Recap of “March Against Neo-Feudalism”

July 9, 2012 in Event, Media, Photos


Photos by Joshua Wilson

Occupy Denver’s “march against neo feudalism” was a smashing success.  Despite torrential rainfall occupiers slowly gathered in La Alma Park as the rain gave way.  La Alma’s radical history in the 60s found itself in good company with Occupiers, Anons, anti-capitalists, disenfranchised democrats and everyone else who wanted to thumb their nose at the empire.  There was a brief conversation between the Denver Police and occupiers before the march expressing the wish of the DPD that O.D. obey traffic laws.   The group consensus was to take the streets, and that is what O.D. did.

The march began by cutting through the soon to be demolished sections of the housing projects on Arapahoe and 9th.   People cheered, honked and joined our procession as we wound our way through the neighborhoods surrounding the Santa Fe area.  The theme of the night was largely anti-capitalist and Anti-repression chants, which are the hallmark of today’s feudalism.

As O.D. approached the Santa Fe Artwalk Occupiers picked up  the 10 piece mobile drum band, “Pick Up America” at a live broadcast performance with Denver Open Media/ KGNU.  O.D. marched into the lot where the live broadcast was happening to wait for the band.  While occupiers gathered and watched the performance unconfirmed stories circulated of Denver Police prompting the managers of the property to file a complaint against us.  It’ll be a cold day in guantanamo to expect the building that houses KGNU, DOM and broadcasts Freespeech TV, Link TV, & Democracy Now to press charges against O.D.

When Occupy took to the streets of the art walk, people once again cheered, honked and showed signs of support.  The addition of the Pick-Up America troop took the march to a much higher and positive energy level.   Occupiers stopped in front of the Democratic HQ, denounced the failed policies of Obama & the electoral politics which represent a mere simulation of governance.  “Drones strikes are war crimes, give Obama prison time.”

Finally the march ended in front of the Atlzan theatre, where Occupiers announced a bloc dance party.  More folks from the crowd joined the demonstration and the   decision was made to disperse and let the drivers on Santa Fe pass by.  Many occupiers disappeared quietly into the art walk crowd and others into the Atzlan Theatre for drinks.  Occupiers were overwhelmed with the generosity of the Atzlan’s owners, who greeted us with free sandwiches.    This is what solidarity looks like.

Occupy Denver would like to thank the local community, business owners, and art walkers for all their support.


Photos: Occupy Denver Solidarity with Quebec Student Protests

June 2, 2012 in Photos

On June 1, 2012, Occupy Denver, along with members of Occupy Auraria, Occupy DU, and PAZ (Politically Active Ztudents) marched in solidarity with the 100+ day-long student strike that has been going on in Quebec over tuition hikes. Photos from this march can be seen in the slideshows below.

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Photos by lthnmsrtkn on Flickr

Photos by Josh/Wolf on Flickr