This Thursday: “Senate Walk

December 13, 2011 in Event, GA resolutions

The GA Voted unanimously last night to take a walk to Senator Bennett and Udall’s offices on Thursday to ask them to Co-Sponsor US Senator Bernie Sanders new amendment to save our democracy. We want our Senators to take leadership, not just support the very important Amendment proposal. We will Assemble at 11:00 a.m. and start walking to the Senator’s Offices at 11:30. This will be a very peaceful walk of song and dialogue with our US Senator’s Staff.

We also need to call for our fellow occupiers & supporters that can not attend to call both of our Senator’s office and ask them to not only support but to co-sponsor the Amendment Proposal.

Michael Bennet: (303) 455-7600
Mark Udall: 303-650-7820

This Thursday, Occupy Denver “Women’s Caucus”

December 13, 2011 in Event, GA resolutions

This Thursday (12/15) Occupy Dever will be holding a women’s fishbowl caucus at 7pm at Civic Center Park. As a part of this on going struggle to create a society where people of all genders share equal power, Occupy Denver invites people of all genders to come out and join in a dialogue concerning women in the Occupy movemnet. A fishbowl caucus is a discussion that happens in two concentric circles – an inner circle of women and anyone who identifies as female, and an outer circle of those who do not. The discussion will begin in only the inner circle, while the outer circle watches and listens. Then it will move to a discussion between the outer circle and the inner circle. This is a great opportunity to come together to seek understanding and to vocalize the future of women in this movement. Please join us, and invite your friends!

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Kerry Kellerman Profile in Westword

12/11/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 12, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Sunday GA Minutes 12/11/11

Facilitator – Matt
Stack taker – Pat
Note taker – Roshan

Committee members present:

  • Pat Boyle – Film & video working group
  • Ben – 24/7, Occupy Auraria
  • Candace – Outreach, GA procedures
  • Dana – Occupy Auraria
  • Martin – statement of purpose working group, non-violence, film & video working group
  • Matt – sanitation/beautification, welcoming & info
  • Roshan – admin, GA Procedures

Committee Announcements

  • Welcoming & Info: we need help finding the info materials that were taken in the last
  • Beautification: we need brooms & shovels
  • 24/7: we needs people to help pick up/distribute donations – people with cars
  • 24/7: want to remind us that they are having an open committee meeting at 5pm on Tuesday at which all are welcome to attend and participate in

Outside groups:

  • Candace – next Sunday 6:30 pm, there is a meeting with the Five Points community at 27th & Welton (Douglass Center) for planning a general strike on Feb. 14
  • There is a need for a van to help shuttle a class up to the Walmart action tomorrow
  • Thunderdome – there is a carpool tomorrow meeting on the Broadway side of the Denver Public Library starting at 8am to go to Loveland for the Walmart action

General Announcements

  • The Film & Video working group is looking for filmmakers, videographers, graphic designers, editors, etc. for putting together short films to help spread info about Occupy Denver and eventually make a documentary.  If interested, contact: (720) 243-0994
  • Kerri announced that the signs she received money to print have been printed, are awesome, and will be brought to the protest tomorrow


