4-17-12 General Assembly Notes

April 17, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Urban Camping Ban Committee hearing pushed council to question it more, ask folks to get on the email thread

Legal Fundraiser Friday, 6-10pm, 7th and Santa Fe, need help spreading word, and at event

Free Speech TV wants to help

Foreclosures Concert sat. the 12th, swallow hill music hall, 7pm

May Day start narrowing down blocks for schedule, endorsement sheet for businesses, support through posting flier, advertise, shout, come down; meeting again Wednesday 6pm at Mad Beans

Occupy Panel 3:30 at Auraria Campus

Education Teach-in Thursday at Deerpile, 5:30pm, on drama and telling social justice stories

Art performances for Earth Day and May Day; face paint; performance art piece on May Day, need paint; green and black

Legal Bake Sale for 4/20, bring brownies

4-19-12 Spokes Council Minutes

April 9, 2012 in Meeting minutes

Agenda Items
City meetings: Someone got  meeting with Stephanie O’Malley Mayors aid and director of human rights and community partnership and general reps will be there items discussed was police brutality being in the park want to put in dumpster and port-o-john, asked about providing drug/alcohol personnel to handle the homeless population they decided that they want more open communication, open meets will be weekly @ 3 every wed.

May Day need to make a showing for the rest of the community to see use as relevant movement and voice, people to mashal the crowd  HAHOW will be there teach Ins will be all over, email will be sent and needs to be forward to all. Same café is on board to come down and serve food.  No monetary exchange no political party promo $180 invetsed for power and port o potty, Someone paid for it out of pocket, Womp truck will send Djs, noise ordinance is at 9:pm

Need speakers to talk about May Day Vincent Harding may attend. Someone knows people and will try to contact. Spike from the Metro newspaper has been contacted , Will try to organize mach/ parade need people to help marshal tactics will try to help Jordan Garcia will host teach in on parade marshaling on the 28th time TBA

Email from Philly/OWS Tabled

Earth Day Sunday music speakers not very all inclusive cheerleaderish and needs voice have a table to discuss Colorado environment  def fund clean Colorado  will be there. Should have propaganda to pass out. Soemone will print them to have at 420 rally, should use three min. to announce muti-participant approach and our discussion. sierra has already pulled out of Occupy, someone suggested OD rep to speak on another urban gardening

420 Legal Needs to raise money dead line is the 30th peoples bonds are going to be revoked bake/food sale for donations Friday and Saturday during rally needs personnel to man table and people to make food,Will attempt to do it in the park or at the flag pole in veterans park. Someone can print stuff and be here by 9

Art Collective needs art supplies glue markers canvas donate Sat@6 in the park or @3,6 John Mariner 14th and Lafayette

Education Committee Sat @ 1 teach in Homeless, economic struggles, urban camping ban tomorrow @6 discussion on April 30th meeting. Tues 530 deer pile emery wilder from metro holistic healing and health

Non-Violence Sun12:30 Earth Day

Romero Troupe – peoples history of Colorado medical house fund raiser pine ridge reservation 14th  & layette
Free Speech TV fundraiser this week and next needs help answering phones

4-7-12 General Assembly Minutes

April 7, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Legislative trying to reform, working on legislative actions.

DABC Legal Line being abused by people claiming to be Occupiers, should only be used under circumstances based on an agreed on commitment. It costs DABC money.
Occupy Denver is in the process of legal working on a permanent legal line. Maybe we should make a statement about not using DABC’s line.

Transit Union handouts

Occupy Littleton is doing a series of 6 nonviolent strategies

Someone from Boulder has food from grocery stores. Has a meetings set up with Whole Foods on Capitol Hill. Working to organize food donations/organization.  Anyone interested in rescuing food by bicycle or cooking food for occupy or organizing food distribution to occupy.

Someone is also hoping to outreach to churches and homes for organization and cooking resources,

Gardening Krameria and 11th. (Mayfair Village) will be gardening, work day. 3:30pm7pm?

ALEC Event Wed. 5:30pm7:30pm –Colorado History museum

Agenda Items

Possible Earth Day event 22nd of April

Letter to the Mayer about Urban Camping: to agree to post and endorse letter

The Mayor has written a letter about Urban Camping. We’ve written another one to him in response, and the proposal is about okeying this through GA to send to Mayor.

Well done. To me, the word camping is a euphemism, it’s a way of saying unappealing or bad. We don’t want that. They’re evading the issue of by calling it camping. Also, the fiscal policy institute(Chris Hedges.)

On our other statements we usually call it criminalizing of Homeless, but we were trying to use the language of Hancock’s letter. Response it’s their word not ours. Maybe using “quotations”

Beautiful letter but could we add…p.s. mr.Hancock, could we please have the phone records from the prostitution events in the past. but, really in the news there was report of phone record.  Response Check the Denver Post, it’s there.

Comment/compliment great letter, thinking optimistic that we can actually communicate with them.

