2-21-12 General Assembly Minutes

February 21, 2012 in Meeting minutes

Foreclosure Working Group decided to post just Foreclosure Working Group Observation.
27 Yes, 2 No, 3 Abstain

F29 Guided Tour of ALEC companies
30 Yes, 0 No, 3 Abstain

Add Mike to the Admin Committee
30 Yes, 0 no, 4 Abstain

Add Al to the Admin Committee
22 Yes, 1 No, 9 Abstain

New work group called Legion of Revolutionary Minds

No need to vote on working groups

2-14-12 General Assembly Minutes

February 14, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Friday from 4-8pm, gardening and food justice is meeting. If there is a place for growing seedlings, please contact them. 1232 Race St. it’s a potluck.

Film and Video – if a working group or committee has an upcoming event they want covered, send an email to filmandvideo@occupydenver.org. If you would like to make a promotional video for your committee, you can also contact them.

Education Committee – teach in next tuesday 5:30-6:45 that is an indigenous panel at city o’ city deer pile. thursday the 23rd, the nonviolence committee is doing a roundtable. This thursday, in a couple days, there will be a difference teach-in than previously expected, if it comes through.

Film and Video asking if anyone knows a live streamer interested in joining the committee.
Question: When will our GA be live streamed? Answer: When we have people to do it.

This Saturday is the Colorado Assembly in Boulder — an assembly of all Occupies in the state. 9:30am-6pm on the Boulder campus.

Someone is organizing a ride from the park at 8:30am. An occupation may take place in Boulder that night.

Check out the Occupy Boston web site today, they have some nice stuff up for Valentine’s Day.

On February 20, there is a rally for prisoners at 30th and Peoria

The Art of Social Justice conference on Auraria campus in April 10-13. Occupy is an area of discussion. They may still be looking for panelists, so talk to  someone if you would like to participate.

The Sunday after this one, An ex-black panther, will be doing a presentation at 5pm at 1533 E 30th St. Everyone is welcome. Someone asks for the info to be sent to educate@occupydenver.org to possibly be posted as a teach-in.

Brief summary of our occupation of the democratic fundraiser last Saturday.

Agenda Items

1. March 3 solidarity action to protest Newmont Mining
2. Finance discussion about financing and earmarking
3. May 1 General Strike Occupy Denver statement has been drafted and a rough draft will be discussed

March 3 Solidarity

People are protesting Newmont because they are a notorious corporation that has assassinated union leaders, poisoned water, and paid off politicians. They are the biggest gold mining company in the world. There have been many protests against them here in the past. This is a big opportunity to bring people from the migrant and indigenous populations into the movement and get these voices speaking together. Because Newmont is a narrow issue, we wanted to protest global corporate corruption, with a focus on Newmont.

Are they based in Denver? Yes, they used to be on 16th St. Mall, and now in tech center.

What we want to do is walk down the mall as we have in the past, but end at Christopher Columbus statue, which is symbolic of oppression in general.  People on the events committee are already working on this working group event.

Important to do activities with other local organizations as we work up to the General Strike on May 1.

Every year on May Day, there are migrant marches and it would be great to get those people together with the things Occupy is doing.

Occupy DU just had a GA last night where they discussed at length how Newmont gives a lot of money to the school and the school is going to give them an award. They already want to do an action against Newmont. DU can go there with free light rail passes and march from light rail to Newmont. They will also raise awareness on the campus and would appreciate any information we have on Newmont to share with people.

A showing is going to take place on a couple of videos about Newmont. Flyers for March 3 action have already been drafted. Send that information to educate@occupydenver.org

Proposal is for Occupy Denver to endorse an event to protest corporate greed and abuse globally, with a focus on Newmont and in solidarity with the people of Peru. A blurb will be put on the web site for March 3 at noon, starting at Civic Center Park and then marching through 16th St Mall.

No 0, Abstentions 2, Yes 29

Finance Earmarking Issue:

[Include proposal as written and passed around]

- What if one committee has a lot and another has no money? Answer: GA has ultimate control
- Concerns about point 5 and GA control over funds…
- What happens if a committee has a specific fundraiser for an event they want to carry out?
- Individual donations have to be individually earmarked, and convince everyone to write a note.

- Put a little more emphasis on receipts for expenditures and that a risk exists to not be reimbursed without them.

No 0, Abstentions, Yes 30

May 1 General Strike Draft Discussion

Some points that will be included:
- Occupy Denver calls for general strike on May 1, a day for workers to strike for a better world
- Stand up against the 1% and say we the people who make society run
- We, the workers, make the world go round.
- Address why it matters to the workers’ needs
- In a time of underemployed, we are working for less and 1% bonuses are getting bigger
- People are being deported or denied work due to the color of their skin.
- Highlight our strength for diversity
- Then show historical examples from different groups
- Show what previous groups have done
- Then how it ties into occupy

- Show society how necessarily labor is, and what happens if we stop working and take to the streets
- When unions are being stripped of rights, important for labor to come out and fight back
- It’s an ongoing struggle globally and how it ties in with illegal immigrants

- Question: why focus on immigrants rights instead of just all workers? Answer: immigrants have taken up May 1 in the US…

- May Day encompasses everyone in the working class. Important to talk about the different groups…

So these items will go into proposal: vote: No 0, Abstentions 6, Yes 28
Proposal to modify procedure and vote in final approval of statement, vote: No 0, Abstentions 4, Yes 26

Issue with Money Released for Tickets from Loveland Action

A vote was taken by a GA that Occupy Denver would pay about $800 for tickets from the loveland action.

Proposal: A bond will be returned that can cover the costs. If that happens, then we can allocate enough of that money to cover these tickets by February 20. If not, we will pull the money from the general fund as much as possible and split it amongst the tickets.

No 0, Abstention 5, Yes 28

Final Announcements

A lot of municipalities are trying to fight through their own governments to stop fracking. Are we doing anything to reach out and support people who are trying to stop fracking.

Earth Day talks are in the work to stop fracking

There is also an anti-fracking campaign in Boulder on Saturday at the Colorado Occupy Assembly.

Tactics meeting on Thursday, at 5:30pm downstairs in City O’ City about Prisoner march.

Another teach-in happening tomorrow at Unitarian Church: What is love?

Someone is trying to get a pool of canvassers to talk to neighbors door to door.

Administrative Committee is looking for new people to join our committee. You have to be nominated and then ratified by the GA.

2-9-12 Spokes Council Minutes

February 9, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Wednesdays Identity Studies weekly teachins

Washington DC needs teachins; conference calls on Sundays nowdc.org

Immigration Issues teachin next Tuesday, Glen Morris after that

Events meet at 4pm for this Saturday’s event

Losing Deer Pile Space March 1st, we can discuss going further with the owner

Tactics meeting 6pm Friday

Occupy DU wants people

Admin committee needs people

Interoccupy wants a liazon committee from OD

Saturday, Colorado Occupy event in Boulder February 18, ride share at 8.30pm, it might be an all night event!

