12/27/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 27, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

12/27/11 GA Notes


Emergency Agenda Item- 24/7 Occupiers need a phone with a camera and a storage unit to enhance security, communication, and documentation during raids/police harassment.


On 12/27/11 at 1am Occupiers had their tarps torn off of them and were demanded to remove personal items within 10 minutes. The police officers offered the same “encumbrance” eviction paper as their justification (but with no warning ahead of time). Occupiers had to run to a pay phone (to no avail) and an apartment to reach help to retrieve private property and to record the officers.


The need for a storage unit for essential personal items, such as: birth certificates, personal photos, court papers, etc. was discussed.


The need for a phone with a camera (preferably a smart phone) for calling emergency help and back-up, for recording interactions with police, and for mass communication through the internet was discussed.


The idea was proposed to seek both items as donations before using funds.


An idea was proposed for an emergency twitter account that sends text alerts.


The previously discussed necessity of an emergency phone tree was reiterated.


A vote was taken to have a phone on the ground for the 24/7 Occupiers.

13 For

1 Opposed

0 Abstaining


The finances for the phone were discussed. Several people offered phones that could be donated. Different plan options were discussed. Anthony offered to add a phone to his plan. It had been proposed to raise the funds among the members of the GA, but as the exact cost was unknown, funding for the emergency phone was tabled until GA on 12/28/11 to allow Anthony to learn the total cost for activation fee, monthly service cost, etc. Funding options will be discussed at the GA on 12/28/11.


A vote was taken on the 24/7 Occupier to be responsible for the emergency phone. For security purposes this name will be available upon request. Alternates were discussed as well, in case of emergency.

9 For

0 Opposed

2 Abstaining


Further decisions on the storage unit were tabled until a cost estimate could be brought to GA. The goal for the estimate is 12/28/11. Discussion of access to the storage unit will be at the same GA.


The Twitter emergency account was discussed further. Privacy concerns were raised.


GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS (because this was an emergency GA, the emergency agenda item had been discussed first)


*Matt raised the proposal to act in solidarity with Occupy St. Paul, MN on January 17, 2012 against the NDAA. The action would be to Occupy the Senator’s Office.


Questions were raised about the fact that the NDAA, if not signed or vetoed, would become law within 10 days, well before January 17, 2012.


The idea was tabled until further information could be learned.




*Outreach Committee- Anthony mentioned that the January 10, 2012 event at the Hi-Dive was coming together well.


Anthony also mentioned outreach to veterans was going well, while outreach to senior citizens was not going as well.


*Silas mentioned hearing about other Occupations going underground and ceasing to exist and rallied everyone to keep things going at Occupy Denver.


At this time, the GA came to a close

Occupy Denver will be Holiday Caroling on Saturday

December 23, 2011 in Event, GA resolutions

Occupy Denver will be Holiday Caroling on Saturday (12/24/2011)

In keeping with the holiday spirit of peace and good will, Occupy Denver’s General Assembly has voted to replace this Saturday’s march with a Holiday Caroling march.

The rehearsal will start at 12pm, in Civic Center Park, with the procession commencing at 12:30. The route is yet to be determined but it will tentatively include the neighborhood of Capital Hill. The singing will last approximately 2 hours and will conclude back in Civic Center Park.

A song book will be available soon with reinterpreted holiday classics! Keep checking back and download your copy before coming to the march!

All are encouraged to write your own interpretation of holiday favorites and bring enough copies down to share!