  • Proposal for Get Involved Nights for this week
    • Tuesdays: two breakouts are proposed – one for discussing the upcoming march on Saturday and during the holidays, and one for direct actions that OD should take in the future
    • Thursday: fish bowl caucus for women
    • VOTE PASSED unanimously
  • Kerri brings Proposal for releasing funds for gas money for carpool
    • Need about $20 per car for gas round-trip, want to have the money before hand to fill the tanks
    • Only requesting money for 2 people, so a total of $40 is requested
    • Concern is brought that since finance committee is not present, there may be problems with getting the money to people by 8am tomorrow morning
    • Candace offered that she is willing to give her own money and get reimbursed by finance later
    • Modification is brought to set aside as $20 per car, up to five cars
      • Modification was accepted
    • Candace will get $100, seek to be reimbursed by finance committee later
      • A man who was present generously donated $50 on the spot.  Candace will still contribute the $100, so there will be $150 available for gas.  Any left over will be returned to Occupy Denver
    • Modification was brought that receipts for gas must be brought and any money not used would be returned to Occupy Denver
    • VOTE PASSED unanimously
  • There was a question brought about what to do with the items that were collected from the last raid in safe houses – how do we redistribute these items efficiently, fairly, etc?
    • Pat offered the use of his pickup truck
    • 24/7 said that they are in charge of donation of physical items and have been asking for people to get this sort of thing done.
      • They suggest that people who still have items in their homes to come to their open committee meeting this Tuesday at 5pm
      • Suggestion was also brought to organize a car line that and that 24/7 could liaise between the people holding items and the occupation
      • Crucial part is that people email 24/ if they have items from the raids to coordinate their return
    • 24/7 asks that we establish a real system to prevent against loss of donated items once they are distributed
    • 24/7 suggested that this issue be taken on in their committee because it is really their area of operation anyway

General assembly ended at 7:50pm

12/9/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 10, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Events – Finalizing route tomorrow by 11:30, theme is labor, hoping for big numbers, stops due to the theme will different than normal due to the theme, different opions will probably be expressed – we still respect those people. They are trying to get ahold of Nita Gonzales to speak next week.
THe action for 12/12 is still on. It is planned to be peaceful and non violent. This is an international action. We need to be vigilant to not buy into rumors and here say. We will continue and hang in there in the face of that stuff
Next week – in addition to our march there will be an anti capitalist march in Cherry Creek. ELF and DABC are conducting his march.
We will have IWW and JWW (who are doing a rally at the verizon store at 12:15) joining us tomorrow
Offer from someone to contact LULA to join us next week at next weeks march.
24/7 needs tarps still
Outreach – action on Wednesday – a 5th grade class will be doing a field trip to OD from 9:30 until 11.
Monday at 5:30, Gypsy House cafe, O Auraria is flyering. A movie and discussion and Q&A sesion about Occupy Denver will be help.
Statement of Purpose drafting committee meeting will be 6 on Saturday.
OUtside Groups
No Announcements
General Announcements
Announcement of the Film and Video working group. Their intention is to draw in media or aspiring professionals to collect footage and talent for three reasons
- form a film a video committee
- start a 2 minute video on GA and provide brief history on Occuy Denver
- begin to start the process on a full documentary on Occupy Denve to be submitted to the Starz Film FEstival
Terry is leaving for China and will be back in January.