Wells Fargo: We are documenting people leaving the bank. Couple will be filmed doing this.

Agenda Items
A Widening Gyer
Publication on kickstarter
This is for funding SQGLZ which will give some of it to a printing fund for OD
The project needs funding right now; even 1$ helps with the campaign.  go to kickstarter and help now!
It needs editing and content, but mostly money- — backers on kickstarter
This is good, we need a budget for printing
Should this go to GA?
No time.
Can it go on the website?  No time for GA.
Where does the 1500 go?  Lots goes to paying for OD stuff.
Can’t go on website but Facebook would be fine.

May Day

IWW has a committee for May Day
Maybe General Strike, maybe not
Calling for people to organize little local events at schools and what not
Is a call out for lots of actions to take place
Feb 25 meeting for organizing at 5pm at El Centro Humanitario
They want OD to support this call to action
6.30 every Tuesday IWW has a meeting- all are welcome
Industrial Workers of the World.  non-herarchical union
Should we indorse this?
This could be a lot of work
Could we coordinate all of the various actions and marches?  Is it realistic?
2006 the immigrant community put on a great strike on May Day.
There’s a flier in English and Spanish
Someone will go to a Tuesday meeting
OD is too small to call for a major strike.  How can we pull off a major strike?
Answer.  lots of work.  house to house.  face to face.
Someone loves it, but nervous about size.
And, is there are specific message/target.  a unified goal?
Answer: go to the meeting.  we will talk about that stuff.
We want to have signs soon for the day.
Several Occupies have already put out calls for strike
Someone is working on a strike
OD is already talking about May Day.  We’ve got a working group on it forming bottom lined by someone.
2727 w 27th ave for the 25th meeting.
Whats the difference between the meetings
Tuesdays are IWW general strike meetings
25th is a call out for a larger meeting with outsiders.  All are very welcome.
Bead and Roses Cultural Center is affiliated
Lets have lots of roses!
Lets talk about it Saturday at GA, and start now with making contacts and working with the May Day working group and do research on past May Days

Some city councilmen and state senators, are offering o help with lobbying, and PR
Someone knows of three local politicians that want to help
We need to work with these folks.  We need a group working of lobbying and forming laws.
One of them wants to do a teach in on legislation
How are we going to decide on who talks o these people
Someone knows someone else who want to give a similar teachin
There are already two Colorado Occupies working on fighting the military detaining Americans
The legislative working group has 14 members.  They should be involved
What would happen at these meetings
They asked what we wanted to work on.  OD said they wanted to be able assemble indefinitely in a park.  can this be legal?
Lets get into legislation.
Deciding on representatives is important.
How bout tents?
Yes, it was bought up.  But lets go slow.
We want there support.  And we want advise.
This didn’t come from us going to them.  It came to one of them looking for more info, on the issues.
Remember, that the amount we can change things within the system is limited.
We need to use many representatives, not just a few.  should rotate.
We should start with a teach in.
Don’t let politicians into our GAs.
Teach ins: must b nonpartisan, but politicians are allowed.
Regarding rotating reps: They don’t like that. They want to build lasting relationships.
This is a bad idea.  They want to take us.
Someone agrees..
Its just a teach in, lets do it.
Meeting for leg meetings: Saturdays
Occupy the Bar
Oaklands no better for what they did. Do we want to take Civic Center Park?  Lincoln Park?  a building?
Lincoln is legal with permit
This is supposed to be radical.
Table it.

Internet stuff
We are still having problems getting things on the site.  How do we get stuff on the site?  How bout the minutes?  communication.
Sorry, I thought someone was doing it.  I don’t want to do it, but I’ll do it for now.
This was a problem because web was supposed to do development, not daily maintenance. Its a prob.  Press was supposed to do it.  Web needs help.  The job is too big.  We need more press people.
Someone will do this for now.
Lest make it the responsibility of who ever brings a proposal to contact press/it/web to get it up.
We need to make it clear which it email is for what.
Web needs to create a system for this.
To get things on the site— write it yourself!!!
New website goes public next week.
Maybe GAP should be involved.
We need a bigger web team

2-2-12 Spokes Council Minutes

February 2, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Education- Tuesday was Ara Cruz’s Teach in, just prior to this meeting there was Chad Kautzer’s. Zoey Williams is conducting the next Tues Teach-in. Thursday will be the Foreclosures Teach in by Karinne Fowler.

No Confidence Rally, Feb 11th

Film & Video- Youtube channel created. Also, they put a call-out for live-streamers to help cover actions. It’s preferred to give 2 weeks notice to this committee about upcoming actions, through email (filmandvideo@occupydenver.org). Stretched thin w/ staff for this committee, so in need of people w/ equipment to support. Livestream equipment can consist of simply a 3G or 4G phone w/ backup battery ($70 approx.) and an account w/ a livestream provider. Androids work, for example.

Proposal to be announced at next GA for committees to maintain their own info on the OD website.

Nonviolence- Proclamation passed last Tuesday at GA, to be spoken at every action, that there is a basis of peace. Also, food will still be served tomorrow, regardless of snow.

Legislative- Feb 7th, action desired to Occupy the Republican Caucus. Desire is to have fun and create a discussion. Denver area caucus is supposed to be at Denver West High School.

Occupy DU is still going, and people can talk to somebody.

Tactics- Monday meeting at 6:30pm now @ Civic Center Park

Portal- on the “Inter-Committee Communication Board”…there’s a flyer canvassing list of volunteers ready to pass shit out, yo.

Action in D.C. From March 30th through some point in April to reconstruct the Occupy Movement.

Identity Studies working group has space in the Unitarian Church, Weds 6-8pm. It’s a beautiful space.

Does anyone have info of the October 14th arrests? Someone’s lawyer needs to know where the sidewalk policy came from– which cop said it was ok to be on sidewalk.

Someone was arrested last night, at a non-Occupy event. Donations being accepted to get him out… (lotsa laughs, and lotsa dollars flowing into the hat)

Long-Term Action Plan/Visioning Group/ThinkTank thingy group– to talk about long-term goals of the Movement, what vision we have. First meeting is on Sunday, 3pm, Civic Center Park (regardless of snow)

Committee of correspondents, GA to GA communication being developed. Need volunteers w/ solid attendance and internet to contribute to this.

Action at Skyline skate rink, “Occupy the Rink”, a friendly mingling event being set up for Feb 11th (Sat). Time not set yet, but will be earlier in the day b/c there’s another action at the Sheridan at 5pm. If you donate a pair of new socks, you can get the skate rental for free.