12/18/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 19, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes


7 Pm GA

Roshan Facilitates – Ben 24/7 takes Stack

Committee Announcements:

Pat – Outreach Committee hosting video and gathering event at Gypsy House tomorrow 5:30 PM
Ben 24/7 – Announces weird state of occupation with pending eviction but points out extensive clean-up. Tomorrow is also a big clean-up
Terese multi-comittees – Declaration of Purpose drafting still occurring – call for content
Brandi – Headquarters, etc: Statewide meetings and conferences in work – structure building – get involved
Greg – Peace/Non-violence: Focus continues to being on the 1%

Outside group announcements: Mr. Simmons – civil rights activist announces protest at Red Lion 1:30 Pm 3200 S. Parker Road @ I-225 regarding a VA hospital being built without African American Labor being hired. It’s a corporate greed thing.
1st Monday of every month GEO detention center there is a candelight vigil for
Dec 20th Municipal Building 7PM a homeless vigil will occur for those who’ve died on the streets. “This will be there only memorial service”.
Carrie – building a kitchen calling for stoves, dishes, etc.
Ben – Write up about homeless intiative
“Construction” Working Group – Working on building more “houses” especially a women’s only house on the row.
Greg – ‘Occupy Senators working group’ to form regarding occupying government officials offices.

“Get Involved” proposal: A teach-in to be propagated as THURSDAYS “Get Involved” night on all media as a “Labor Liberation/ Workers Right’s” Workshop – American Friends Service Committee from 7 – 9PM, Thurs. 12/22. 27 Yes, 1 No, 1 Abstaining. ~ Motion Passes

Ben 24/7 Proposal: Tuesday, Homelessness Caucus (Fishbowl Style) – To hear from people who are so participatory in Occ Den, on the ground, living. ***Discussion*** Yes 23, 1 No, 4 Abstaining. ~ Motion Passes

Proposal Jason 24/7 for Meeting with Chief White Monday at 2 PM: Going into this meeting we have to be really careful/ smart/ strategic – There is list of criteria from a cross-committee meeting:

Be respectful, previous experience meeting with official, knowledge of inner-workings the movement as a whole, equal cross-section of occupy Denver, negotiation skills, no personal agendas, that group can agree on cohesive message, people need to be able to work together, have to meet before-hand to put together plan. Trustworthy on decision-making, regular participant on the ground, non-contentious, diverse body

Max 10 people … Beginning of proposed list:
Tim, Jason, Roshan, Anthony, Liberty, Brett, Terese, Nick at night, Leo, Cat 24/7
DISCUSSIONS & Added Nominations – BEN, JT Sexton, Dana, Carrie, Ambros, Kat
Tim- 25 yes, 3-no … Jason- 29 yes, 3 no … Roshan- 27 yes, 2- no … Anthony 14- yes … 8 no … Liberty 24 yes, 2 no, Brett – 24, yes – 4 no … Terese 27 yes, 2 no … Nick@nite 22, 2 no … Leo 22 yes, 3 no, Cat, 27, n0, 2 … Ben 28, 4 no, JT 15 yes, 3 no … Dana 28 yes, 2 no … Carrie 16 yes, 4 no … Ambros (non committee member) 30 yes , 2 no, Kat 30 yes, 2

Elected TEAM: Cat, Ambrose, Jason, Dana, Ben, Roshan, Kat, Terese, Liberty & Tim

GA Adjourned 30 min past schedule after some short additional announcements.

24/7 Committee Statement on Sudden Changes at Occupy Denver Encampment

December 17, 2011 in GA resolutions

On Wednesday, December 14th, Occupy Denver was expecting to attend a meeting that had been offered by the new Police Chief of Denver, Robert White. But around 2pm, Chief White’s office cancelled the meeting, and instead, the City of Denver delivered eviction notices to Occupy Denver. The city has declared that its protesting citizens are an “encumbrance” to the public right of way. We disagree. As anyone walking down Broadway in the past few weeks knows, we never inhibited pedestrians from walking down the sidewalk. Refusing to be falsely labeled as an encumbrance, the 24/7 committee and the 24/7 occupation organically came together to show the city what real encumbrances looks like. We erected a number of actual structures in protest against the city’s prioritization of municipal code over human rights and constitutional freedoms.