monday event, finance is prepared to bail people out, seeking permision
concerns: is finance going to put out info including phone number and a form containinng informaition to bail people out similar to the form handed out by
only chris is going up to loveland is anybody else coming up that wants to help him out
bonds man /
the priority will be to get as many people out as possible. . . if arbitary, by alphabetial order
if you have a lot of outstanding stuff, don’t do anything to get you arrested
guidlines to stay within the law? Headqaurters on sunday to develope sjuch things?
to be continued during another discusion
Neo has taken ccare to make this event as safe as possible, and will handle this before the event
chris won’t be at the summit, and needs someone to make it, outreach commity guy will be there
conclusion for proposal 1- I purpose that we oen up OD cash for bailing out people on Monday’s event.
If necceary using up all of Occupy’s funds. Should keep at least tw weeks of 24/7′s funds (600 dollars)
agreed, we cannot leave 24/7 out in the cold…. pledge not to use more than 80 percent of our funds, as of last week, 5000 in the acount, 20 percent is about 1000, three weeks of 24/7
one pejrcen for six hundred,
proposal 1 finance proposes that we open up to eighty percent of our budgjet for bailing out people on monda’s event
How do we distribute the eighty percent among everyone who needs bail
two options: put up full bond, or go through bonds man and put up percentage
percentage might bail out more people
option two: bail out all the small ones to bail out the most then ask for donations for the rest
finance to get a liason fror media sites to put up info to get more funds before monday’s event
OD will open up up to eighty percent of it’s budget for bailing out the most possible people for monday’s event..
Proposal passes by eighteen in favor, one opposed. None opposed
Proposal 2 – alot of separate events, but at some point we need to move forwrd to organize a campaign
starting on 12 -13 and going till 1 -31
we have a single campaign towards getting people out here, sympythisers to show up, protesters into comitties and more people onto the side walks
I prupose that during this month and a half this be the main priority of every committy to the point that it is applicable.
comment 1: this would be a great time for all commitys to build relationships
add to that proposal, on top of outreach, we should look at repairing bridges burned
anarchist, thunderdome, colorado street medics. . . compromises and reconsiliation need to happen,
It’s not an appropriate amendmentg
coment: this needs to happen weather or not passed by GA
this proposal can not be enforced, to hard to monitored
Laborers conversation: one way to get people on the street, through laborers picketing
Agreement with mending burnt bridges
there are no Ideas in fox holes, you don’t choose Your back up on weather you like them but by weather they like your cause, we need all the support we can get
Concern about demands, working on a declaration of purpose, saturday at six to work on declaration. . .
founder of tea party supports occupy that once you put out demands, congress play kates you, he says keep it open ended, it keeps the pressure on.
Back to proposal – it is important to focus on building numbers, but not specific enough tasks or articulation for it to be a specific pruposal to be voted on. Re – worded and elaborated
keep in mind that this will go on and on, every idea you come to should be towards that. . . not just about right now, but the idea that this should expand and go on. ….
We pass a lot of proposal as intentions and guidlines which is what proposal 2 is.
we need people now, passing this through the GA shows our committys our intentions.
to address discrepency, some example of conversations, not part of the purposal.
for this month, our legal fees is where we want the money,
the heart of the purposal is that every committee is obligated to have a convo about what they can specifically do to help growth and be able to come to GA with purposals.
often times, in committees you can loose focus. that is what this purposal is, it’s a broad focus of twhat we need to do, to redirect committee work.
If we want this purposal to have actual elivence, saying that eacch committee needs to have a conversation, that would be a great amendment.
Revisit purposal 2
begining on 12-13 and continuing until 1-31, OD has a campaign committe has
as a part of that, every committe and group is obliged to have a formal conversation specifically on the topic of what they can do to increase our numbers, that’s in every specific erea of Occupy Denver, committees, occupyers and protesters.
question: how is this going to be deciminated by interpretation, to committes in particular not in public. . .
requirerment that after conversations within committees bring purposal and aaction steps for fullfilment and help to the GA
admin committe will have to collect a digest from each committe instead of bringing purposal to GA purposal sent to Admin which will bring it to sunday re-cap meetings
occupy denver starting on 12-13 till 1-31 dedicate itself towards a cross committe campaign focused on growth. as a part of that every committee is obliged to have a formal conversation to aid this, sending a report about the conversation to admin to disiminate that information on a sunday re-cap meeting at headquarters at 10:00
move to vote
in favor: 11, one opposed, none abstaining
end of the agenda:
reiterate, any one interested in getting involved with film project, contact pat.

20-50 thousand bails

Reaffirmation of Nonviolence RE: Occupy Denver Walmart Action on 12/12

December 9, 2011 in GA resolutions

In response to rumors, lies, and hearsay that have circulated regarding the 12/12 Walmart Action, we, as the General Assembly of Occupy Denver and the planners of the action in Loveland, hereby reaffirm that the 12/12 Action is and has always been a non-violent action, and that we do not and have never condoned or sanctioned violence of any kind or the destruction of property. Any allegations to the contrary are patently false.