Food & Water Watch, Friday at 3pm, planning actions against Walmart. Meet at 1536 Wynkoop.

Boulder County Fracking Coalition- February 14th, a senate committee on local policy will decide whether local gov’ts can create regulations or have no power at all. It’s somewhat stacked on the liberal side, though it’s important to voice public support for anti-fracking.

6 month anniversary of Occupy coming up 2 weeks… anything set up?

Agenda Items
Events Committee proposes upcoming events, and considering Action for 6 month anniversary of the Movement at Rep Caucus

GA Procedures Wants to move to 9/10 consensus at GA’s and want to start discussion (#1)

GA Procedures has been discussing the need to move to a 9/10 policy to better represent a consensus movement instead of 2/3 majority policy. How do committees feel? One key consideration is we’d have to introduce the “block” method, which is to say that one opposes a decision so strongly that you are willing to leave the movement if this decision passes. How do we educate folks on how to participate in this consensus system w/o abusing the “block”. “Block” stops the process and things don’t move forward until that is addressed. If that issue is addressed and remains, if it’s only one block and otherwise consensus, it is simply counted as a “no”.

Occupy Chicago thought it was very unusual that we work w/ 2/3 policy.

Perhaps we should support a communication b/t a “blocker” and the person who is making the proposal to work out what the intention is and whether it can be resolved.

Occupy Boulder person has experienced this scenario. People can become a “swing” vote very easily. Be aware this policy introduces other dynamics. If you tell people a “block” means you’re willing to leave– people can sometimes urge them to follow through and leave the Movement.

9/10 is how a lot of the other occupies do it. It’s how we should– we’re not a majority-based movement. That said, there will be rough spots. Could be the same individuals continually blocking.

Can this proposal be split? 9/10 sounds good, block doesn’t.

We can create a culture around the use of blocks. A block can be something you’ll use once in your life within the Movement. This way we can self-regulate as opposed to eliminating “blocks” altogether.

9/10 consensus sounds good, just hope it doesn’t slow things down.

Idea of Consensus is nice, though I’m nervous about it. In other situations it can go for hours and hours. People who got tired would disappear and whoever was left got their way. On one hand, everyone must be able to be heard. Also we must always be aiming for consensus. Not sure what’s best. If someone does block, it is very serious, and they should be granted plenty of time to be heard.

Idea of 9/10 is to not put speeding through things. It supports greater cohesion.

What’s to stop a few angry folks from stopping healthy flow of decision making out of spite?

It’s always a possibility that people will choose to disrupt healthy flow of decision making. It’s not the end of the world, and we’ll always be vulnerable. That’s life.

In San Francisco, you have no standing if it’s your first GA. That’s one way to protect the process.

When this first came up a month ago, I was passionately against it. I don’t feel like that now. Though the reason for taking it on being that this is what the rest of the Movement is doing… also, it can create intimidation if you’re one of the few voting against and your no vote is enough to prevent 80 percent consensus.

We are a consensus movement. Fuck whether it takes more time. This is where we get our power.

2/3 creates substantial dissent. It’s not as effective in ultimately getting shit done, tactically speaking. It shows true commitment at 9/10. We’re also more likely to be representing “the 99 percent” if we’re at 9/10 agreement rather than 2/3.

Most of our votes are passing w/ 90% anyway. Also, by going to 9/10, it requires that you get to work w/ talking to opposition before putting your proposal to GA vote.

GAP thanks the group for the input. Feel free to email gaprocedures@occupydenver.org or come to members personally.

Relationship b/t OD and Denver ABC

Note, Denver ABC’s website specifically states non-support for OD. They state that they are grateful for the relationships built b/t the two movements, but they say it is by and for hyper-nationalist, privileged, white middle class males.

Clarifying Q- What is it that makes some folks bring up issues of safety with regard to relationship w/DABC.

Answer- Some people think the cops are straight up bastards who seek overt violence. DABC does, and strongly.

It’s important not to lump DABC into responsibility for the actions of some individuals.

DABC does prisoner support and movement defense. OD is a movement.

Colorado Street Medics is looking to rejoin a relationship w/ OD.

DABC has literally bailed out members of OD, spending considerable sums of money on our behalf.

(Some heated discussion)

Generally- it’s a fussy relationship, but one with value and we should show them respect.

Puppets Working Group – Yay Puppets

Looking to get set up for puppet creation for display at DA’s

Puppets are incredibly effective– can be 20 feet tall, highly visible! Statue of Liberty planned, also Monopoly Guy. Fear is their weapon, creativity is our shield and our sword- we should show it.

House nearby is great for projects like this, 1232 Race St (“the Imaginarium”), with supplies available and plenty of space, with a cool community vibe. First Thursday of the month is a potluck and art projects galore.

Printing situation confusion regarding pamphlet project. Should there be a printing budget set up for Outreach?

Finance situation was tabled last week, are we ready to resolve it?
In short, no.

Just got a text from someone, ready to jump back in to OD and the finance committee.

Our finance situation needs serious consideration. We’d formed a Co-op w/ nonprofit status so we could accept donations on PayPal. We need to get our ducks in a row so there aren’t serious ramifications when it comes to tax time. For things like a printing budget, food for Occupiers, a separate Legal fund, how to accept donations is all part of our broader functioning. We need to discuss as a group, and also to obtain professional advice. Anyone know anyone?

Question from Finance Committee: who are members of the Co-op (Tanner acknowledges).

Currently our finances are dismal. Trying to set up a budget… until we have money to deal with it seems ridiculous to be setting up a budget.

Response from Finance: It’s more about donations, where the donor is earmarking. It’s less about budgeting and more about how we deal with a donor who is specifically earmarking where they want their money spent within OD.

Does anyone know what other cities are doing?

-Occupy Boulder has a bank account w/ X amount and each committee…

Currently we’ve got $600 in paypal, maybe $100-150 in bank account, and $200 in cash. Note, last night we spent $200…

Lots of this seems like something the Legal committee needs to just handle. Also, we should never allow our money to sink below $1000. Also, most of our money goes to bail anyway…

What would finance need from this council in terms of action/decision?

Response from Finance: other than bail, everything else ought to stay in one account. Having ten bank accounts under various individuals is a bad idea. This means we need more accountants to properly manage the figures. Earmarks are important too– from paypal and checks, earmarks can happen. Cash less so. Also, we gotta do fund raising– we’re broke. Don’t be afraid to ask for money- OD now has 2 credit card options where you can take credit donations through your cell phone. (So basically we can canvass).

(Lots of approval throughout the room)

Point of Info: there’s a canvassing group currently being formed. Also there’s research on a 501 c3 status. Just research at this point, no action in this direction.
(some disapproval regarding 501c3 status)

Re-Occupy the Park for Feb 17th?