The erection of the new structures is an emotional response to the betrayal of Chief White’s office and the feeling of defenselessness that the city’s eviction threat has engendered in the people living there. But the minimalist shelters that are here represent the strength of our community and the reclaiming of our public spaces. Not only do these shelters bridge the gap where the city has failed to house the homeless, but they have empowered these marginalized individuals through participation and self-reliance. The sentiment has been that if the city is going to forcibly take away our homes, all we can do to defend ourselves is to make doing so as hard as we can for them.

Believing it faces an imminent police raid, the 24/7 committee will continue to help the community that Occupy Denver has formed at its encampment in building and fortifying structures on the sidewalk and in Civic Center Park. We are putting out a call for the beautification of the park, for creativity, for expression, and for works of art in the continued effort to show solidarity with the Occupy movement and our brothers and sisters who have made a home here. The spirit of the occupation cannot be torn down.

We are asking for donations of time, presence, labor, and materials in support of our resistance. We need blankets, lumber, nails, hammers, duct tape, and other building materials. The contribution of creativity is also invaluable, so we also ask for art, signs, and other means of expression that you wish to share. Help us show the city the strength of Occupy Denver and that through combined efforts we can create something beautiful. We will be working all weekend and invite you to come join us.

Toys For Tots Donation Drive

December 16, 2011 in GA resolutions, Uncategorized

The Denver Metro chapter of Toys For Tots is projected to be about 40,000 toys short of their goal for 2011, even after receiving a 25,000 toy donation this week. Occupy Denver is holding a toy drive until December 20th to help Toys For Tots reach their annual goal. Toys For Tots brings the joy of Christmas to children all across the country by giving donated toys to families in need. Without the help of Toys For Tots, these children will not receive Christmas presents this year.

There will be a donation box for toys in Civic Center Park, at the site of Occupy Denver, until the afternoon of December 20th.  Look for the box with Toys For Tots posters on it. Please bring any toys you are able to donate down to Occupy Denver and help bring Christmas to children across Colorado who will otherwise have nothing.

Toys for Tots Extending Deadline to Meet Need
Toys for Tots Short 70,000 Toys



12/16/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 16, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

faciliator speaking

Explaines rules for general assembly. Newcommers no interupption. pop. stack rules, etc.

Roshan is taking stack.

Committe introductions:

Nonviolence committee introduces themselves

Education comittee introduces themselves

Security comittee introduces themselves

24/7 comittee introduces themselves

Events committee introduces themselves


Commitee Annoucements:

New into: I am frustrated. I am my biggest enemy, in and out of recovery. The single most important thing is love. I live hard work hard I do it for you.

24/7 Tommorrow and Sunday there are open meetings at 5:30 greek ampitheter. Please come. We need outside comittees to come. We have a reponse and statement to pu on Social media sites about last 2 day.

Events committee: Hands out flyers for immigrants rights teach in and march.

Events immigrants rights march. tons of immangrant issues connected with 99%. Please come. Tomorrow at 11:00 am. teach in and then march.

General announcements

Events Dec 20th: candlelight vigil for homeless. Explain the situation to the mayor. He likes to make a show to the cameras.


24/7 proposal: As you can see, we reponded creatively to raid. A massiv response. People are asking why. We answered in a written reponse.

24/7 reads statement. Ends with ….”the spirit of the occupation can not be torn down.” We need more creative materials. We will be working all weekend.


strategy, timing may bring response

I would love to share on my own site

I believe in all my rights. We have one individual tearing it down. We need to back up our brothers and sisters and there freedom of speech.

Direct response: throwing stuff in trees is not free spech

Yes it is.

The supreme court ruled burning a flag is speech, thn so are garlands.

we are discussing the statement. It is a complication. It is a public park and it is the biggest homeless camp.

I would like to see that his was a protest against encumbrances in the language. We had to show what encumbrances ar

The encumrances have changed multiple times.

We need to take trash down. We keep it clean. We take care of this park.

Point of process: Can we focus on the topic. This is about the language?

Stack continues:

Homeless and middle class have come together.

247 this was an emotional response from thse who are marginalized. It is a statement of solidarity.