-Occupy Denver 7PM General Assembly

12/10 Occupy Denver “Workers Rights” March

December 8, 2011 in Event, GA resolutions, Press, Uncategorized

Occupy Denver is theming it’s march this Saturday 12/10 around Worker’s and Union’s Rights, in order to highlight the disparity between the beleaguered majority and the Oligarchic 1%. In the United States, the average CEO has the same salary as over 750 minimum wage workers combined. [1] At Occupy Denver, we find this to be outrageous. As workers and active contributors to society, we stand in solidarity with the workers and Labor Unions of the world, and invite everyone to rally and march with us this Saturday at 12pm in Civic Center Park. We look forward to hearing everyone’s stories decrying the socioeconomic disparity in our working sector.


Freedom of Speech

December 6, 2011 in GA resolutions

Last Saturday while Occupy Denver was rallying in front of the Federal Reserve, a protestor was shouted down by a small group of people who disagreed with what she had to say. Occupy Denver is appalled by this incident and strongly condemns these and any other activities that seek to silence anyone’s freedom of speech at our events. We want to remind people that the right to free speech comes with the corresponding responsibility to allow others to speak, and we do not support any infringement on those rights at our rallies or anywhere else.


November 30, 2011 in GA resolutions, Press, Uncategorized

Foreclosures equal homelessness. End foreclosures now. Stop corrupt bankers from kicking families out of their homes.

Occupy Denver is holding a march and rally drawing attention to the ongoing housing crisis caused by the 1% and the resulting increase of homeless families here in Denver. We are asking for the 99% to join us on Saturday Dec. 3 at Civic Center Park to stand up in solidarity with victims of the housing crisis. We will be inviting families who have lost their homes in the foreclosure crisis to share their stories in an open forum starting at 11:30am before the march.

Occupy Denver is currently looking for more individuals or families who are facing foreclosure or have been been foreclosed on. We would like to make sure that you have the opportunity to share your stories and your solutions at the rally this Saturday. Occupy Denver and other Occupations around the country are going to do what we can to stop foreclosures. Please email us at to make sure your story can be shared.

The “mainstream media” has been asking what has brought us into the streets (as if they don’t already know). In 2008 the housing bubble burst and the markets crashed – the depression began. Banks had bundled our mortgages into complex packages and sold them to global bankers. Once their house of cards fell, we fell out of our houses. The foreclosures began, but the arrests of those responsible never happened. It’s time to address the roots of our problems, hold those responsible accountable and lend a hand to those in need during the holiday season and beyond.

The largest growing demographic of homeless people in Denver are families. Many Denver families are facing foreclosures during the holiday season. Governor Hickenlooper has a 10 year plan to end homelessness – we can’t wait ten years. The problems we face are too enormous to wait any longer. We are taking action. Working together to build a community, taking care of those in need and standing up together for the 99%. Its time to stand up and occupy our neighbors’ yards when the banks come to take our homes. Occupy Foreclosures.

Let’s brave the cold weather together and show solidarity with those who have lost everything during this crisis. United we stand. Stand up as one and demand an end to foreclosures, let families stay in their homes this holiday season. And for those who are already without a home, let’s come together and do what we can to provide them with opportunities. We invite the public to stay after the noon march and take part in an open forum on solutions. For those interested in learning what it is like and how to live houseless there will be an Urban Camping seminar at 4p.m. If you want to be an occupier but can’t occupy 24/7, we invite you this Saturday night to come occupy Civic Center Park with us.

In addition, Occupy Denver will be participating in the Occupy Foreclosures action in coordination with Occupations across America on December 6. Stay tuned for more details.

PASSED: New General Assembly Schedule

November 28, 2011 in GA resolutions

GA schedule change proposal - Passed on Sunday, Nov. 17th GA

At this Sunday’s 7pm General Assembly (GA), Occupy Denver decided on a big change in the way that daily GAs operate.  The GA Procedures committee brought forth and received the GAs support for a proposal for introducing a new format for Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday GAs.  This proposal was aimed facilitating greater outside group, community, and committee involvement in Occupy Denver GAs and at giving Occupy Denver space to grow as a movement.  The proposal, which you can read in full length on the Denver GA tab, maintains the standard procedure for holding GAs and voting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but changes Tuesday and Thursday GAs into “Get Involved Nights” and changes Sunday GAs into “Open Forum/Recap” GAs.