Final Point of Process:
We didn’t get to the following agenda items-

1-31-12 General Assembly Minutes

January 31, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Food Coalition: Had third meeting, decided to refocus energy into feeding the Occupiers, bringing food to GA’s.  Resources will be used for people who occupy.  Also, two weeks ago, there was a list that supposedly went around collecting names of people who were interested in helping Food, but that list is missing.  So…let’s start a new list.

Outreach: Thinking that it would be good idea to have a kids-centered event at the ice skating rink.  Already have the working group put together, just need OD permission to make it an official event.

Education: Had first teach-in for community activism series; it went extremely well, more of these coming up Tuesdays, 5:30 in this space.  Also, Thursday, Occupy Economics series starting

Legislative working group needs people.

Statewide conference: Saturday, Feb. 18th, from about 9:00  – 6:00, 8 rooms at CU Boulder.  People at GA’s get first chance to RSVP for this (list passed around). Saturday, about 9-6.

OD Drums: Had first meeting/jam session on Saturday, will be doing it again this Saturday at noon.  Encouraging other groups to form around different instruments/vocals.  If you’re interested, bring your instruments!

There is a flyer collective list up on the portal.  It can be found on the inter-committee board chat area.  If you need on the portal, contact somebody.

Identity studies group now has space, 6-8 pm every Wednesday, at the Unitarian Church.

24/7: The committee has been in something of a flux lately.  REALLY need a functional security team on the Row; people are getting mugged at the Occupy. Outside people are mugging homeless on the Row.

Non-Violence: Potluck every first and third Friday, at 7:00 pm at Civic Center

Now DC: Need contacts for other Occupies.

Denver Justice Peace Committee- if interested, talk to someone.

Youth of Urban Poverty working group: Looking for more members.

Reportback from Sunday’s rally in solidarity with Occupy Oakland.  Footage is posted online.

There will be teach-in on sign-making, Saturdays, Feb. 11th and Feb 18th, 10:30 am, Civic Center Park Amphitheater (weather permitting).

Direct Action: Occupy Denver will demonstrate at 11 AM on February 3 at the office of Attorney General Suthers (1525 Sherman St., Denver, CO) to demand payback for crimes committed against homeowners. Attorney General Suthers is involved in the possible settlement between states attorneys general and banks- Colorado has not joined other states in walking away from the table.  11:00, Friday,

Roseanne Bar running for president for Green Party

Trying to get people in Longmont to come to some of the trials of Occupiers arrested. Email someone for more info.

Occupy Oakland needs bail money.

Agenda Items

Foreclosures Working Group: The Foreclosures working group, in conjunction with Colorado Progressive Coalition, has been involved in planning a rally to take place Thursday, February 9th, 10:30 am, in front of the Webb building at 201 W. Colfax.  The purpose is to protest the eviction of homeowners that could have been prevented had the loans been modified, and also to push for CPC’s legislative agenda centered around supporting meaningful protections for Coloradans who have been duped by a corrupt home lending system.  The working group asked for a resolution of support from Occupy Denver for this event.  Yes 34, No 0, Abstention 1

Communication Working Group: Introduced prices of printing for informational pamphlets, from two different local printing companies- SQLZ and P&L. Printing has heretofore been being done on their own budget.  There is a meeting to take place Wednesday, 9:00 am between Admin/P&L Printing.  The working group asked for a $60-monthly allowance to cover printing costs.

There was some discussion/disagreement about whether or not the pamphlets are needed, and also some concerns about agreeing to release the money until we have a firm price from both printing companies.

The proposal was tabled until we have a firm knowledge of the price options, after which the vote to release the funds will come to the GA.

Legal: The Legal Committee proposed the following:

Occupy Denver Legal will open a new bank account in the name of 2 committee members. We will maintain our own account and have a separate donation button on the Occupy Denver website.
Bail Fund

-The occupy Denver legal committee may use finances from the occupy denver legal account for bail/bond without GA approval within the following guidelines.

Arrest must happen at a GA approved protest or act of civil disobedience, including the occupation of civic center park.

Bail is set at no more than $1500.

What does legal support look like

Current and previous charges will not play a factor in our support as long as the previous conditions are met.

Everyone is assumed innocent until proven guilty.

We are committed to organizing adequate legal support for anyone that cannot be bailed out. This includes building campaigns, adding money to commissary, and helping to facilitate any other resources or support that may be needed, limited to our capacity.

Any other cases that do not fit in to the stated criteria will come before GA for consensus, we can allocate money if approved.

There was some concern raised about bailing out anybody with previous and/or pending, as well as particularly egregious, charges; Legal answered that the GA had previously adopted the St. Paul Principles, and also, the bailout limit has been set to $1500 anyway.

There was also some concern about using PayPal, after which Legal suggested amending the proposal so it doesn’t say “Pay Pal” specifically.  There will also be separate links for gifts on the website for bail and for other purposes.

Yes 37, No 1, Abstentions 3

OD Drums: Proposal for posting of their information on the website:
Yes 37, Abstentions 1

State Conference:  Asking that OD help with $200 to conference working group for promotional/refreshments/etc. costs.  Asking some other GA’s to help as well.  CU has volunteered $800 or $900.

Yes 36, Abstentions 3

Peace/Non-Violence: Asks that the following statement be put on the website, and also read aloud before all marches/GA’s/events: “I do hereby resolve to be peaceful and welcoming, transparent and open, respectful and considerate, in every thought and action with everyone, everywhere!  We are Occupy Denver!!”

It was asked who would be reading it, and the response was that Peace/Non-Violence would take that responsibility.

Come concerns were raised about the wording, and it was suggested that we constantly revise it.  As a general practice, it would be good to adopt, even if it’s not 100% realistic (in the events of police violence, harassment by Tea Partiers, etc).

Yes 31, No 4, Abstentions 6

Proposal for approval of the following event to go on website: National day against prisons,
Monday February 20th, 6:30pm, 30th and Peoria, outside the GEO ICE Detention Center.  DABC is bottom-lining it, along with people of Occupy.

It is in response for callout from Occupy Oakland.  NOT specifically against for-profit prisons.

It was decided to table it due to time constraints, as well as some concerns about the wording of the resolution, such as “support of prisoners.”

Occupy the Koch Brothers Working group was tabled due to time constraints.

1-26-12 Inter-Committee Minutes

January 26, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Before the meeting commenced, the owner of the Deer Pile and City O’ City set forth the basic principles governing the usage of the space:

1.  Doors to the Deer Pile open 15 minutes before beginning time of events, and close 15 minutes after ending time.  (This means Occupy Denver has it from 5:15 – 9:15, until at least March 1st.  If still on good terms, we can continue to use the space.)

2.  Doors cannot be propped open (we are however free to let people in, post a sign with a phone number to call if you need let in, etc), and OD is responsible for the place while using it.