I agree with every word. If the public has questions, we need answers. We can connect the dots.

Proposal is to add details and put this statement of social media sites.

20 for

1 against

Facilitator: Proposal to take trash out of trees.

This is a public park organize a clean up crew. I think we need a straw poll to table this

This body does not have the right to make this decision. Citizens have to right to. we can not enforce this.

It looks like decorations, not trash.

The choices we make here will be in the media. We clean up he park. We need to take care of the park.

A friend says this is disgusting. She specifically pointed out the fan in trees.

I do not think we would win this argument in court. I think we need to bring people in not push people out. If this repells people than we have a problem.

This was a battle of chess. This was an emotional response. We won that battle. Now we have a differant battle. The PR battle. Lets make sure it is decorations.

We can argue all day long whether the Supreme Court woud rule. This is not the supreme court. You can make a rule that someone should take something down. No one ever tries to censor speech that they agree to.

The only object Occupy Denver has jusisdiction over is the banner.

I do not think the legal system should dictate our course of action.

Personally I think the park has never looked better. I do not think this body has the right to censor others. I think they will get angry.

Honestly, as soon as we see the cops staging, the decorations are going ack up. I would hate to see this turn into conflict within the group. We buildt dcorations in the park and we are stewards of the park.

Facilitator: You are free to propose ammendments to the proposal. we will continue stack.

I say, by the token, if people get arrested for doing this, the GA should not bail them out.

dr: I beleive ga is relevant, but they can not control everything.

facilitator: amendmend idea: take out big objects and thank people for decorations. show flexibility.

This is a movement. I would suggest that the GA make a decision that is a compromise and it is run like an events issue. We do not need a battle.

dr: why can’t a few people just go do it.

answer: I would be beat up if I took things out of the trees. We have to not create a conflict.

Why not keep up stuff that is clearly decoration.

member of the row: we are stockpiling stuff to throw in the trees. I love all of our encumberances becauses I am classified as an encumberance: I am homeless.

I stand by the decisions of my brothers and sisters. We made a scene. We need more decorations.

There is a difference between trash and encumerance, same as there is a difference between encumerances and you guys. I was here last night when we cleaned up leaves, cigarrette butts, etc.

This borderlines on discrimination and promoting the same economic injustice that we are promoting.

people who have not been here 24/7 do not know what it is like. No one has the right to take down another’s protest.

pop: We are talking about amending the proposal of taking objects out of the trees.

It is Orwellian that this group is talking about censoring itself.

I do not think it is censorship, but I think we need to build the movement. A public works worker making minimum wage will have to take the kayak down, not a cop, not the government, but the same people that we are fighting for.

This is an expression, a manifestation of the row, a group which has never been been empowered.

Proposal maker wants to change to the propsal to dissaprove officially of decorations in the trees.



2 yes

18 oppossed

5 abstentions.

12/15/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 15, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Thursday Get Involved GA 12/15

Facilitator – Terese Stack Taker- Liberty Note Taker – Roshan

Committee Members

Terese – GA Procedure, Statement of Purpose, Education

Jo – 24/7

Candace – GA Procedures, Outreach

Dana- 24/7

Pat – Film & video working group

Al – Tech

Natalie – PR

Patti – PR, Outreach

Nick – PR

Roshan – Admin, GA Procedures

Ben – 24/7

Coutrney – Occupy Auraria liaison

Tim – PR

Martin – Statement of purpose

Anthony – Outreach, 24/7


PR – we had amazing coverage locally in leftist media and stood down the

Nick – Outreach is working with Toys for Tots to do a toy drive here at the occupation, and need people to bring toys on Saturday to help TFT recoup a 70,000 toy shortage

Pat – we need people to contact the film and video team to do interviews of people who have been at the occupation who are willing to be interviewed

Someone – the InterOccupy group has a nationwide occupy gathering in DC March 30th that they want people to attend from OD. More info is coming now

Candace – Sunday at 6pm there will a discsussion group for communities of color at the Fredrick Douglass center for planning a general strike

Someone – Colorado Coalition for the Homeless is having a vigil for homeless people who died in Denver at 5:30pm this Tuesday, the 20th. We are encouraged to attend

The GA then moved to a fishbowl caucus for female-identified people. Broad issues that were discsussed will be noted, but not verbatim

1st quetion: how do we feel about this situation in the fishbowl?

