1-7-12 General Assembly Minutes

January 7, 2012 in Meeting minutes


Confiscated articles from the December 20th eviction have been reclaimed and are available from Move-On contact to owners.

Littleton group is trying to feed all 24/7 occupiers a hot meal every day. They have one day covered need help with rest of week. They figured that between 17$ and 18$ they can feed between 20-25 people. They are also having a Knit-in to make scarves, hats and gloves for 24/7 occupiers.

Tactics is looking for volunteers to be part of a phone tree during evictions so that belongings can be salvaged and saved,

January 8, 2012, Meeting 2350 Arapahoe Street 2-6 pm
January 8, 2012 1 hour before football game at Mile High Against SOPA, NDAA – New bill stripping you of civil rights
January 9,2012 Open Events Meeting 5-5:30pm at Civic Center Park
January 14. 2012 Foreclosures – Colorado Progressive Party
January 20, 2012 OCCUPY THE COURTS
11-12 pm Speeches Westside Capital State Building – repeal Corporate Personhood– Citizens United Cases – Get corporate money out of politics
12:00pm march to Colorado Court of Appeals & Federal court, sign petition to overturn Citizens United Act. handouts make your own sign or extra signs will be available
After MLK parade/march – a Redline meeting Beyond Cccupy Reclaiming our Future
Contact Tactics or Outreach for more info.
Outreach reaches out into the community for alliances and partnerships
Tactics organizes evictions and marches etc.
Email: outreach@occupydenver.org or email: tactics@occupydenver .org

Agenda Items

Change the Constitution: Wealth disparity common, rich use to constitution to stay rich, need reform that no longer supports the wealthy. Reform of Electoral College. Article V. of the constitution states method for reform & modifying the Constitution see below(from Expedia):
Article Five of the United States Constitution describes the process whereby the Constitution may be altered. Altering the Constitution consists of proposing an amendment or amendments and subsequent ratification.
Amendments may be proposed by either two-thirds of both houses of the United States Congress or by a national convention. This convention can be assembled at the request of the legislatures of at least two-thirds of the several states. To become part of the Constitution, amendments must then be ratified either by approval of the legislatures of three-fourths of the states or ratifying conventions held in three-fourths of the states. Congress has discretion as to which method of ratification should be used. Any amendment so ratified becomes a valid part of the constitution, provided that no state “shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the senate,” without its consent.
Discussion – Reform of Electoral College difficult should have more doable goals
Individual rights enable one to be more prosperous therefore
Get rid of corporate personhood
Courts need to respect individual rights
Discussion about State of Montana overthrowing the citizens United act. The reason this could happen was that Montana had laws already on the books that corporations were not people and that money is not free speech. Was a State versus Federal case. Colorado needs to get similar law passed
Need to turn power over to 99%
A Veterans spoke and said that need to respect constitution
Change comes from within and start from the bottom up
Citizens United vs. FEC
History of Corporation in U.S. a corporation is described as a person.
Legal definition of a person is a shell that holds rights needs to be determined more clearly that that rights are
Need to have realistic goals
Occupy Denver should become more politically involved someone says.
Elect people who support Occupy and 99%
Some politician in Massachusetts claims to be a supporter of the 99% and Occupy

Should Occupy Denver become more politically involved.
Occupy needs to be suspicious of politicians courting votes and elected officials
Use a tested model do not beg for answers
Nationwide movement to support each other
Share ideas for the future
Mike check and general assembly is a laboratory for the future
Need to bring together people that are disenfranchised
Change from within will lead to failure
No leaders –either good/bad
Find a way into the system use the model of tea party each vote counted and that got a voice
Do not want Occupy to become co-opted
Elected officials uphold the constitution like the sheriff in some place they are elected but in Denver they are appointed as in the manager of safety
Use of rhetoric can be used against us, be careful and avoid violence as in the Arab Spring. Officials support Arab Spring but not Occupy.