3.  Please leave it the way we found it.

4.  Please make reasonable efforts to inform others of #’s 1-3.

5.  Deer Pile exists in part to supply a need for space for people to use; if said people have other needs, particularly of the food/drink variety, please support the Deer Pile by patronizing City O’ City.

Committees/Working Groups represented:






Declaration of Purpose drafting group




Legislative Working Group

Pamphlet/Communications working group

Resource Development





Medic Committee


Social Media

Drums/Noise/Music working group

Security Team

Occupy DU




Building Working Group

Website Working Group

Food Coalition


Veterans Working Group

Question: What’s the difference between 24/7 and the Row?

24/7 committee formed to maintain needs of Occupiers- food, warmth, etc.  “The Row” describes the people who sleep there.  24/7 is open to anybody- you don’t have to be an Occupier.

Education: Community Activism: An Allied Resistance series

Sunday, 11:00 pm: Civic Center Park- Facilitation Training

Non-Violence: Now meeting Thursdays, right before this meeting.  Also planning on bringing food to Occupiers

Short summary of Occupy Obama visit: for a good eight hours, had 10-25 people there, had tents, signs, etc- people going in and out all day long.  A great experience was had by all.  The event was livestreamed.  OD was mentioned in the Denver Post.

Next Why I Occupy: Johnny 5 from Flobots has agreed to do a show for us.  We have two dates in February for the Merc Cafe; if it can’t come together then, we have some dates in March.  Should be a good time, and a fundraising opportunity!

Gardening Committee is working on getting resources- if anybody has some, talk to them!

Legislative Working group needs people- has a lot of exciting projects going on, 3:30 PM, Fridays, at the Library

Food Coalition still needs a place to cook food.  Does anybody know of any resources- food banks, refrigerated space, etc?

Suggestion: Post this on Needs and Requests part of the website.  Just need to produce the text of what you need.

Flyering groups- a couple of them being worked on currently.  Need to be in touch.

Agenda Items

Committee Digests

The Admin Committee, whose job is to help committees communicate with one another, wants to put Committee Digests together to help with this.  The digests have a space for what your committee has accomplished, what it’s working on, what it needs help with, etc.  However, not everybody completes them.  Admin wants to know: What do people think of these?  How come some haven’t been returning them?

The subsequent discussion addressed a number of issues that are separate but related from the question of what people think of the digests and why some are more consistent than others in returning them.

It was suggested that Admin send regular “We need your digest!” reminder emails, rather than just sending out the one call for digests and leaving it at that.

It was also suggested that if each committee has its own web page, perhaps that would obviate the need for the digests- and in this spirit, Paul remarked that he’s putting together some software to facilitate inter-committee communication.

The weekly pamphlet, which contains “The Cheese” in the middle, is intended to update folks on committee activity, however it’s currently hard to get updates, because they’re having trouble getting the digests.  The question was asked whether or not the committee working on the pamphlet should remain in existence, and this topic was added to the agenda.

It transitioned into a broader issue of Admin’s basic ability to function.  Currently, Admin Committee members are elected, however after being elected, many of them do not continue to consistently function in an Admin capacity.  There was general agreement that it would be a good idea to restructure Admin so that it’s easier to get on, and to rename it Information Logistics.

After a temperature check, it was decided to table the Pamphlet issue.

Committee meeting times

When do we meet, are we overlapping, and how do we keep each other informed of meetings?

The various committees and working groups present announced when and where they meet:

Outreach: Mondays, 7:00, Back Hall Social Club on 23rd and Clay

Food: Tuesdays, 3:00, City O’ City

Vets: Tuesdays, 5:30, library (second floor)

Education: Mondays, 5:00, meet at Civic Center Park and move to the 4th floor of library.  This might be changing.

GA Procedures: Kind of started meeting Wednesdays, 7:00 pm, scattered locations.

Legislative: Fridays, 3:30, 2nd or 4th floor of library

Tactics: Mondays, 5:30, Civic Center Park to library (same time/place as Events)

Peace/Non-Violence: Thursdays, 5:30, Deer Pile (informal)

Garden/Growing: Sundays, 1:00 pm, Civic Center Park

Legal: Doesn’t meet regularly- but we’re going to discuss that shortly.

Security: Most people live on the row.  Meet whenever they’re all together.

24/7: Looking to get a regular weekly meeting time- it’s contingent on getting new people involved.

Finance: No regular meeting

Pamphlet Communications: Hang out on Saturdays to get the pamphlet printed by Sunday.

Healing/Health: Doesn’t have  a solid meeting time.

Press/Communications: No regular meeting times, no interest/need- sometimes there’s a meeting for a specific reason, as needed.

Admin: No regular time, that’s part of the problem.

Foreclosures: A working group that’s a coalition with CPC, meeting bi-weekly, Saturdays, 4:00 pm, 1029 Santa Fe; various subcommittees meet weekly.

After the announcements, it was noted that Events, Tactics, and Education overlap.  It was determined that this isn’t much of a problem- whether or not Events/Tactics overlap in function, Events is nevertheless in the process of dividing into smaller groups.  Also, if it is a problem, one could just go to whichever meeting they go to and ask to change the meeting time. There is also some unavoidably in overlap, since Tuesday is a GA night, Thursday is the inter-committee meeting night, and Saturdays have a GA and usually an event.

However, it was also agreed that meeting time should be posted publically.  Web is going to put a calendar up on the website.

Committee Specific pages on website:

Web expressed a willingness to do whatever OD as a group wanted to do.  If multiple committees can edit their own sites, this reduces the burden on Web.  The only issue is, it’s more difficult to stay on message with more people.

There was general agreement that it would be a good idea for Committees to be responsible for their own pages, although it would also be a good idea to have a couple safety mechanisms in place to prevent highly objectionable content- so, we could establish some standards by which Web could remove content if necessary, and also Word Press already has multiple levels of permission.

It’s going to be important to distinguish between individual committee pages, and the main page, for which content must pass through GA.  At a minimum, pages should have basic information on what the committee is, contact info, meeting times, etc.

Web suggested that, for accountability purposes, one committee could appoint somebody to be in charge of the web page.  Web also agreed that there should be a template so that the format is somewhat consistent.  When asked if the committees were willing to do this, there were many twinkles.

This could also minimize the need for Information Logistics and the Pamphlet.

Web decided to set up a special meeting to facilitate this.

Financing/allocating specific funds for committees and procedures thereof

Finance: Finance is in shambles- there is almost nobody left, including people who have access to our accounts.  What about earmarking money for specific committees?  Immediately allocating it?  That’s a lot of financial responsibility on specific committees, meaning that we should have a specific financial point person on each committee.

In the case that certain people want to donate to specific things (bonds, food, etc), they have a right to know that their donation is going to the right place.  One way to do this is to have a centralized account from which specific expenditures could be earmarked.