Some feel nervous and feel awkward with people watching

Some feel awesome that this is happening because we have needed education on these issues of humanity

Some people who are more assertive note that they have not felt uncomfortable in GA as females, but understand how others may have. But they feel empowered that they have been able to stand out here as women with few problems

Often times, women are marginalized in terms of having a space to speak, which is not always obvious because it can be woven into the culture of our country and even our occupation

One woman feels really happy because she has been looking forward to this for weeks now because though it’s not intentional, they feel they’ve been marginalized and harrassed

One noted that she resents the fact that almost every OD march has been led by men, and men always have the megaphones and

Continues that men have often offered to speak for her or let her speak as if she coudln’t if they didnt help. Also frustrated by being interrupted her as she is trying to speak in GA

A disabled, Native American emphasized that men and women are equal in the circle of live, but that we need more equality and balance in the movement itself too

A woman pointed out that many of the government and corporate stuctures we are fighting are also highly patriarchal, and that it’s a shame we have some of the same issues yet they go mostly unnoticed

A woman expressed that this is indeed a participatory democratic movement, and that women who don’t speak out are partially to blame. She asked what we can do to make women feel encouraged and empowered to speak?

A response to that question was the suggestion of an affirmative stack – if after 10 people go on stack there were no women, we should actively seek out women for the next round

One woman says that that is not a good idea at all – if women aren’t speaking enough,we shouldn’t tell men to then wait their turn and stifle the men like women have been stifled to right the wrong

Suggests that all we need is an affirmative call for women to come up only when there is an unfilled lull

Also suggests we have weekly womens events and/or teach-ins to make these issues more prominent and help them organize among themselves

Another woman said that this is perceived as a cis-identified male movement, and that we should work to overcome that

One woman suggests that the more assertive women who do get up and speak give her the courage to join, so those women should remember they are helping lead women

One woman suggests that much education on womens issues will necessarily be education on mens issues.

Also notes that calling women out to come offer their perspective is tricky because it implies that is somehow always different, when they aren’t necessarily

A woman spoke out to say she just wants to be respected as a person. She encourages males to look at her as a sister first, not as a potential date, to promote a feeling of sisterhood and brotherhood

One woman shares that she finds the caucus very comforting and healing, and thinks it should happen more often

Someone brought up the concept of internalized oppression – when a marginalized group start to buy in the ideology, stereotypes, and beliefs about their group themselves. Occupy should be a space in which we try to share and educate about that too

Swich to male caucus

men understand issues of comfortability and how address movement

best occupes are the women

women not sexual objects

some life afermiive action for stack

didn’t realize hat when get animated can offend, this due to not listening

one man disapprove of identity politics, focus on how reach more people

unity important, men need to learn manners

women tak well on stories, not just theory

Man who kicked ball into the middle, simble of man telling women wha to do

Need to understand differnce between emoion and passion

identity politics are there period, we need to be awere of politics that do exist

Use brother and sister, do focuses on women (in film, info, media…)

Mistake to just focus on economics, this tied to gender…issues

Clearify, that we should find effective ways to include without diffectly illuding to identity politcs