Letter will be mass emailed around, posted on the website, and on social media outlets. Do we send these to the press? We’ll send to westword/Huffington Post. Did amy goodman get a copy? everything will happen if we approve.

Blocks 0, Abstentions 0, Yes 22, No 0

Contact Press@occupydenver.org for press release list
Spanish translation will be made
Press conference; an actual press conference. And live stream. Someone will bottom line.

Support Enviornment Event Sun. 22nd of April

Envirodefensefund working on fracking in Colorado. The proposal is to help support, by doing an event/teachin/actions on earth day. Sierra club takes donations from oil and gas companies, but I would even outsource to them. His idea is to have people come out and support fighting against fracking. Check out the movie “GASLAND.”  The fact is the Keystone has already contracted out 3/5ths of that oil to foreign countries. There were 7 scientist (5) of which used to work for oil and gas companies, who made the statement that fracking was safe.

We should promote Mayday with all of this. My opinion is not to march, and only to rallying, because it’s high risk, and work energy. Preferably.

Blocks 0, Abstentions 0, Yes 15, No 0

3-31-12 General Assembly Minutes

March 31, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Peace and Non-Violence is holding a series of non-violence trainings

Film and Video and Social Media reminder to let them know as soon as possible when there is an upcoming event so that we can get the word out sooner

24/7 the overall dynamic in the occupation has been good with everyone getting along well, the intention is to Occupy the park indefinitely, some mobile bike trailers are being made, if you have any donations for Bike trailers, Food, Blankets, or general supplies please make sure they get to the 24/7 members on the north side. Also donations for sign making, sticks, dowels, pvc pipe, poster paper, fabric, sharpies, clear packing tape

Committee of Correspondence went to the Amnesty International conference, printed up the statement on the camping ban ban. There is a meeting on 4/3 rm 391 at 10:30am that is open to the public to discuss this ban. there is also going to be a reaching out to various unions to try to get everyone together for discussion prior to may day

GA Procedures there is an informational video being filmed, if you would like to participate

There is a public transit event coming up this Wed at 10:30am

Critical Mass the last Friday of every month

We need someone to store the 2 large peace signs from the anti-police repression march if possible

Agenda Items

1) DABC Upcoming events (see attached)
It was proposed to endorse their upcoming events in April and early May, by posting them on the website and social media sites. It would be made clear by Web and SM that these are DABC initiated events, not Occupy, and that we are sharing them in solidarity due to common interests and goals. We are not bottom lining any of these events.

Yes 23, No 0, Abstentions 3

Here are the events we can help endorse.

April 4: Denver ABC’s Monthly Political Prisoner Letter Writing Night, 6:30pm, 27 Social Center
April’s event will focus on Mumia Abu Jamal and the MOVE 9 in honor of Mumia’s birthday. ABC provides the paper, envelopes, postage, dinner and kid friendly activities.

April 10: State Repression and Political Prisoners Workshop @ the Art of Social Justice Conference 10:00am Auraria Campus, Plaza Building Room 114 This workshop will introduce the ongoing legacy of state repression in the United States and the political prisoners that have been claimed by it.

April 14 & 15: DABC Training Institute- Zoë and Dave’s Guide to Street Safety, 11am, 27 Social Centre, $5-$50 suggested donation. Join direct action organizers and street medics in learning how to prepare for, call, participate and support actions. This class will cover building support infrastructure, creating tools and street tactics.

April 20: Never Alone Tour, 7pm 27 Social Centre $5-$15 suggested donation: The nationwide Never Alone tour will be crisscrossing the country in April 2012 speaking about long-term anarchist prisoner support, focusing specifically on the cases of Eric McDavid and Marie Mason as well as strategizing how to grow a culture of resistance, sustain us and our friends for the long term and a security culture beyond 101 workshop. Free vegan food and kid friendly activities!

April 24: Solidarity Action for Mumia, 6pm, Democratic Party Headquarters (8th and Santa Fe)
In honor of Mumia Abu Jamal’s birthday, take action for political prisoners. This action is in solidarity with a national call to occupy the Justice Department in Washington, DC.

April 28: 27 Social Centre Secret Cafe, 11:30am, 27 Social Centre
Looking for the best Saturday brunch in Denver? Come enjoy vegetarian, vegan and gluten free brunch choices, tasty drinks, fast service and great community with the 27 Social Centre. The 27 Social Centre is a radical cultural space in Denver and home to groups like DABC, Colorado Street Medics, Denver Zine Library and many others. Food is $5-12 suggested donation for a plate and kids always eat free.

May 26: The Story of Colors/Las Historia de los Colores- A puppet show and story telling, 3pm P&L infoshop (2727 West 27th Ave) Free!
Join us for a bilingual reading and puppet show of the Chiapas folktale as told by Subcomandante Marcos and Domatila Dominguez. Snacks will be provided.