This led to the issue of proper accounting practices- as an organization inevitably becomes more complex, there is an inevitable need for a separation of finances.  This is how non-profits do it.  Unfortunately, nobody with concrete accounting experience was present, although Legislative did agree to do some research on what Finance could legally do.

Further, as we dwindle in resources, perhaps we should be merging some of these committees, and even put out an add in Craig’s list- we need volunteers!

Quick Announcements:

There are going to be efforts to make Security a more viable part of OD.

Occupy DU just had second GA- pretty good footing.  If you want to come to DU, you should- meetings are Monday at noon, Thursday at 4:30 between Sturm/ Sturm College of Law.

Tabled for next week:

5) Dialogue about how committees are going to communicate with each other

1-21-12 General Assembly Minutes

January 21, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Thank you to everybody who helped make props

Want to form marching committee/artists’ working group—space for props and store supplies permanently
OD Drums call for anyone who would like to help make unifying noise for marches and actions, Someone will be present 0.5 hr beforehand to make noise plan before action all instruments welcome

Tactics Committee meets Mondays at 530 pm at Civic Center

Legal Committee—also looking for new members request to email legal @occupydenver.org

Outreach committee—outreach takes people and fits them in where skills fit in, take people to meetings to discuss ideas to place new members where they can help

Resource development—State of Disunion and Fashion Show—need $ to go to thrift shops for fashion show supplies—reviewed event details for fashion show and fundraiser

Reminder announcement—Identity studies working group—workshop Tuesday at 530 pm—forum for self-evaluation—above City o City above Deerpile space before GA

Also discussing forming a canvassing group—request to collect contact info to form group to canvass on behalf of any committee or other organizational need

Events Committee are reviewing ideas to recruit members and survive winter—Mondays events committee meeting for purpose of reorganizing committee, start from scratch to make everyone welcome.  Events works with all other committees as well. Some issues include what actions to do on Saturdays. Next meeting 5 or 530 at civic center park Monday 1.23.11

Updates on two working groups—Informational Pamphlet Working Group/Communications—the committee was supposed to meet today but many members not present, outreach opportunities, teach in opportunities, upcoming events, GA procedural info all would have been included in pamphlet.  Get involved by emailing general@occupydenver.org.  Most recent copy will be available at next GA Tuesday at 7 pm.

Also legislative working gp—working on direct action, met Friday 1.20 for first time, working on legislation that support occupy goals.  Next meeting Fridays @ 330 pm

Education Committee—starting 1.31 will be teach in series called community activism addressing economic disparity issues for particular communities. Also going to be a series on Thursdays called Occupied Economics. Both occur 530-645 pm in Deerpile space above City o City.  One more Liberation teach in occurring in same space on same schedule.

Events update—March to Wells Fargo 1-24-12, Preceded by teach in. Action related to Wells Fargo’s investments in prisons that are targeting immigrants. Starts at Auraria campus at 11 am until 6 pm. Fliers available.

Occupy the Koch Bros—Wichita, KS—March 3—to protest Koch Bros think tank, money in politics, negative impact on environment, focus on corruption. Action included speakers, music.  Occupy the Koch Bros work group looking at charter bus (need 50 people), proposal to be given Tuesday

Some people planning to go to KS, have requested to know from KS people  if any spaces to stay if went  to KS Friday night

All occupy people invited to DC to occupy for entire month of April—DC is looking for spaces to stay, food also given.  Starts March 30.  Teach ins, etc. will also be occurring, request for ideas to bring to DC.
Denver County Republicans—several of exec committee members are concerned about Occupy the Caucus.

Agenda Items

Proposal from Legal (Kat)—re: Kathleen D. who did not show for court date—proposing that $1100 that was returned to Occupy from previous bail outs—money returned to be available in case it is needed—2 week timeline—if necessary to bondsman

Was bail approved by GA?  DABC doing legal support at time of Kathleen’s bail out—DABC has now stopped providing legal—Kat is the person who put her name on Kat’s bonds

What will happen if we do not raise $? if OD does not get money together, a bounty hunter will be hired ($200 set up, 20% of each bond), someone would then become personally responsible for all following fees

Someone suggests trying to reach out to someone else during next two weeks

Request for money related to someone made on FB approved by GA, also was bailing out in general ever approved, use of admin on FB needs to be approved by GA

Was a time when DABC and OD were working together to raise funds specifically for bailing out

Donations made online  are specified as for  bail or other purposes, some proposals have been made at GA about whether to use general funding for bail

One week from today proposals will be made re: use of funding for bail

Concern expressed re: using money for purposes other than donors’ intended

Money for someone was specifically collected on ground for bail

Money in general is used for purposes as collected

Picture of someone requested

Someone suggests modification—up to $1100 of bail money be given to bail bondsmen to specifically release the bond on Kathleen D.

Currently no one needs bail—3 people in jail than cannot be bonded

If release $1100 whatever does not get put toward someone’s bonds is proposal stating extra $ will be held for other bail/bond

Vote will decide that next Saturday by Legal proposal

What % of money for bail does $1100 represent?

$1100 makes up 100% of current legal funding—are expecting more money back from other bonds in next few weeks

Who will get bailed out or not in future


For: 29

Against: 0

Abstaining: 4

1-19-12 Inter-Committee Minutes

January 19, 2012 in Meeting minutes


This is an inter-committee meeting; not a deciding body of OD, but rather a potential Spokes Council.  There are numerous Spokes Council models for how to facilitate this type of meeting; tonight can be a tryout.

Proposal from GA procedures: get consent on trying out the following model and seeing if we like it:  “As part of the spokes council model, suggest that we sit in pie fashion with committee members/working group- sitting with people in the same committee/working group.”

Suggestion of definition: actively participating in said committee/working group (if nobody recognizes you, you’re probably not).

What if you’re on different committees?

Choose a priority…whichever you’re more active on, or mainly identify with, etc.

Doing stack: Take it on committee basis (your whole committee is on stack), with one person speaking at a time.  The spokes person should be representing the committee, not individuals.  Give priorities to committees/working groups first.

Are we to assume that this was the model that people wanted to try out after last night’s GA Procedures meeting?  Answer: Yes.

What’s the Spokes Council to achieve by the end of the night?  Answer: Streamline the way that ideas are developed; get people together in face-to-face contact who are working on things, refine proposals, plans, etc.- get multiple perspectives.

Votes: All twinkle fingers in favor.


OD got very positive, front-page press coverage in the Denver Post. Vern Howard has put out a call for OD to work with him on economic issues- this is an excellent opportunity for outreach to communities of color.

Teach-ins have had thousands of views!

Someone spoke to Johnny 5 on Tuesday- we have him for any date in Feb., first week in March.  Working on putting together next Why I Occupy. Someone is gonna write down whatever he’s working on.