Get Stories Out
Mainstream media report a mountain of lies. Each of us has a story. Get your story out any way possible. Spread the news of 99%.
www.wearethe99%.org to post stories
outreach wants to put a human face video for the media. Interviews needed contact outreach@occupydenver .org
Occupy Denver has a forum on website where you can post stories check website

Electoral Reform
General Focus on electoral reform a very topical subject and one worth pursuing.
www.getmoneyout.org needs 500,000 signature so sign up power to the people
What is Occupy Denver doing about Electoral reform
Fighting Citizens United act

Relationship with Civic Center Park
Many uses for the park, MLK, Gay Pride, Cinque De Mayo etc. Occupy needs to meld with other groups and gathering to offer and gain support.
Concern about assimilating into other groups
Share our ideas
Listen to 99%
Need to manage out image better when with other groups
Feature in the MLK parade
Outreach working with other groups
Join with them
Any connection one has to other groups. Work with them.

Inside Space
Need to find spaces that we can count on to teach, show video if you have any info on this contact outreach@occupydenver.org

1/6/12 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

January 7, 2012 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Martin facilitating


- explained hand signals

- calls for committee announcements


Tactics committee announcement:


Pat from Tactics

Boulder is being raided tonight sometime after 11pm. Passed city legislation to say no one can stay overnight. After 11pm, Boulder will go on a mobile dance party / march. If interested, we are assembling rides.


Some questions raised about whether the raid is confirmed.  Raid isn’t confirmed, but it is possible after 11pm that they could get evicted.



Terese from GA Procedures committee:


On Wed. GA, decided that on Saturday at 12:30pm, instead of having a normal march, we will have an open forum, where all the people the normally come to the rallies and marches can talk about stuff related to the future and vision of Occupy Denver and how they can get involved.



Tad from Finance committee


Presenting financial audit

Have setup a credit union account through a cooperative

Money taken in has total $5,525. Majority has gone towards bail with the exception of just under $1,000 that has gone towards a road trip, tshirts and 24/7 budget.


Through our PayPal account, we have had a total of $6,400 donated.  There is about $430 left in the PayPal account. Credit union account has $523.  Of the bail money that we spent, we have received $1100 back in check form Need to decide whether to setup a separate bail fund or put it back into general fund.  Finance committee has helped individuals who want to give to to things related to Occupy Denver, about $4,400 in cash donations, the majority of which has gone towards bail through GA approval. $121 remains in cash from recent donation.


It will be published on the web site, after talking to a lawyer. Tad doesn’t want to take ownership of the cash, as it was never his.



Kerri from Gender issues committee is having a meeting around 3pm on Sunday afternoon.  Would like people from tactics, outreach and declaration of purpose to be at it.


Liberty says there is a meeting at 2:30pm for about 6 hours that is about the future of the Occupy Denver movement. It might overlap with Gender issues meeting.


Kerri will postpone until Monday or Tuesday so as not to conflict.



Proposal of Film and Video Committee

Proposal for two minute video about GA procedures


Those two items put on the agenda.



There is a pamphlet being created that will help with transparency and general information.  The first copy will hopefully be provided for the High Dive event on January 10.



Liberty wanted to give more information about the meeting on Sunday. It is at 2:30pm at 12th and Santa Fe, inside where we have electricity and lights. She is accepting agenda items for that meeting. The theme is the future of the Occupy Denver movement. So if you have anything pertaining to that topic, please see her or email general@occupydenver.org





Proposal for the creation of Occupy Denver film and video committee:







- mention of full agreement and support for proposal


- Kerri says that media / pr already has that responsibility and it would need to be removed or shared. We agreed to get someone a smartphone service to help 24/7.


Reply says that this won’t take anything from the other committees, but instead will help other committees and work closely with others.


Liberty says that currently the responsibilities that the fi;hand video committee are not being covered by pr/media. they are very similar, but basicallythis si creating content and pr/media will use that content.


Motion to vote, seconded. Vote 16 yes, 0 opposed, 0 abstain


Motion passes



Proposal for the film and video committee to create a two minute web video about GA procedures




No current cast or outline of video, but it can be done for no cost by the committee.


This is something that GA procedures has talked about, and Terese is excited about this and wants to help film and video.


Motion to vote and seconded: 15 yes, 0 opposed, 1 abstain.