Critical Mass
CM is the last friday of every month, meeting at 6pm by the obelisk in lincoln park. OD will not bottom line, endorse only on web and social media. This was passed unanimously with a vote of 14 yes and 2 abstention

Terese Appreciation Day
it was proposed to name 4/30 Terese Appreciation day as a mayday pre-party in the park. Ben is bottom lining. Ways you can show appreciation 1) Give her a hug, 2) BYOC (bring your own cake)

Yes 15, No 0, Abstentions 2

3-27-12 General Assembly Minutes

March 27, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Legal – FTA – Failure to Appear – Need $750 in 72 hours, In the next 24hrs need $375

Art Collective committee trying to get started, Outreach is working on this, and also looking to create more

Environmental Defense and Animal Rights Teachins: April 3rd envio defense corp & envoi April 10th Extinction/bio diversity & animal welfare

Permaculture Workshop Steven Pulp 5:30pm Deerpile

DeerPile Space Had convorsation with owner of City O’ City, They said we can use the space for Teachins but not for GA’s or Spokes after the end of the month of March

Albus Brooks Urban Camping Ban FRI 6pm Meeting April 3rd Committee meeting first hearing

Politics of Consciousness Wed 8pm teachin, Unitarian Church 14th & Lafayette

May Day working Group, Curtis Park 2pm April 1st

GA Procedures video in the works need two more people for video

Occupy Denver Garden 31st and Hooker St. Zen, Center 9am-3pm, Gardening Workshop, March 30th

UC Denver April 5th, on campus, 3:30pm, Solidarity march for Trayvon Martin

Collective for Social Change April 10th12th Convention at Aurora Campus

We need to have a discussion on how we handle legal workings and support. We will be placing this on the agenda for next meeting for a thorough discussion.

Agenda Items

1001 Amalgamated Transit Union following Boston Occupy

Asking that on Wed April 4th day of action MLK gave speech on War in Vietnam that Occupy give solidarity and help host. They will provide literature, and want to recommend meeting at 10:30 at the bus mall turn around, and head to the second level of civic center station. Speakers will talk about transportation. Their Union sent a request for funding to government for public transit support

3-15-12 Spokes Council Minutes

March 15, 2012 in Meeting minutes

Education: good teachin. It was a tactics training.

Q: Is there anyway to get them to come to the camp. There are fights here?

A: I can get them in contact. There were twenty different tactics discussed

Occupy economics, 22nd.

GA Procedures: 9/10 passed. New hand signals now, including blocks. There are new procedures now. Tuesdays GA is now in the park.

Discussion over which side:

Temperature check on GAP, decides to send to GA as a proposal

May Day group: Theater troupe is thinking of doing a solidarity performance. May Day working group meets at 3 on Sunday.


Change name of Civic Center Park

Should GA do the naming officially?

Proposal at GA was to talk to victim’s family. The issue is exploitation of a victim.

He is an icon in the city. I do not think it is offensive to organically use the name.

Is this just for our rhetoric? And how far is it going to be taken.

This meeting was broken up when cops arrested 4 people.

This is what a police state looks like.

3-13-12 General Assembly Minutes

March 13, 2012 in Meeting minutes


28th talk on Politics of Consciousness

Press release was put out regarding Scabies incident and has been referenced by the Huffington Post.

This Thursday at the Deer House Space is a non-violence teach in

Tuesday, teach in 5:30 Deer House space teach in on Gay Issues.

March on March 24th proceeded by peace and non-violence teach in  at 11AM then March (12PM) proceeds to DPD administration building to address police oppression.  There will be speakers. OD Drums will be warming up at 11

Legal is encouraging people not to talk about the cases/arrest that occurred last night. One of the arrestees is facing a charge of a mandatory 3 years. Case is very sensitive. Be notably careful of what is said on social networks.

Peace and Non-violence committee statement.

There is interest in people of color having a discussion to include more people of color in the movement.  Those interested speak to somebody about becoming a part of the Caucus.

Citizens’ Oversight Board meeting is March 22nd at 7pm at 2945 Federal Blvd.  COB is a board that exists to address things like police misconduct. Occupiers should come to share their stories of how DPD has treated them in a non-disruptive way

We are in the process of scheduling a panel discussion on Occupy Denver at the Unitarian Church on 14th and Lafayette on April 15th at 1p.m.

Thanks giving to all that attended the Suncor event last Saturday. Desire exists to start a working group specifically on environmental issues. If anyone has ideas for teach ins specifically related to the environment\sustainability\animal welfare

Months of April and May going to be holding a series of teach ins and looking to create ideas for Direct Actions.

A request came from numerous attendees/teachers of the Disabled Teach In that was held today imploring OD to make things more accessible as they want to be involved.
Request for GA to continue being held at park.

There will be a free event on March 17th this Saturday. ST. Patty’s Day Event: A “human be in” (a platform to attempt to create a temporary free autonomous zone for  think tanking).  The event will be at Commons Park from 3pm to dusk.