Veteran’s working group up and running; has had a few meetings.  Food Coalition group needs help.

We’ve got two months and two weeks before the weather gets nice.

Is anybody willing to be on a press conference, speaking as a face of Occupy?  11:00, Tuesday, the 24th, Auraria Campus.

We need people to get the legal line number out.

Someone put out a call out for occupy artists.

EVENTS- meeting 5:00 pm Monday, Civic Center Park

Agenda Items
Food Justice
Events Committee Structure
Cooperation  between Social Media, Film & Video, and Education
Scheduling of Meetings
Foreclosure (Efforts)
Web Acceptance; how do things get up?
List of Upcoming events

Events structure, foreclosure, web acceptance got most twinkles.

Events Structure; Events has been a mixed group for the past several months, there is a need to diversify responsibilities and coordinate with each other.  Should we have working groups for different actions?  How do we want to pass it through GA?  How can we get more people to join Events?

How is it structured now?  Answer: Good ideas, but not enough people continually staying for good on-the-ground follow-through.

Whoever posts specific events should be bottom-lining them (i.e., effectively, every event is a multi-committee working group).

If we did this, what would events be/do?  Events can work on coordination with dates.

What if Events and Tactics become a sort of coordination committee? Coordinate with different committees, facilitate interaction with different communities.  Each direct action has its own working group.

Get one person from certain committees to attend Events meetings.  Also need to get more people involved in the promotion, such as flyering.  (Somebody’s working on putting together an on-call team for flyering.)

Have a built-in working group that could bottom line it.

Is there a point person for researching what’s happening next month, etc so that we can coordinate things a bit easier.

There’s a list of stuff happening through May.  It would be great to be able to put that on a calendar.

Almost seems like Events should be a facilitator, administrator of events.  Get the information up, don’t be responsible for making events happen.

These inter-committee meetings would be a great place to get people to coordinate with each other.

Can you write a job description about what you’re doing, so that others can know what to do?

Events shouldn’t be a middle man for events- anybody should be able to do it; Events shouldn’t have to bottom line everything.  We should set up a Google calendar, so we know who’s doing what and when.

I wonder if we might totally dismantle Events and turn it into a direct actions working groups email?  Direct Actions working groups are responsible for planning actions that arise as needed- not permanent.

Community building (same people calling the same people all the time).  Somebody would need to be communicating all of this to the different committees.

Maybe events should do periodical big things, but the working groups could do the smaller things.  Don’t dismantle events; just repurpose it.

We’re in the same spot we began with.  What can we DO to follow up on this before next Thursday?

Write up a “job description” for events to post/circulate. What can we do now? How do we develop solutions? Recruitment; put out word on social media.

Events be in charge of large events, working groups bottom-line direct actions; Suggestion: Someone will put together list of on-call canvassers for publicity;
Outreach blitz; general call-out for people.

Foreclosures- meeting every two weeks at CPC office on Santa Fe; hybrid working group  involving various groups outside of OD, as well as various committees.

Tactics/Events should be involved with this.

When are we going to start actually occupying foreclosures?

Only had second meeting, but there are various options of things to do.  The first direct action will be to disrupt an option; moving towards occupation, but that takes longer.

Do you have a call-out from people being foreclosed upon?

Not yet, but Colorado Progressive Coalition is already working with those.

If you know anybody who can show up with legal experience, that would be great.

This is an effective, replicable model that has worked.  We should start thinking of it as a foreclosure campaign.  This is something that we can do Colorado-wide, including Occupy Colorado Springs (which needs help, because their foreclosure group only has two people).

Figure out how Occupy Denver CAN support things like Colorado Springs doing actions.  Share web resources?  Media resources?

We can propose at the next meeting to set up a state-wide meeting.

Flim/Video: We can discuss making a video that talks about this process and puts it on the web for people to see.  Foreclosures is something that comes up at every meeting…we want to tell people’s individual stories of foreclosures.

Teach-in’s coming up, 5:30-6:45 (next one, and Feb. 9 (hopefully)) on topics relevant to it.

List of Upcoming Events:
March tomorrow: 10:30; steps of the Capitol, goes until 2 p.m./Police Brutality rally noon in front of Wellington Well building

March on Saturday

Tuesday, 24th Wells Fargo Action/Immigration Detention Centers/GA

Occupy Obama; Next Thursday, but no location

Next Two Teach-ins in the “Occupy Economics” Series by Education: Feb. 2: Chad Kautzer (Education/Foreclosures),

“Capitalism, Foreclosures, and the Politics of Responsibility” teach-in, 5:30-6:45 p.m., Deer Pile Space.

This will be coupled with a foreclosure teach-in the following week, Feb. 9, 5:30-6:45 p.m., Deer Pile Space by Corrine Fowler, Economic Justice Director from Colorado Progressive Coalition. Fowler will focus on political and legislative agenda and Colorado-specific information on foreclosures.

Occupy Colorado Caucus, Feb. 7, location undecided

Sat. 11th, Occupy the Dems, $10,0000/person fundraiser protest

Feb. 20 Occupy Oakland, occupy San Quinton, OD support/solidarity

Break up with the banks – Valentine’s Day! Should we do this?

Occupy the corporations -  Feb. 29

May 3, Occupy the Koch Brothers, Witchita—how do we support

April – Tax Day—should we do something?

April 22, Earth Day, events?

Fracking working group?

May Day action?! Lots of support

May 5th, National Immigrant Rights March/Cinco de Mayo

1-17-12 General Assembly Minutes

January 17, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Admin- Collecting Committee Digest to get a sense of who is doing what and the contact information of committee members. Committees and working groups please complete the digest and submit it admin. Contact info is only used internally, when you share your info, it’s private. Admin would like to add an email address for every working group and committee.

Education committee- Lots of teach-ins scheduled. For the next two Thursdays Labor Liberation Teach in by Colorado Jobs for Justice at City o City at the Deerpile. On Tuesday the 24th there is an Identity Studies workshop. Check the website and Facebook for updates. All teach ins start at 5:15

Film Committee- Film committee needs pictures, videos and other types of media. Anyone with equipment is encouraged to get involved, if you want to get involved talk to Tanner Spendley or email general@occupydenver.org.

Events Committee- Friday is Occupy the Courts, 10:30am at the west steps of the Capitol Building. We are going in to lobby our representatives.  Tomorrow we are going to the Federal Appeals Courts. On Saturday, the 21st at noon we are having a funeral for our civil liberties and highlighting the injustice surrounding the NDAA and SOPA. On the 24th, Saturday evening we are having a State of the Dis-Union at the Three Kings, be there at 6pm.   There will also be an Occupy Denver Fashion Show and a raffle at the same event, 5-dollar cover charge.