Get Involved Nights are intended to be meetings that are particularly accessible for people who aren’t familiar with the movement or who have been looking for a way to get involved. These new Tuesday and Thursday GAs will still convene at 7pm, beginning with time for announcements and, if necessary, voting on emergency proposals. There will also be time for “proposal feedback forums” – times when individuals or committees can have discussion and get constructive criticism and feedback on proposals they may be thinking of bringing to the Monday, Wednesday, or Friday GAs without the pressure of having to hold a vote. After this introductory time, the GA will adjourn and divide into smaller break out sessions which can be hosted by committees, working groups, outside organizations, or individuals. These break out sessions can be used to plan events, hold open discussions on hot topics in the movement, educate each other on important issues, conduct trainings, and much more. We are looking to introduce more creativity into the movement, so this new format is open-ended – the Get Involved Nights will be different every week. By making this change, Occupy Denver hopes to make Get Involved Nights a time for building community among the supporters of Occupy Denver, welcoming new members, and taking real action to advance the movement.

The new Sunday GAs will also be more accessible for those interested in helping the movement. These Open Forum/Recap GAs will also begin with time for announcements and, if necessary, emergency proposals, with time to help catch people up on what happened at the past week’s Get Involved Nights, update everyone on what committees are doing or important developments that may have taken place in the previous week, and to discuss and vote on the coming week’s Get Involved Night activities. After those discussions, the remaining time will be used to hold an open forum where we can all discuss the direction of Occupy Denver and the broader movement, share ideas, and voice our concerns.

We see these changes as another exciting step in the evolution of the social movement we are engaged in here in Colorado, and we hope that you will join Occupy Denver in pioneering this new format. If you, your organization, or your committee want to host a break out session on a future Get Involved Night, you can submit your ideas to or speak directly to a member of the GA Procedures committee in person. Please continue joining us every day in Civic Center Park, and help us keep up the fight!

The first Get Involved Night will be this Tuesday!  We will meet at 7pm for an open forum on how Occupy Denver can use these nights in the future and general discussion of the movement.  This Thursday, we will use the Get Involved Night to have a potluck!  All are invited and we will invite committee members to give a general update on their committee’s work and let people know how they can get involved.  We hope to see you there!

Why we are proposing this:

GA Procedures is making the following proposal in order to facilitate greater outside group, community, and committee involvement in Occupy Denver, and to give Occupy Denver space to grow as a movement.

What we are proposing:

We are proposing that we change the schedule structure of our daily General Assembly meetings.  We proposed that we reduce official voting to just 2pm GAs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We propose that we then use the remaining days in the following ways:

Tuesday and Thursday - “Get Involved Nights”

We will have an initial gathering with where there will be announcements and, when needed, voting on emergency proposals. It will also be a time where participants can get feedback on proposals they are planning on bringing to the GA in the future (these feedback sessions should last no more than 20 minutes and will not include actual voting). After this introductory time, the GA will then break out into smaller sessions.  The criteria for these sessions will be simply that they must be (1) related to advancing the Occupy movement, (2) increasing broader involvement in the movement, or (3) for planning, organizing, or coordinating future Occupy Denver activities.


Possible suggestions for activites that could take place in this time:


Fish bowl caucuses

Event planning/organizing sessions

Committee meetings

Open forums

Flash mob practices

Pot lucks, etc.

We are open to other suggestions for how to use this time


If there are no activities planned by the beginning of Get Involved Nights, then the fallback will be to do announcements, then have an open forum discussion on Occupy Denver in general, followed by an hour of committee break outs starting at 8pm.

Groups will be invited to share updates from what happened in their working time at the following GAs and/or to send their notes to  Committees will be required to include the updates from these meetings in weekly committee digests.  Non-committee groups will not be required to announce the proceedings of their meetings, but will be welcome to do so in the announcements section of following GAs.