Be conscius of space, seperate male hostlity for passion

Risethe bar, hold eachotheraccountibily

key points;

be internally balanced

protect gender identity

stop economic inequality of pay for the same work

realize that women with children endure worse poverty

respect people who disagree with or vice versa

argue on the merit of the idea not by baiting

respect each others space

the movement is empowering

avoid victimology to avoid confusion

realize that many people have endured hard times, discrimination, and pain that leave them with bad memories but this can be overcome

sometimes assholes will be assholes and there’s nothing you can do to change them, work harder to maintain solidarity with people we can reach

teach our children better

take as more time to examine oneself than finding others to blame or criticize

bad stuff is used to separate us and we must overcome divisiveness to put a stop to the real oppression

use your voice effectively

recognize that privilege exists and unify to resist

identity politics is put upon the working class to divide us

we get so wrapped up in oppression that e can get carried away

be excellent to each other

point out bad behavoir in the group

senate walk: call udall to cosponsor amendment

12/14/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 15, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

General Assembly Meeting Minutes 12/14/11

Passed Resolutions from this GA (also listed below)

Occupy Denver voted to put a notification on the website that we are accepting donations for Toys for Tots

Occupy Denver passed a proposal to respond to the DPD on twitter by saying – “We did not extend an invitation to meet on Monday. However, Occupy Denver is willing to meet you at a general assembly anytime between 10 and 2 tomorrow. Please let us know what time you would like to show up, we ask that you come without weapons”

Occupy Denver voted to divide into two groups for the night
1 group containing people who are willing to stay and prepare for the raid (in the afternoon)
1 group containing people to discuss where we go and what we do after the raid (in the evening)


24/7 – we have an eviction notice
Tonight we will be digging in and fortifying – we are going to make it as big a pain in the ass as possible

Supplies Needed
Building Materials
Hammer and Nails
Duck Tape
The will have a 24 hour patrol – building and structuring

Outreach – event at the Gypsy House on the 19th starting at 5pm
Information on the Occupation
4-6 person panel to answer questions
They are 4 other possibly venues for this type of event so that this model will continue

Film and Video working group
Looking for videos that speak to the movement
Please come and see Pat if you are interested in this group or have footage

Peace and NonViolence
Tomorrow we are going to have to work really hard to be non violent
The committee meets at 2pm on Sundays in the library – all are welcome
They are planning a march at 2pm to the Senates office tomorrow at 11

Police Chief Meeting
Commander Lopez has called to say that Chief White might not be able to make it
We stated that we would only be interested with the Chief of Police
DPD tweeted to Occupy Denver to invite us to meet with them on Monday
We have canceled the meeting

Today the lawsuit again the City and County of Denver was dismissed

March on Saturday focused on immigration issues
There will be a teach in panel on immigration from 11-12:45 and then we march
Please share this event

Outreach has heard Toys for Tots is going to be super short on donations this year
We are working on getting a campaign started
Please bring toys here for the campaign

There is an anti-capitalist march on Saturday going to the Cherry Creek Mall
If you are so inclined please join them after our Saturday March and Rally
Starts at 3pm

Family of Love was able to be part of an awesome field trip
A 5th grade class came
They had a general assembly
Voted on two proposals
They would like to bring down cardboard scrap and their personal artwork to be displayed on the row
We will make a video about what it is like to be on the ground and why we do it
The why we do it part will include them – addressing that we will do this so that they don’t have the problems we are facing today

Please pass along the cry for help on the eviction – please share with your facebook, twitter and friends

Becca – ask me anything on Reddit – anyone who wants to go there and ask her a questions, any question, and she will answer it
Reddit does not share any personal information

We have been meeting with the Mayor
We met with them yesterday – they said they looked forward to working with us
When they saw the eviction notice
They went straight to the Mayor’s meeting
Saying they have betrayed our trust
This is beyond a first amendment issue THIS IS A HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE
What good are they as a city if they will treat its citizens this way
They said they have to enforce municipal code
They said this is a shame and the saddest moment in our history

Tomorrow we are planning to use our get involved GA for a womens caucus
This is still planned
If there is not a riot police squad blocking us from the park (or even if there are)
we want to create room for the women and female identified people to have a space to talk
Please show up tomorrow at 7pm for the GA