Motion passes




Terese says we need to decide what to do about tuesdays and thursdays. They are called get involved nights, because we do not need to vote 5 or 7 days a week.  Tue/Thu intended for other participation from everyone in Occupy Denver and all the relevant issues.  On that note, she is proposing that this Tueday and Thursday, we use those get involved nights to do teach ins. Education opportunities, one of those nights would be a teach in on economic issues, led by an economic professor from UCD. The other night would be a teach in on participatory Democracy led by a professor at DU who is an expert on these issues. Her proposal would be to use the upstairs space at Studio city for these teach ins. Just this week. Studio city likes us. They have offered that we can use that space. More discussion will be had about this soon. They are offering it to us for a longer period of time, but for just this week, use that space at studio city to do those two teach ins during the get involved night time.


Only one of the professors has committed.


Internal core working group voiced support and says this is the direction things should be moving in.


Studio city is at 13th and grant.


motion to vote, seconded: 13 yes, 0 no, 0 abstain


motion passes



Kerri proposes that we recognize “Billy’s gangsta.”


No one outside of OD will get it, inside OD will be hilarious.


Anthony speaks in support


Terese agrees this is a proposal that we have been talking about and she is a fan of.  Terese wants someone to bottom line writing an awesome statement about it. Anthony agrees to do it.


Matt asks for clarification about what this is all about.


Kerri explains Billy is a drunk who hangs out here and he is crazy and cool.  He used to run around yelling “respect my gangsta.” He has felt marginalized as a guy on the street and would appreciate it.


Someone else mentions that only 24/7 committee will get it.


motion to vote, seconded: 13 yes, 0 opposed, 6 abstain.


motion passes


GA officially respects Billy’s gangsta.



Proposal to get light sabers, with green and blue ones. And then offer the red ones to the police when they come.  Record it and put it on the web site.




- in support of idea or for a future march. No fake guns. Little kids and parents will like this. Police won’t want to fight us with light sabers, but it is funny

- as a point of process, Terese thinks the best way to make that happen is to talk to tactics and make it happen.

- storing them will be too complicated, better for march.


- proposal tabled and to be taken to tactics / events



Pat announces that right after GA, tactics committee will meet about Boulder eviction.


Motion to adjourn seconded with no opposed.