Sundays - Open Forum/Recap General Assemblies

We will have an initial gathering with where there will be announcements and, when needed, voting on emergency proposals, followed by an open forum, with room for voting on schedules for Get Involved Nights.


How we propose to implement this:


- Anyone can submit a proposals for Get Involved Night activities either by contacting a GA Procedures member in person or by emailing us at  We will work with the proposers to schedule what day their activity should take place

- We will bring a proposed schedule for Get Involved Nights on Sundays to be discussed and voted on by the GA

- These schedule decisions will be posted to the website after Sunday’s GA

- If nothing is decided upon on Sunday, then we will use the default plan for Get Involved Nights

- GA Procedures will be keeping a calendar of topics and activities for Get Involved Nights that is eventually going to be on the website


PASSED: Accountability Resolution on 11/14

November 26, 2011 in GA resolutions

Accountability Process

Because we, Occupy Denver, strive to encourage productive and positive interpersonal communication and respectful conflict resolution, we set forth a proposed and preferred method of conflict resolution. The aim of these procedures is to create a process for handling internal conflict without needlessly causing disruption in the General Assembly. We hope that this process will create a culture of solutions oriented conflict resolution. We understand that disagreement in our group is inevitable, but hope that this process will ensure that all disagreements remain internal and peaceful.

The process as outlined below may be used as a tool to resolve conflict or concern amongst Occupy Denver participants.

Accountability Process
We propose that if you have a grievance with a committee or with a fellow participant of Occupy Denver, the GA officially recommends you follow the following steps in order to resolve the problem.

Steps to bring a grievance:
(Person bringing grievance will be referred to as “Initiator” and the other party will be “Person in Question”)

The Initiator and Person in Question, should first meet face to face for a personal un-mediated discussion to attempt to alleviate the problem or grievance. You should attempt to talk about your problem with the other person before you do anything else.

If this is unsuccessful or if the Initiator (of the grievance) cannot contact the Person in Question, this grievance is brought to a neutral Third Party.The neutral Third Party should be agreed upon by all parties involved. This Third Party should act as mediator for conflict by helping set up a meeting, and listening to both (all) parties and asking appropriate questions to gain as fair and balanced an understanding of the problem as possible. The role of the Third Party is not to decide whether or not a grievance is legitimate, but to facilitate dialogue between parties in effort to help resolve the conflict directly. Both parties are encouraged to bring forth suggestions solutions to resolve the conflict.

The Third Party will attempt to make contact with Person in Question

If the Person in Question is still not responding to attempted contact by the Third Party within 48 hours, the grievance will be brought to GA.

The Person in Question has the right to know that if they refuse to meet, the grievance in which they are involved will come before the GA. If no resolution can be reached with the Third Party, the grievance is then brought forth to the GA.

Things to bring to GA: When an Initiator brings a grievance to the GA, he or she must be prepared to bring the following things to the facilitator before the GA begins.

1. A statement and explanation of grievance and what OD resolutions are being violated.
2. Facts and/or evidence to support grievance
3. A suggested proposal on how to deal with grievance

If the Person in Question is present at the GA the following will occur:

1. Once brought to GA, GA will hear from both the Initiator and the Person in question
2. Stack will be taken on questions, comments and concerns with regard to first the conflict, and second the suggest proposal on how to deal with it.
3. GA will assess and then vote on the Initiators proposal, with amendments if necessary, to deal with the grievance.

If the Person in Question is not present at the GA the following will occur:

1. Once brought to GA, the Person in Question has another 48 hours to begin the mediated conflict resolution process through a Third Party. The Initiator and the Third Party mediator will have the responsibility of attempting to notify the Person in Question that the grievance was brought to GA.
2. If the 48 hour time frame passes without any attempt by Person in Question to contact the Third Party or the Initiator, the Initiator may bring the grievance and proposed solution to the GA without the person in question being present
3. The same GA procedures as set forth in section b. can then be used.