Agenda Items
Bail for Arrests – Proposal from Legal Committee
Last night there were 3 arrests.  2 of the arrest are still in jail; the third arrest was was bonded this morning.  The charges are aggravated assault of an officer, bond is 10k.  There is  a bail bonds person that will allow release for 1k and no collateral. Another bond is 5k, the charge is assault of an officer.
From Legal’s understanding, probably will not be bondable because of a felony probation violation.

The DA made a special appearance to request that bond be raised from the original 5k it was set at.

Someone was present, and assures the charges are fabricated.

It is believed that there are 600 dollars still within the legal fund.  Process requires any bonds that are over 1k be brought to GA for deliberation.  A request is being made to be released but in remembrance that there are still 1000s to coming back from bonds that have cleared.
Request is for access to the 600 dollars.


A.  Thunderdome: Fed a lot of people here at the park. Thunderdome tries really hard to take care of everybody, and politics should be kept out of the decision because they (TDome) are the friends of Occupy Denver.

Arrested was one of the frontrunners of this occupation from the get go, should be supported.
It is money earmarked for legal support, so we should use it.

I was among the people here last night. I completely agree that the charges are complete bullshit.  And I’m wondering if they are taking this to trial and when are trial dates.

We won’t know their court dates until they are bonded.   Initial court date at 10a.m. tomorrow, next day is unknown.

I’ve posted bond for someone in the past and he’s always shown up. The bond will be in someones name.  In my opinion that does not make Occupy Denver responsible for the 10k bond.

If something were to happen, someone depends on the OD community (and others) and their confident that it would be resolved without financial obligation from OD.

Cops are completely screwing with us.  I no longer have my sim card which has a record of what happened. On the phone is video of police stealing phone, giving out police names and badge numbers.  Charges are all bull. Police either stole or still hold the sim Card that has the video of the incident.

Marie- Are witness statements desired and where should one go to give them?

Witness’s should contact a civil rights lawyer whom is currently filing a law suit first thing in the morning for DPD stealing someone’s phone.  To get his contact info speak with somebody.  Lawyers are requesting you either call or email them. (aforementioned people have contact info)
Legal is requesting that statements DO NOT go out to general media of any sort unless one would like to talk to the legal team, the lawyers working on the case, and ACLU and the NLG first.

Yes 47, No 0, Abstentions 2

9/10 Consensus
Proposal comes from GA procedures committee.

Proposal is that to move to using a 9/10ths super majority to all future proposals, including this one. This will ensure decisions are supported by the majority involved and move people to more seriously consider other voices. Also includes the addition of “blocks” that will hold up votes because a participant feels a vote will violate fundamental principles of the movement.  When 9/10ths majority is not a whole number, we will round up to next whole number if .5 or more, and down if less than .5 (Full proposal details available soon on the website.)

Has the committee considered the time element in accomplishing things in this manner?

It is true that in a sense that getting more people to agree may require more time and discussion.  For the past the 3 or 4 months, almost all proposals have been passed by almost a full majority.  The times that haven’t happened have been during times of high contention.  So yes, it may take more time, but that’s something that I myself personally am willing to suffer through for the sake of the other benefit.

I want to speak in favor of the 9/10ths vote. Have been to other occupies where this system has worked.

I completely support this proposal, it makes sense to get as much approval as possible for what is being done.

I would like to speak in favor of this proposal because the more cohesive we are as an Occupy, hopefully that will mean the more things that get accomplished.  And if we stick to the 2/3rds were isolating 1/3rd of people that might have  a more legitimate idea.

How did the committee come up with the 9/10ths rather than something in between it and 2/3rds

We came up with 9/10ths as OWS and other occupies have been using it since the beginning.

In a situation where two of us vote, and one of us abstain, that vote passes; which is faulty.

What makes up 9/10ths does not include abstentions or people that are just floating around.  It only includes those that accept or reject the proposal.

Would like to add on to that, in regard to abstentions.  In the event 3/4ths abstain and only a small portion vote.  While there isn’t a concrete number, if there are too many abstaining, then a note should be made that the issue may need to be revisited.  While that isn’t a hard procedure……

The likely of having 90% abstentions is very remote, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

There’s a lot of room for conversation about how we vote.  The proposal probably isn’t perfect, but it’s better than what we are doing now.

I’ve noticed that most votes have passed by 9/10th majorities, last I can recall that did not was the issue of moderation on the facebook page.  This could have kept the conversation on such going.

For abstentions could we add to this proposal that abstentions be no more than 50%

GAP as a group, made up this proposal, I’m speaking as an individual from GAP, and I think personally that’s a great idea.

As a member of GAP, I also think that’s a pretty straight forward and good idea.

Vote: 9/10 Consensus with Block Initiative

Yes 35, No 0, Abstentions 0

Marvin Booker Plaza
Proposal to get permission from GA to speak with family of Marvin Booker to see if they like the idea of renaming the park Marvin Booker memorial park and being in on an official declaration of the renaming.