Gardening Working Group-Next Meeting Sunday at Civic Center Park at 1pm.

Food Committee- Coming up with a schedule to supply the occupiers with food. If you know of a space to wash dishes and prepare food, email food@occuoydenver.org.

Press Committee- If you want something on the website, be more organized, add the who, what, when and where and submit it press@occupydenver.org. A week in advance. If you have something that is already edited, send it web@occupydenver.org

Declaration of Purpose working group- will soon have a meeting, if you want to get involved email general@occupydenver.org

Tactics- wants to make tombstones for the funeral event and they need a space to create.

Legal- How to do legal support training at the 27 Social Center at 6pm on Thursday, email general@occupydenver.org

Family of Love is requesting protest art, talk to Jason. Go to the Family of Love facebook page or email general@occupydenver.org and mention Jason in the title.

Committees are encouraged to do booths at upcoming events

Those who have been arrested need support in court, be there at 8am.

Someone has a trial on Feb 6th at 8am in courtroom 3e

Isaac from 350.org and Legal Defense Fund. A model on how to best initiate change through municipalities and townships.  He developed a Bill of Rights,  he will email to general@occupydenver.org.  He will also have a dialogue with committee members to discuss ways to use this info.

City o City manager says that we have to out by 9pm. If people are cleaning they may stay to clean. We are encouraged to buy shit, says one individual.

Fella on Craigslist selling lil laptops for 45, for those involved in Occupy and have little money, this is good way to get a electronic device.

If you want Udall’s, Bennett’s or DeGette’s number see that guy, didn’t catch his number but you can probably look on their websites.

Dan the Bagel Man is traveling and he is an activist. He suggests that we look to churches and dumpster dive for food

Someone’s trial is at 10am at 3H on the 20th

Colorado Street Medics Jan 27th, sliding scale CPR class at the 27 Social Center
Street Medic Training coming on the 28th and 29th, check their Facebook page.
Feb. 5th Secret Café Brunch
Feb 11th 9th and Santé Fe, Benefit Concert and Birthday for Zoey

Downstream Neighbor Water Symposium Jan 27th through the 29th

Occupy DU is starting to form a small group and they are doing a GA. Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday at Sturm , 5pm-7pm there will be Occupy events at DU.

Agenda Items

Occupy Denver actively support, endorse and join Politically Active Ztudents (PAZ) and other on campus groups in the action against Wells Fargo because of their involvement in the prison industrial complex and it’s impact on immigrants, on the 24th.
Press Conference-11am
Teach-in to learn about communities impacted by their business practices-12:45-3:00
At the end we MARCH-4:30 from Auraria to Civic Center

Yes 42, No 0, Abstentions 3

Our support would include putting it on the website and saying that for this event we are joining and showing solidarity.

Racial Justice and Police Brutality Action-Colorado Progressive Coalition
Asking Occupy Denver to endorse and support an action on Friday for Colorado Progressive Coalition. January 20, noon at the Wellington Webb 201 W. Colfax

Yes 49, Abstentions1

Hierarchical Discussion Group with a rotating topic- Civic Park Sunday at 5pm. Proposal was tabled for development

Occupy Denver financial committee pays for a legal helpline
Requesting 30-50 dollars a month or three months upfront that would not exceed 150 dollars. Members of the Legal Team will be staffing it. Once the landline is established it can be forwarded to cell phones. It’s not a guarantee that you will be bailed out but it is a line to the outside world

Yes 46, Abstentions 3

We release whatever money is needed to purchasing the Occupy Denver, www.occupydenver.org host

Yes 47, Abstaining 1

1-11-12 General Assembly Minutes

January 11, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Foreclosures Working Group: There is a meeting Saturday, the 14th, 4:00 pm at the CPC Office on 1029 Santa Fe about Occupy Foreclosure

Saturday, the 14th, noon, Civic Center Park: OD Veteran’s March, organized by and for veterans

Monday, the 16th, about 10:00 am to about 2:30 pm, MLK Day: Vern Howard, the main organizer for MLK events, has been in contact with Tanner and is very excited to work with us, even informing the Denver Post.  For our part, we’ll have a table set up in Civic Center Park for “Occupy the Dream,” to enable attendees to come and express their own dreams for the future.

There is a related event at the Redline, 24th and Arapahoe, 2:00 pm, entitled “Beyond Occupy: An MLK Dialogue for 2012.”  It will include hip-hop artists, good food, art, and dialogue.

Next Friday, 10:30 am, steps of the Capitol Building: Occupy the Courts, in support of the proposed amendment to repeal corporate personhood.  Plans to go into the legislature for an hour.  Wear Guy Fawkes masks (hide them to bring them in) or a dollar over your mouth (note: don’t write on the dollar, ‘cause that’s illegal).

Saturday, the 21st, noon, Civic Center Park: Funeral for our Civil Liberties, protesting against NDAA, PIPA, SOPA.  There will also be other events throughout the week.

Occupy the Koch Brothers Working Group: They’re organizing a charter bus ($75/person) to go to Tulsa from March 2 – March 5.  Expect more on this.  Talk to somebody if interested.

Tactics: There is a sign/coffin-making party Tuesday at City o’ City.  Also trying to find a venue to show the “How to Start a Revolution” film.  Talk to somebody after GA if interested.

Education: Thursday, Jan. 12, 7:00 pm, Deer Pile (above City o’ City): Teach-In with Chad Kautzer: “Capitalism, Crisis, and Occupy Economics 101.”

A journalist traveling the country to visit occupations: Is on one of their last stop, and has accumulated a treasure trove of information about other occupations that can be used to grow the movement: http://seriousnote.wordpress.com/.  One observation they had about Occupations that had been successfully dispersed- it has resulted in a diffusion of the Movement into various neighborhoods, effectively spreading it to areas outside of the central Occupation.

Agenda Items

GA Procedures proposed changing the GA time/structure, beginning Jan. 16 and lasting until spring, to enable the GA to be more comfortable/inclusive/productive:

Tuesday General Assembly, 7PM @ “Deerpile space” upstairs from City O City 206 East 13th Avenue, Denver, CO

Thursday Inter-committee meetings(spokes Council meeting pending approval) 7PM @ “Deerpile space” upstairs from City O City 206 East 13th Avenue, Denver, CO

Saturday General Assembly, 3PM @ Civic Center Park
This is the only space in the area they could find, and the only times that were available.

After some discussion, it passed unanimously:
Yes 17, No 0, Abstentions 0
0 No

Proposal that OD support the Beyond Occupy event by putting it up on the website and inviting everyone.

Some discussion.

Yes 10, No 0, Abstentions 5

Open Discussion
There was some discussion about how to reliably and consistently provide food to The Row.

There was also some discussion about marching and subsequently having a sit-in on Stoner’s Hill, but it was decided to table the idea until further developed.