1/4/12 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

January 5, 2012 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Committee Announcements:
Tim (Legal): Legal team has being formed; in process of getting training from Dabc.  Need people- talk to Tim or Patty if interested.
    Roshan: Legal team needs lawyers!
Tim (Relocation): Relocation has identified three potential locations within six blocks: City O’ City, a Santa Fe art gallery, and possibly the Aztlan Theater.  OD is still in need of a dedicated HQ.
Martin (Fundraising): Considering doing a State of Disunion Address on the date of the State of the Union address, which is the 24th at 7:00 pm.
Terese (Education): The Education Committee infrastructure is up and running!  Nick put it on the website.  There is a form to submit if you want to do teach-ins.
(There was then a straw poll taken to determine if the GA wanted the committee members to introduce themselves.  It was voted 15 Yes, 2 No.  Introductions then commenced.)
Outside Group Announcements:
Mayor Hancock is giving a speech at the Auraria campus.  How about a direct action?
Tanner-  There is an art exhibit beginning Friday at 7:00 pm, and they have offered to let us put on an event Thursday.
Roshan- Occupy DU is putting together speakers for the 17th and 18th, professors at DU.  On the 19th, at 5:00 pm, there is to be a student debate on the Movement.
Gary- OD has a show on Denver Open Media, Tuesday at 6:00.  If you have ideas or content, contact Gary.
Occupy the Moment meditations take place Saturdays, 10:30 am, and Wednesdays, 6:30 pm.
General Announcements:
Tim- Global Revolution TV has been invaded.  This is fucked up!
Nick- Doing work on the website.  A website team is beginning to get its act together, but in the meantime, he’s the go-to guy.  First thing needed: committee descriptions- send these to general.  Also send recommendations for the website to general, although there is a limited amount that Nick can implement.
    Roshan- we’re looking for professional web designers.
Jason- What happened to Occupy Boulder?
    Roshan- somebody with the City passed an ordinance clarifying what’s allowed after 11:00- basically, exercise and stargazing.  Occupy Boulder is therefore planning on having a stargazing party nightly at 11:00.
Gary- There is an OD YouTube channel- Film/Video would like the password so they can upload videos.
    Tim- Contact the owner directly through YouTube.
There was then an angry complaint about people smoking during the GA’s.  It was pointed out that a previous GA has decided that you can smoke, but you’re expected to do so outside the circle, or downwind.
Since there were no resolutions submitted, we moved to discussion.  It was voted to begin on a topic proposed by Tanner on SOPA and NDAA:
Tanner is getting involved in direct actions around this issue.  It was decided that it would be good to do things like  banner-dropping.  It was decided that it would make the most sense to do this in high-traffic areas during high-profile times, such as during the next Broncos game.  It was also brought up that we could get a lot of Tea Partiers and civil libertarians on this one.  Jan 17th, as a National Day of Action, would be a good time.  Tanner invited everybody to help plan it, at Friday’s Events Committee meeting at 5:30.
It was then voted to move onto a topic proposed by Wayne: what to do about the lack of signs at the Occupation.  It was discussed that the cops would remove them nightly as “encumbrances,” hence we’d need to get around that.  Roshan brought up that it’d be a great idea for a working group.  Martin offered to supply banner materials, making it big enough that 24/7 could sleep on it.  Jason brought up that we could get somebody who’s occupying on board, since cardboard signs are comfortable!  Roshan and Nick offered to build website support for sign making.The final discussion topic was also brought up by Wayne, who was concerned about the relative smallness of last Saturday’s march, as well as the relative lack of OD visibility.  The general consensus was that it was organized by different groups, it’s the holidays and lots of people are gone, etc. Additionally, it was viewed as a positive thing that we would be willing to join other groups- we don’t have to be “top dog” all the time.  The discussion then changed to a more general one about tactics, with Tim noting that week after week, we do the same thing and it’s only natural that we’d lose people.  Roshan then proposed that this Saturday be a “get involved day.”

After discussion, the final proposal was:
“This Saturday at 12:30 we should hold a non-voting GA to discuss how people would like to get involved.  This will be advertised on the website.”  It PASSED: 16 Yes, 0 No, 2 Abstaining.

1-4-12 Occupy Denver in Occupy Boulder GA

January 4, 2012 in Meeting minutes

Teach in, Urban Camping 102

Safehouse for OB? Yes, xxxx’s house.

Take Occupy Boulder’s stuff to Occupy Denver?

Phone tree at Occupy Denver, evacuation plans.

Option 1, take stuff to OD, wait for raid, bring stuff back.

Two types of people; arrestables vs. non-arrestables.

Taco aka hot pocket.

Drag tent.

Bug out bag. Take your stuff and run, bare essentials.


Dance party. Council says this is not a protest, but still allows Star gazing, dancing, cycling and jogging.  That is why this is a dance party.


How to stay mobile during eviction.  Have everything you don’t want destroyed taken down at or before 11.

Be ready at all times. Keep important stuff in backpack.

City council and Boulder are scared of negative publicity.  The police said they wouldn’t do that. It’s more about education.

Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

They may understand, but they take commands from above them (the police)…from higher up the chain.

Cops come by every night.

They did not raid today, because it hasn’t been signed.  One of the people that voted in opposition to the new rule, said “nobody knows whats going on with this rule at the moment”.  It was supposed to be signed and enacted today.

12/30/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 31, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Jason from Events committee had an announcement, that they had decided to focus on more events, albeit smaller direct-action types.
Sara from Outreach committee had an announcement on the veterans organization, which was turned into a proposal.
Jo from the Unnamed working group announced a fundraiser planned for Jan 24th, to begin at 5-5:30. Booths are planned, venues are being located, the highlight of the night is a mock State of Dis-Union address, to be followed by an Occupy Denver fashion show and a raffle.
On the agenda were two proposals to form new committees and one proposal to set the theme for the Jan 14th march.
The first proposal, which passed unanimously on a vote of 23-0-0, was to form a new committee tasked with resource development. This is the same group which is doing the Jan 24th fundraiser. The name of the group is TBD, as the working name was deemed exclusive and no one cares to call it Resource Development.
The second proposal, which passed on a vote of 21-0-1, was to designate the Jan 14th march as being for American veterans. Outreach has already contacted veterans associations and Oathkeepers to participate.
The third proposal, which passed unanimously on a vote of 25-0-0, was to re-form the Legal committee. DABC is handling training for committee members, and several members of GA signed up to join the newly re-formed committee.
General announcements were re-opened after the agenda items. The new committees were informed they would be getting email packages from Admin to coordinate paperwork and meeting notes, and the PR committee – version 2.0 – was roundly commended for their excellent work after the committee shake-up. GA was dismissed at 8:20.
These are the notes for voting GA 12-30-11.