I like the idea of reaching out to his family first.  Because Marvin was homeless and then killed by DPD, but would like to make it noted that many people have been killed wrongfully by DPD.  So the why’s of why we use Marvin Booker rather than someone else should be considered.

He was a very highly profile case, there’s full video of his murder in the jail available on line.  It’s something that the family of Marvin Booker and many other organizations have done work around.  His message resonates with me, if you ever see any of his speeches or the things he did prior to murder, he said numerous very powerful things.

I would like to know if the family of Marvin Booker doesn’t allow us to use his name, would we say something along the lines of “we hereby dedicate this park to the victims of police brutality?”

Not a bad idea, but not sure of what to do in such an event.

This would be extremely important to  people that haven’t just suffered police brutality, but also to the people of this park.

Is contact with his family current?

People involved with the march on the 24th do have that information.

We can get his contact info, we just need someone that’s willing to speak with them.

It would make sense to look at a lot of different options, but people already on ground are already calling it Marvin Booker Plaza.  Think it’s a good idea to clear it with his family first none the less.

If you get a no from the family can the issue be tabled until we discuss other options?
(idea is seconded)


Legal situation- Were having some issues, it hasn’t been 24hrs since we pulled money out of the account, so we can’t pull anything out right now.  But there is  a bonds person that I’m meeting with at 9p.m.

Someone will be departing to go deal with this issue.

Occupy Denver will hopefully refund the people lending money in the mean time.

*hat passing*

No 0, Yes 34, Abstention 2, Blocks 0

Outreach @ Unitarian Church
The woman that was brining the proposal was at another event that the outreach committee put on at another church where a panel was put on to give information and answer questions.  It went really well and we want to do more of them.  I don’t think it’s the kind of thing that requires GA approval.  I think she just wanted to make an announcement about the 15th of April to find people that were willing to help.  People interested can contact somebody.

Looking for approval from GA to post from Occupy Denver to:

*hand out circulated regarding Citizens Oversight Board*

A police vehicle accelerated towards 3 occupiers that were in a bus lane, as if to hit them.
Protestors were already returning to sidewalk when this event occurred.
Had roles been reversed, at the very least, the people would have been charged with assaulting a police officer. It is being asked that the Citizens Oversight Board look into/investigate areas where police have acted in ways where citizens would have been charged to help restore balance.

I think we should focus on putting a spotlight on police brutality

My question is at this meeting would we be able to bring up other issues of police brutality or aggressive actions.
-Proposer says he’s unsure but thinks so.

Are you trying to get underway any sort of police investigation
-Were appealing to the Citizens Oversight Board specifically about the police SUV that was used as a missile, however beyond that, to put into motion DPD becoming accountable.

I want to suggest we add on to this statement that we explicitly express that we have no intention to disrupt the meeting, but for people to come and voice their stories of police brutality and join OD in a call for  an investigation.

Proposer agrees that suggest should be added to the proposal

Blocks 0, No 0, Abstentions 1 Yes 23,

Proposal to move GA from Deer Pile space to Civic Center Park officially on Tuesday nights immediately.

As weather still has a chance of being iffy, recommendation that such only happen weather permitting.
-Proposer agrees to amendment

Question on if things should be more specific, i.e. “if it’s under 50 degrees”

Proposer does not think that is necessary and that the group can decide at the time.

Signs can be put up on building to reinforce when it’s outside

Signs can be left on door but what signals if things have gone from outside to inside.

If we say “weather permitting”, pretty sure people will be able to figure it out.

AIM has said that better access should be enabled and ADAPT has claimed the same.  In the event it snows, we should discuss how such would be handled.

To make things easier for disabled that the circle be moved closer to benches, portable chairs be brought in, such things would make it easier for people where standing is as not as much an option.

Is it possible to post notifications on the G.A. location to be posted on the website.

There should be no problem with such actions.

If someone new comes up how will they find locations?

If we do move from the park back in someone should remain back at the park for at least 30 minutes to inform people.

We should announce on twitter, facebook, and the website whether the GA is going on at the park or at Deer Pile.

It’s really tough to do that if there is not someone that is an administrator on those sites present at the time to do that.

Why did we meet here today rather than there.

My fault, blame me

Process was broken and should not have worked that way.

I think we should move GA back outside.  It would make things more accessible, not having it so excludes more people and that’s a shame.

I myself would be willing to wear a coat and I second the former statement.

I think it’s being made overly complicated.  Simply say that GA is now at the park and in the event that it is moved someone remain back at the park to inform people.

Two people volunteer for staying back at park.

Make it a priority for people with disabilities to have access to GA.

Another mention of support of “K”

Request for temp. check for hence forth meeting back at park…..

I propose that Tuesday night GAs be held at the park effective immediately weather permitting and any changes will be accommodated by people physically at park to redirect and any other available means.