Emergency Open Forum on the Eviction

The row has taken on a whole new personality in the last few weeks
The homeless people joining us have a new sense of dignity and responsibility
Motion made to stand in solidarity with them
This eviction is an attack on the homeless
We need Occupy Denver to stand in solidarity with those that stay in support of Occupy Denver

We need to prepare physically for the raid tomorrow with physical items but what we really need is MASS AMOUNTS OF PEOPLE

Legal line has been established
Call outs for bail money has been made

Trucks will be coming to remove supplies to safe houses

Get on your smart phones and call people – make call outs for people to join us
Please bring bricks, wood, anything to fortify

There is no division between homeless people and activists

We will not get enough people to defeat them
We should start small occupies all around the city
Ideas: banks, other parks
Spread the police thin

Move to talk about strategies
Call for a 7-8 million occupation on Washington DC this spring
Ask for discussion on this

Motion made to organize safe houses
Motion made to organize transport of belongings

Motion made to write your name on all of your belongings so that the police cannot say that those belonging are not identifiable

We need to ORGANIZE

Finance committee announcement on our paypal
Paypal puts certain limits on your accounts until certain things can be verified
Right now the money is not available

We want cash donations or check or money orders

Checks can be made out the Occupation Cooperative Fund

Dwayne will be here to take donations and will try to not be arrested

Motions made to gift paypal money to people whom can then gift us cash

We will have power in numbers – we need MASS PARTICIPATION

Those with vehicles will be meeting after GA to organize

Feedback from the row – they are adamant about staying put. We should do whatever we can do to help them
We need
building materials
duct tape

to help them to build up things up
24/7 will be doing this all night – if you want to help with the physical labor please meet with them after

After the eviction we need to start rebuilding immediately
we need to talk about where, how and when
we have opportunity to improve all of the camps we have had thus far
we have changed and adapted
we need to decide together what will be better and proactive

If we march tomorrow
we need to link arms
in groups of 3
and stay together
unless it is strategic

We are going to make a stand tomorrow
We also need to figure out what to what we will do next

Motion made to galvanize the tactics committee
Discuss tactics for the police presence
Discuss tactics for after the eviction
Discuss tactics for regrouping

We need to stress a maintained presence – we have no idea when the police will evict

Proposal made to spit into two groups
1 – of people that plan on getting arrested tomorrow
2 – another group to talk about rebuilding the camp


Toys for Tots is short on toys – we are going to put a donation site here – we propose to put a notification on the website

Motion passes
33 Yes’s
0 No’s
0 Abstaining

Proposal to respond to the DPD on twitter by saying –

We did not extend an invitation to meet on Monday. However, Occupy Denver is willing to meet you at a general assembly anytime between 10 and 2 tomorrow. Please let us know what time you would like to show up, we ask that you come without weapons

Motion passes
25 Yes
2 No
3 Abstaining

Announcement – 24/7 is building this NOW – please bring down the supplies

We need cars – please talk to Sam as he has the nearest address

Proposal to divide into two groups
1 group containing people who are willing to stay and prepare for the raid (in the afternoon)
1 group containing people to discuss where we go and what we do after the raid (in the evening)

Motion passes
15 yes
0 No
6 Abstaining

Motion made to take pictures of the camp and our houseless protestors to be used as Christmas Cards for our officials

Meeting adjourned

Occupy Denver To Be Evicted, Again. Stand With Us.

December 14, 2011 in GA resolutions

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

At 10AM tommorrow the City Of Denver plans to evict Occupy Denver again. Join us on “Bill of Rights Day” as we assert our right to freely assemble in public spaces. Spread the word far and wide, we call on anyone who can make it down to stand with us in solidarity.


Most importantly we need people to come and stand with us. This is beyond a first amendment issue THIS IS A HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE. What good are we as a city if we treat our citizens this way. It is the middle of the winter and many of our houseless brothers and sisters will have no other place to go. The city will not even allow them to sleep on the sidewalk.