12/28/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 29, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Minutes for Wednesday, 12/28/2011

Tim (Relocation Committee): The Relocation Committee is looking for a reliable place to hold in-door GA’s and meetings- there is an offer from a local theater. A debate then ensued about the merits/lack thereof of moving GA’s inside.

Patti (Media/PR, Events): There is a rally Saturday at 1:00pm against Suncor, Tar Sands, and XL Energy. It will include various groups, including AIM and DABC.

Jo (Tactics): The Tactics Committee has newly reformed, and the number one need is people able and willing to be on phones at a moment’s notice in the event of emergency.

Martin: Martin is working on a web portal (different from Blair’s). Talk to him if interested.

Ben (24/7): CCH is willing to consider endorsing a review of homeless shelters.

Jo (Economic Statement Committee): The committee needs people. Contact her if interested.

Josh (Outreach): Outreach is looking for permanent occupiers to work with on a coalition-building project to get them consistent food. Talk to him if interested.

Tad: While the Movement is in hibernation over the winter, need to keep on the radar with direct actions. Currently thinking of an action against Wells Fargo- contact general@occupydenver.org, subject “Event Ideas,” if interested in this or if you have other ideas.

Anthony (Veterans working group): Vets working group convened for the first time last Saturday

Jason (Admin): Proposal to fill Admin Committee vacancy with Nick Snoux.
Passed: 13 Yes, 0 No

Tim: Proposal to make amend Saturday’s events to make it a “double header,” going ahead with the original War on Drugs march @ 12PM, then moving to Skyline to join the anti-Suncor march @ 1PM.
Passed (after lengthy debate): 15 Yes, 3 No, 8 Abstain

12/27/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 27, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

12/27/11 GA Notes


Emergency Agenda Item- 24/7 Occupiers need a phone with a camera and a storage unit to enhance security, communication, and documentation during raids/police harassment.


On 12/27/11 at 1am Occupiers had their tarps torn off of them and were demanded to remove personal items within 10 minutes. The police officers offered the same “encumbrance” eviction paper as their justification (but with no warning ahead of time). Occupiers had to run to a pay phone (to no avail) and an apartment to reach help to retrieve private property and to record the officers.


The need for a storage unit for essential personal items, such as: birth certificates, personal photos, court papers, etc. was discussed.


The need for a phone with a camera (preferably a smart phone) for calling emergency help and back-up, for recording interactions with police, and for mass communication through the internet was discussed.


The idea was proposed to seek both items as donations before using funds.


An idea was proposed for an emergency twitter account that sends text alerts.


The previously discussed necessity of an emergency phone tree was reiterated.


A vote was taken to have a phone on the ground for the 24/7 Occupiers.

13 For

1 Opposed

0 Abstaining


The finances for the phone were discussed. Several people offered phones that could be donated. Different plan options were discussed. Anthony offered to add a phone to his plan. It had been proposed to raise the funds among the members of the GA, but as the exact cost was unknown, funding for the emergency phone was tabled until GA on 12/28/11 to allow Anthony to learn the total cost for activation fee, monthly service cost, etc. Funding options will be discussed at the GA on 12/28/11.


A vote was taken on the 24/7 Occupier to be responsible for the emergency phone. For security purposes this name will be available upon request. Alternates were discussed as well, in case of emergency.

9 For

0 Opposed

2 Abstaining


Further decisions on the storage unit were tabled until a cost estimate could be brought to GA. The goal for the estimate is 12/28/11. Discussion of access to the storage unit will be at the same GA.