Abstentions 4, Blocks 0, No 0, Yes 19

3-8-12 Spokes Council Minutes

March 8, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Hamburger Mary’s fundraiser 7:00

Consciousness, Psych teach in at Unitarian Church 6:00 on Wednesdays. Inner Child work and Professional Psychologist next week.

Gardening 3-18 potluck

Wed 14th Co. Oil & Gas debunking Drums  2:00

Mon & Wed Studio 6 Coffee house, 5-6 next Wed

Merc Cafe 5:30  next Tues teach in

Occupy the Bike Path 12:15 Civic Ctr. / 12:30 Outside REI at confluence park Sat. 10th

Oil Workers Union, possible picket suncor at boulder or on st. patricks day the 17th leaflet postal workers & viral videos concerning taxes.

Suncor good for networking with other activist networks

17th flashmob at WalMart – 1336 Wynkoop rehearsal tomorrow the 9th for it

Row needs supplies, tarps and water and just about anything helps

Agenda Items

Tuesday GA’s possibly back outside: should we work toward GA’s 7 days a week at a time when most people are in the park? Should we keep the Deer Pile? Possible off site GA this Sat. GA’s at the park may help establish more solidarity with the row.

Tuesday GA’s  ?

Sat. GA’s : a proposal to move them to 3:00 on Sundays is on the way

We will be keeping the Deer Pile for various things.

Possible Occupy the Night, nights: Possibly after the fund raiser on the 24th or the 17th on St. Patty’s day.

Mar 24th, March against Police Brutality: term ‘fuck the police’ to  possibly be changed to some thing else and improved tactics like longer banners; no provocative actions and a clear message as to our purpose, thorough education of the participants

3-6-12 General Assembly Minutes

March 6, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Legal needs members, email legal@occupydenver.org. Legal press release was put up. Court Watch needs support and involvement for helping watch court dates. Needs more people to help publicize issues. Bail support and letter writing as well as visitations to show solidarity for their individualistic expressions that may or may not have led to their arrests.

Direct Action on an oil refinery at Suncor / Several methods of approach / Request for carpool / Bring facemasks, gasmasks, hazmats suits, rubber wayfarers

Non-Violence New revision of non-violence statement.

Thursday a teach-in by someone who organizes may-day strikes, will be doing a teach-in on the history of May-Day at 5:30 in Deerpile.

The 13th will be a handicap/disabled teach-in at Mercury Café at 5:30-6:45. Will be done by handicap accessible bus protestors.

Next Thursday is non-violence teachin by Jordan Garcia with CPC, non-violent direct action trainings.

Decolonizing Consciousness Wednesdays

28th of March Walker Mcdonald will speak at the Unitarian church. 6-8 pm. 14th and Layfaette

Wounded Child teach-in as well.

Press Coummications committee, More people have joined, if you wanna help email press@occupydenver.org

Global Equality thanked Occupy for it’s support on the last march.

Someone is doing Hamlet and invites everyone to watch Hamlet!

The FBI and Interpol pulled a major sting on ANON and LulzSec causing integral parts of the “organization” to fall apart. One person is looking at 122 years of prison time. Request for legal support.

Church meeting talking about how we have a Fuck the Police march.

Second Citizen Oversight Board quarter forum is happening march 22nd at Denver COB. Quarterly forum. Broadcast on channel 8. Check it out! They oversee the office of the monitor and the internal police matters. The independent monitor position is vacant at the moment. Possible reform steps if we can lobby Hancock to place a competent person in place.

Someone talks about state-owned banks and bringing someone in to tell us it’s a good thing. CPC wants to support it.

Agenda Items

Events needs permission for a direct action on the Citizen Oversight Board meeting on March 22nd on 7 p.m. Needs permission for website access to promote this event.  Requests as many occupiers at the meeting to make his comments known via public mic. Requests people to swing the weight of public sentiment versus the corrupt police force abusing their authority and doing unscrupulous harassment and attempts at murder.

Question for a sign up for public comment.

Don’t know but seems likely.

Comments are taken directly and relatively open and transparent. CPC will offer more information at a future date.

Will it be a disruption event?

Somewhat, more about speaking our voice however disruption is not the goal. To make us known to others.

What is the citizens oversight board?

We’re showing up to address our concerns about police abuse.

Appointed people by the mayor to oversee concerns by the community for police chief and fire chief to listen and hopefully abide to.

Circulation on the website that it’s a “direct action” is faulty, rather it’s best if we advertise it as a way to stress our voice towards “community leaders”.

Someone thinks it’s a better idea to mass it with people and email specific people our concerns and what we’re opposed to as far as the oppression of our row.

Is it a direct action if there’s no action? No response.

Can we drop the terminology of direct action?


Call for general citizenry to attend and participate in


March 24th at Noon, themed march “In the assault, peace rally against police abuse) March would go from the police administration building where speakers would talk about it.

Notice to not provoke police during the march?

Yeah. A teach-in before the march seems likely.

Coordination of non-violence trainings can be a good mechanism for others to get behind.