Please join us tomorrow and for the next few days to exercise our rights as citizens.
Occupy your lunch hour.
Occupy your coffee break.
Occupy your happy hour.
Occupy the night.

We also need film and media people to record this moment in history!
Bring your camera!

Join the Occupy Denver mass text for the latest information
Text OCCUPY DENVER to 234-200-4031

Supplies Needed for tonight and EARLY tomorrow morning
Building Materials
Duct Tape
Carpet rolls
Sheets of wood
Particle Board
We are fortifying our occupation. WE WILL NOT BE MOVED.

12/14/11 – Children’s General Assembly Minutes

December 14, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Children’s GA


Run through of facilitator duties: Facilitator, notetaker, stack keeper.


Explanation of people’s mic.


Explanation of process: Breakout to form proposals for this GA.


1 Thing for Occupy Denver to do this week, 1 thing for the kids to do in class this week.


Run through of hand signs.


Breakout into 2 groups: 1 group for OD proposal, 1 group for class proposal.



Breakout groups return.


First group proposes that Occupy Denver creates a video of day to day goings on at Occupy Denver. Also included to try to get school footage.


Open stack


1: Good idea. Don’t think video should include the children. Might not be ok with the parents. Should only be of those who occupy.


Point of Clarification: Wanted to ask teachers, parents, and principal.


POC: Proposal is just talking about OD on ground while asking for permission to include the school. Without permission just OD on ground.


2: Good idea. People who aren’t comfortable on camera, what do we do with them?


POC: You don’t have to be on the video if you don’t want to.


3: Great idea, hope it gets passed. Lots of talk at OD, but we need people committed to making sure passed resolutions actually get accomplished.


POC: This group came up with something for OD to do. Is this something you will make or we, the school, will make.


POC: We will make the video ourselves, including at school if permission is granted.


POC: What’s the video of?


POC: The school footage is why we’re down here, the OD footage is what we do.


POC: Several people on media working group who are photo journalists. We will contact them as soon as GA is over if it asses.


4: Great idea.  Can put it on youtube and all the other places, and email ABC or whatever.


5: Fantastic idea. Happy to work with teachers to include the “Why.” But either way we’ll do this on the ground. Too bad no one is here to tape this GA. We will draft a permission slip and be available to parents for concerns etc.


POC: Confused how school will be a part of it.


POC: Help show why this movement is important.


6: Fighting for kids’ futures. They want kids in the video to show that they agree that we are fighting for their future.


POC: Why couldn’t we just come here?


POC: Should be a mixture, good to show what happens here, but they have to show us and what’s going on with us.


POC: The reason we couldn’t come down here is because it would be another field trip.


9: Why would anyone want to look at the video.


POC: Want to look at it because OD is a big topic. Everyone has heard about it and is filming. It catches attention, people want to know what’s going on around here.


POC: I mean the public. Why would someone from the public want to see this.


Reached stack of 10…restate proposal.


Move to vote.


32 For

2  Opposed

1 Abstain


Proposal passes.


Next proposal.


Collect cardboard and other things OD can use from around the school and bring it down to the site of the occupation to donate.


Open Stack.


1: What would limitations be? What could you bring and what not?


POC: We can take and use anything out here.


POC: Any stuff you’ve used for past projects and storing. Cardboard scraps newspapers etc.


2: Clean out the overflow and stuff that won’t be used and give it to these guys


3: Could you bring down some artwork too? We love that you’ve been involved and want to remind us why we’re out here every day.


Any opponents to the friendly amendment?


POC: We might do that.


POC: This would be a perfect way to bring our light projects down.


4: I like the idea of giving art. Tissue papers hard to do. Back from break if we have extra time we can make more light projects. We could make a lot of them.


5: I think we can brainstorm a list of things that would be useful and spread it around the school. Make a list and pass it to the teachers.


6: Tissue paper wouldn’t work well in weather that involves water.


Restate proposal.


Move to vote.


34 Yes

0 Opposed

0 Abstain


Proposal passes.


Move to close GA