The Twitter emergency account was discussed further. Privacy concerns were raised.


GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS (because this was an emergency GA, the emergency agenda item had been discussed first)


*Matt raised the proposal to act in solidarity with Occupy St. Paul, MN on January 17, 2012 against the NDAA. The action would be to Occupy the Senator’s Office.


Questions were raised about the fact that the NDAA, if not signed or vetoed, would become law within 10 days, well before January 17, 2012.


The idea was tabled until further information could be learned.




*Outreach Committee- Anthony mentioned that the January 10, 2012 event at the Hi-Dive was coming together well.


Anthony also mentioned outreach to veterans was going well, while outreach to senior citizens was not going as well.


*Silas mentioned hearing about other Occupations going underground and ceasing to exist and rallied everyone to keep things going at Occupy Denver.


At this time, the GA came to a close

12-26-11 General Assembly Notes

December 26, 2011 in Meeting minutes


Admin – Thursday two new committees were formed

Someone mentioned that they didn’t think committee’s were necessary for the functioning of Occupy Denver.

24/7- Wednesday at 5pm there will be an open committee meeting.

An open records request turned up emails to mayor about Occupy Denver, many in support.

Tomorrow (11/27/11) court support at 8am.

Agenda Items

Theme for Saturdays March – The War on Drugs

Using Miguel’s 4-20 permit, our theme will be against the War on Drugs. We will tie it in with the theme that it’s your last day to be Time’s “Person of the Year” for 2011.

Yes14, No 0, Abstention 5

Our traveling guests at Occupy Denver, from Albany, NY and Olympia, Washington + 1 more (location?).

Observations: Groups disperse after winter weather and raids, making different factions between GA people, 24/7 people, etc. We have no process for internal conflict (outside opinion-there’s a procedure).

We’re some of the most fun seen on travels.

Our perseverance and not bowing down to raids was mentioned twice.

Someone is holding a workshop called “Rediscovering the Sovereign” at Castlewood Public Library, Tuesday, December 27, 5-9pm.

Proposal to form an Evacuation/Raid committee

Decided as a sub-committee of the Tactics committee.

Create calling trees for emergencies, especially for people close by with cars to help get belongings. A recon group for high-risk days.

General guidelines for escape route are to go to populated areas, but not the 16th St. Mall (more like Capitol Hill and Colfax), as opposed to the isolated areas surrounding the occupation (near museums, library, etc. that are all empty at night).

Yes 14, No 0, 2 Abstaining

4. A proposal for the occupiers to buy a set of portable speakers to improve morale outside, financed with OD money.

This was tabled until Wednesday. Jo will contact the finance committee to find out about our current funds.

5. A proposal to create a working group to facilitate communication between the PR, Admin, Tech committees and the public. Specific examples included making informational pamphlets for GAs.

This was tabled until after January 8′s committee job review/evaluation, as it was believed to be a possible redundancy. I will get his info to someone so that he may begin working within existing groups on his ideas.

General discussion about discouraging underage kids in CCP overnight.

***We had the cops harass occupiers just hours after this GA, the phone tree (and a phone for 24/7 occupiers to use—with camera) is an emergency need. Occupiers had to walk to someone’s house and knock on their door to get help grabbing belongings and taping the police.***

12-22-11 General Assembly Notes

December 22, 2011 in Meeting minutes

Here’s a link to videos of this General Assembly


Satirical Christmas Caroling on Saturday as our march and in neighborhoods, as opposed to the usual route. This happened and was a success!

Audit of Occupy Denver. Account for all money and resources that we currently have, where money is currently going, etc. To be completed by January 1, 2012. From that date forward, receipts are to be kept for all financial transactions. Greater transparency with the money and resources of Occupy Denver.

Creating a security committee, effective immediately but recruiting more members. (Unfortunately I erased the video that had the names of the members that night on the committee. I’m really sorry. I can tell you that this was James’s agenda item and we can ask for clarification.) From memory, members included: James, David “Beard,” Corey, myself-Pamela, and Kerri, but there were more.