Jordan Garcia is doing a non-violence training on Thursday the 15th.

Is anyone in touch with the Marvin Booker family?

Will someone share some info about families against police oppression?


Maybe we can use this as a venue for legal support.

Someone says there are a lot of groups that are against dpd racism and violence, suggests we should reach out to these groups to let them know that violence within our own community has escalated on Occupy. May be a better idea to let them have a platform rather than Occupy.

Would like a rename to the march title. Due to semantics which may misinform others.

Themed march for end to police brutality on march 24th at noon at civic center park. Would like it to go on the website and facebook.

Yes 31, No 0, Abstentions: 0

Shout-out for march 24th for Why We Occupy to place a float at Pride Parade.

Can we do a two-story teepee Sure!

Has it been written up? Yep!

Never made a float, what would be appropriate?

125 bucks to register, we’re gonna build whatever we want!

We need more alternate lifestyles in our movement for representation! The float is a great idea to bring that forward. We want everyone to join with us in the parade. Anyone available! Money is probably not an issue.

Great idea… very proactive idea without asking for money and just wants to post information.

Come to Hamburger Mary’s for drinks and food and to give us money! March 24th!

Wants information shoutout for Why We Occupy event at Hamburger Mary to be posted on the website.

Yes 31, No 0, Abstentions 0

CPC proposal with Occupy Denver. Week of Action. First day of action is a lobby day, they will be training people at CPC then marching to the capitol to lobby on the bill. Depending on if it’s going to die or win, we’ll escalate actions outside the capitol. Wear red on solidarity issues. Write things down you want to say to your legislator. (We are partnering moveon.org) The third action on Wednesday, we’re gonna foreclose on Lawrence castle. Thursday: we’re gonna march down and try to get DeMarco to resign.

What’s the proposal?

To put it on the website.

That’s a lot of actions! What’s up with that…? It’s hard for me to know such things… I can’t concentrate on more than one thing a month!

CPC does regular weeks of action, we’re not asking you to show up every day. Just to place the information up and get it out. It’s only to help escalate.

Who are we foreclosing on?

Lawrence Castle.

There’s no reason to not endorse it all.

Final Proposal: To endorse CPC in pushing the action forward on the website.

Yes 27, No 0, Abstentions 2

GAP has brought forth a 9/10ths consensus idea. GAPC propose that Occupy Denver move from passing votes by 2/3rds majority to a super majority of 9/10ths. In this way proposals would only pass when 9/10ths people voting support it.

2-28-12 General Assembly Minutes

February 28, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Education Thursday is a teach in what is the 99% what is the 1% – class conflict

Dec. of Purpose Had a drafting session last Friday, Friday 10 until dawn please come and join in on the discussion, please get with someone

Events Anti-ALEC tour of Denver, meet at 3pm, march through downtown denver, stopping at major ALEC corporations, 70 other occupies are taking part in this day nationwide

OD Drums got together on Saturday, meeting again this Saturday at 11:30, Civic Center Park

Film and Video looking for livestreamers, need more organizers for committee

Decolonizing Consciousness meeting tomorrow at the Unitarian Church, 6-8, 14th and Lafayette

Legion of Revolutionary Minds had first meeting yesterday, a group whose purpose is to study art, culture, philosophy, please sign up via e-mail, meeting on Mondays and will have smaller ones around GA’s and Spokes Meetings as well as weekends

Events We have the March 3rd protest at noon, AIM, Global Equality, meeting at CCP at noon, then marching around downtown.

Finance we have about $700 in the bank

Occupy London was evicted (for the first time) discussion on sending them support since we have been evicted over 5 times

FTP March police were using advanced tactics, wants to start battlefield tactics committee, to know counter tactics, and do self defense
We already have a tactics committee
This will be different and everyday
There is nothing wrong with having multiple committees do relatively the same thing

A show was done for plants and animals this Saturday, they are working on a public park behind City O City Occupy supporters, would like to work with us, possibly planting food/garden

Study Group, History of Revolution and Movements, Sundays at 4pm, potluck at 7pm

Bail has been posted for all of the FTP arrests

A group is starting called Denver Court Watch Solidarity keeping track of cases, jail support, this is a citywide issue, beyond Occupy, Contact catherine52182@gmail.com

Occupy DU having a corporate personhood/big money in politics, Thursday on the DU Campus, visit occupydenver.org

Street Team action this Friday, chalk art on 16th street mall, chalk donations are needed, leaving about noon

Boston Occupy UMASS has 23 days of Occupation, Harvard is about a month in, Start occupying your CAMPUS

Endorsing Justice Reform during the people’s assembly in Boulder a break out session occurred, 3 focus of interest were formed, prison privatization, identify companies that invest in prisons, identify and contact attorney’s that do pro bono work, identify laws affecting the Occupy Movement, start a court watch and a cop watch program

Someone is considering going to the National Assembly

Someone is starting a Merchandise Group

Agenda Items

Why I Occupy site on the official website, to include written stories and videos
Someone, wants to start a story project, would like to collect stories as to why we are occupying, would like to have a webpage, either on the .org or the Occupy the Press site (working with Outreach)
Contact: jochanaan@zcoud.net

suggestion to contact general@occupydenver.org to get an e-mail address set up (possibly stories@occupydenver.org

Tabled this does not need to be approved by GA as long as a working group is formed, a committee webpage can be created

Increase Censorship Policy for OD Facebook Page or page will be deleted.

