an end to 1.5 trillion dollars being spent yearly to maintain the American Empire, waging illegal wars and spying on American citizens under the guise of “security”. 1.5 trillion dollars of our resources are being used for profit and crimes against humanity by the corporate war machine. We demand our resources be reallocated to support our communities and the world.


Stop the Empire before it destroys us all.


To join the Stop The Empire Coalition, and add your groups name in solidarity with this statement please email pressteam@occupydenver.org


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Occupy Sniagrab: Urban Camping for Consumerism?

August 29, 2012 in Event

Occupy Sniagrab!  Wednesday night, Thursday night, any time between now and September 1st!

Don’t Miss Ssensselemoh!!! (That’s Homelessness Spelled Backwards)

On April 16, 2012 the Denver city council approved the “Urban Camping Ban” in a vote of 9 to 4 in spite of the mass public outcry that this ban will criminalize homelessness! Passing such a measure clearly showed that they care much more for the interests and profits of the corporations and businesses that were pushing for this measure than they do for the citizens of Denver, particularly the homeless.

Now this week, just over four months later, the city of Denver has granted a permit to Sports Authority to allow folks to “Urban Camp” out outside of their store in order to be first in line for Sports Authority’s big annual sale – “Sniagrab” (bargains spelled backwards). It appears to the City Government urban camping is perfectly OK when it involves a big corporation making lots of money. It’s just not OK when it involves the safety and well being of a homeless person. If the homeless so much as lay down and cover themselves with a jacket in order to protect themselves from the elements and get some rest at night they are subject to arrest and police harassment.  This has driven many homeless people away from the safer more public areas and into dark hiding places down by the river, under bridges or railroad tracks and such where in such secret places with few around to protect them they are in danger of being beaten, robbed (of what little they have), raped, murdered….

Since urban camping is permitted in the interest of corporate profit, and not in the interest of people with no place to sleep, we the people of Denver Colorado will not turn a blind eye to this hypocrisy. That’s why we will now have what we call Ssensselemoh! (That’s homelessness spelled backwards). Come speak out with our homeless brothers and sisters! Speak out against the double standard that puts profits over people again!  The urban camping outside of Sports Authority for Sniagrab has already started, so folks, if you have something to say then come on down to 10th and Broadway to say it! This is NOT a protest of all the wonderful folks camping in line for these good deals. This is a time when the hypocrisy of the city government must be called out!  Bring signs, banners, camping gear or just yourself! Come prepared to stay the night or just for a while. While you can show up anytime between now and Friday the 31st, we are planning to be there en mass tonight (August 29th) starting at 6:00pm, and tomorrow (August 30th) after GA. Please keep in mind that our aim is to speak to the hypocrisy of the Denver city government in granting this permit, and to the greed of corporations that care only about profits! We are not aiming to protest the people that are camping there waiting to get into that sale! We do NOT want them to feel that we are protesting them! Please keep that in mind with whatever action you decide to take in this.  See you there!

Aug. 30: Corporate Influence on Politics: Five Things Everyone Should Know

August 27, 2012 in Event, Teach-In

An Occupy Denver Teach-in by Chad Kautzer

Date: Thursday, Aug. 30, 5:30 – 6:45 p.m.

Location: Deer Pile, upstairs from City O’ City, 206 East 13th Avenue (Sherman and 13th) near the Capitol
Chad Kautzer is a member of Occupy Denver’s Education Committee and Foreclosure Resistance Working Group.