A massive once-off review of all of Occupy Denver’s committees to take place on January 8, 2012. All committees will present to the GA what they have accomplished and what they are currently working on. The GA members will be able to evaluate their performance and vote to make changes to committees. Some may be abolished due to inactivity, some due to redundancy. Some may need structural changes due to members. Some may be doing an excellent job and will continue as they are. This is a huge event, that will be well-advertised to attract a very large GA. This will be the time to attract people back to the movement, or to allow new members to feel like they can become more involved. This once-off job evaluation will be followed up with the current plan for greater transparency and review of Occupy Denver committees.

Declaring Christmas day Reconstruction Day, but this date already passed and there were too many cops around the park to proceed.

Creating a gender-issues committee, effective immediately but recruiting more members.

12/18/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 19, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes


7 Pm GA

Roshan Facilitates – Ben 24/7 takes Stack

Committee Announcements:

Pat – Outreach Committee hosting video and gathering event at Gypsy House tomorrow 5:30 PM
Ben 24/7 – Announces weird state of occupation with pending eviction but points out extensive clean-up. Tomorrow is also a big clean-up
Terese multi-comittees – Declaration of Purpose drafting still occurring – call for content
Brandi – Headquarters, etc: Statewide meetings and conferences in work – structure building – get involved
Greg – Peace/Non-violence: Focus continues to being on the 1%

Outside group announcements: Mr. Simmons – civil rights activist announces protest at Red Lion 1:30 Pm 3200 S. Parker Road @ I-225 regarding a VA hospital being built without African American Labor being hired. It’s a corporate greed thing.
1st Monday of every month GEO detention center there is a candelight vigil for
Dec 20th Municipal Building 7PM a homeless vigil will occur for those who’ve died on the streets. “This will be there only memorial service”.
Carrie – building a kitchen calling for stoves, dishes, etc.
Ben – Write up about homeless intiative
“Construction” Working Group – Working on building more “houses” especially a women’s only house on the row.
Greg – ‘Occupy Senators working group’ to form regarding occupying government officials offices.

“Get Involved” proposal: A teach-in to be propagated as THURSDAYS “Get Involved” night on all media as a “Labor Liberation/ Workers Right’s” Workshop – American Friends Service Committee from 7 – 9PM, Thurs. 12/22. 27 Yes, 1 No, 1 Abstaining. ~ Motion Passes

Ben 24/7 Proposal: Tuesday, Homelessness Caucus (Fishbowl Style) – To hear from people who are so participatory in Occ Den, on the ground, living. ***Discussion*** Yes 23, 1 No, 4 Abstaining. ~ Motion Passes

Proposal Jason 24/7 for Meeting with Chief White Monday at 2 PM: Going into this meeting we have to be really careful/ smart/ strategic – There is list of criteria from a cross-committee meeting:

Be respectful, previous experience meeting with official, knowledge of inner-workings the movement as a whole, equal cross-section of occupy Denver, negotiation skills, no personal agendas, that group can agree on cohesive message, people need to be able to work together, have to meet before-hand to put together plan. Trustworthy on decision-making, regular participant on the ground, non-contentious, diverse body

Max 10 people … Beginning of proposed list:
Tim, Jason, Roshan, Anthony, Liberty, Brett, Terese, Nick at night, Leo, Cat 24/7
DISCUSSIONS & Added Nominations – BEN, JT Sexton, Dana, Carrie, Ambros, Kat
Tim- 25 yes, 3-no … Jason- 29 yes, 3 no … Roshan- 27 yes, 2- no … Anthony 14- yes … 8 no … Liberty 24 yes, 2 no, Brett – 24, yes – 4 no … Terese 27 yes, 2 no … Nick@nite 22, 2 no … Leo 22 yes, 3 no, Cat, 27, n0, 2 … Ben 28, 4 no, JT 15 yes, 3 no … Dana 28 yes, 2 no … Carrie 16 yes, 4 no … Ambros (non committee member) 30 yes , 2 no, Kat 30 yes, 2

Elected TEAM: Cat, Ambrose, Jason, Dana, Ben, Roshan, Kat, Terese, Liberty & Tim

GA Adjourned 30 min past schedule after some short additional announcements.