Giving Admins the ability to keep an eye out for excessive ad hominenm attacks on Occupy Denver’s  own comments threads on their own posts

Given the ability to issue warnings and if warnings are not followed, ban them

Not a mechanism to silence dissent, or a tool of censorship but to increase the usability of using Facebook as a tool

Problem: Facebook Page is out of control a proposal on increased administration. It is one big conversation about Occupy Denver. The conversation has dwindled down over time to become very negative towards Occupy. Has become a very strong dissension tool.

Suggestion -Set up ground rules, like No ad hominine attacks

Request for rules of logic

Wendy offered help with coming up with tactics like relentless information

Concerns with censorship

This doesn’t mean that ideas will get silences, but that the tactics of sharing information will be changed

The Facebook has 5 admins

Admins typically is to come from an informational standpoint of neutrality, but do not post as Occupy with their own opinions, sometimes they log in as themselves to reply to posts

Occupy Charlston as an emergency tactic they censored comments, they were deleted, then they got back on FB and that tactic backfired

Some people just don’t know how to communicate properly

If we delete them there will be recourse, they will just pop back up

Challenging them was encouraged but concern for the amount of Admins that we would need to do that
Do not descend to their level, we can do better than that.

Our Facebook page is very popular.

We should make a distinction between ad hominem and criticisms (ad hominem not allow, criticisms allowed)

Suggestion of tabling this and coming back with a firm process

There is not a specific set of things that need to be the basis for action, it is practically infinite
Suggestion that people just ignore comments that they disagree with they do not affect the actual occupation

Facebook, twitter, etc. are propaganda tools, we need to remember their purpose

These powers are using facebook against us

There are many disgruntled occupies out there

Negative, bitter, posts should not be allowed

The propaganda tools are being used against us

This is what people learn about Occupy Denver, this is what they see when they come to look for information about Occupy Denver

These posters are not in solidarity with us fuck them

Only Governments censor

The space on facebook is ours, we have the right that people follow the rules of decorum on this board
We need to trust each other, these are our brothers and sisters, we need to give our Admins more power
Facebook could be a very valuable tool where we should be able to exchange ideas with each other
Suggestion that it is better to address them than to delete them

Ignore or Address them do not delete them

Deleting was just an option, warning should come first, then banning would occur

Silence is the worst response, also banning is a bad response

Maybe there is not a solution

The trolls will not go away they have been around since the advent of forums

TOS facebook has them, admins can utilize facebook police the trolls

No 9, Abstentions 13, Yes 19

Proposal passes but several people walk out in disgust.

Add Wendy Marlow to the Finance Committee

She would like to volunteer for this position, she likes math, likes accounting, like taxes, owned her own business, did all of the finances for that, currently she manages big money accounts, likes open full disclosure and transparency

Qualified, experienced, we should utilized people to their full potential, finance does need to be ratified by GA vote

Yes 31, No 1, Abstentions 2

Occupy London was evicted for the first time. Proposal that we should show them solidarity and offer advice by sending a formal letter, request for Committee of Correspondence to bottom line the letter, and then we will post it on our website

Point of information they have been evicted of sorts, but they have had to move camp around to private property

Suggestion that the row write the letter since they are always the most effected by evictions
Even though they have been labeled a terrorist organization and they still Occupy, they deserve our support

Committee of Correspondence could be utilized  – CoC agreed to get Occupy London’s contact information and send a letter to Occupy London’s GA

Yes 36, No 0, Abstentions 0

There is a 99% working group, this is a for profit group, they have made a call out for a National Convention in Philadelphia on July 4th, there has been a call for delegates.
Both Occupy Philly and Occupy Wall Street have put out denouncements of this event
The individual that started this group has trademarked the term National Convention

This goes against the principles of Occupy support for denouncing the event
Why aren’t these groups using the word Occupy anymore but still using the term the 99%
Politicians and other groups are trying to separate from Occupy due to more radical actions like Oakland

Suggestion that we just make a note of clarification instead of a full denouncement
The suggestion is to elect two delegates for each occupation and then those delegate draw up and present a list of grievances

There is a lot of critique of Occupy for not having a list of demands

Tabled the Press working group will work on writing up a draft and will bring it back to a future GA

Formation of a formal Military Tactics Group that would train everyday, analyze the police techniques,
The police are using leap frog tactics, military tactics
We have a tactics committee, they meet several times a week
There is going to be resistance to using some tactics
Black Bloc

The proposal was tabled