Children’s March for Saturday November 26

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This Saturday Occupy Denver is proud to announce its first ever Children’s March on November 26th at 10am.  From our first march, we have been blessed to have so many young people marching with us.  Some of the most telling & compelling testemonials  we’ve heard have come from the youth.  To the parents of Colorado, we invite you and your children to come out and stand in solidarity with our younger brothers and sisters as they hold rallies and march for their future at Civic Center Park on 11/26.

Last Monday Occupy Denver was blessed with a  fieldtrip of 50 or more 7-8th graders from the Logan School.  We were blown away by the questions they asked, their understanding of the issues, and their enthusiasm.  We know that the intrinsic human state is one leaning towards equality, generosity, inquisitiveness and of love. These qualities are ever present in our younger generation despite the world that awaits them.

In other countries the children are building iphones, sewing together designer brands or fighting wars, so we tell ourselves they have it pretty good.  For the first time in a long time, a generation in the United States is born that has less opportunities than the one that came before.

The adults have had their chance.  In a few short years this generation will be leading the world with their ideas.  They are the generation that will face the worst effects of the Global Warming catastrophe that we have done little to mitigate. They are the generation that will help develop a renewable green energy infrastructure and rebuild our cities. They are yet another generation that will decide if America will continue to wage imperial wars or seek to build cooperation and collaboration amongst the rest of the world.  Will they live in a world where corporations have more rights than people?  Will they live in a world of where organisms are copy-righted and people are mere cogs in a wheel?  Will they live out a virtual existence or an authentic one, full of real life possibilities? The answers to these questions rest on all of our shoulders. The world of the future belongs to the kids, so let their voices be heard.

Occupy Denver Supports Buy Local Black Friday

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This Black Friday Occupy Denver has opted not to disrupt the activities of normal Americans as they go about their Christmas shopping. While we stand in Solidarity with several branches of the Occupy movement in observance of “Buy Nothing Day,” and “Boycott Walmart,” we also urge you to shop at local small businesses and artisan stores on this day. We are in the midst of this financial crisis largely because everything in our homes is currently manufactured overseas. This shift in manufacturing has deteriorated the United States labor market and eliminated our foothold as the most dominant economy in the world. The local small businesses and artisan shops of Denver survive on a slim margin and we urge you to consider them in your Black Friday shopping plans. For a directory of locally owned businesses please check here and here. If you are looking for products you may not be able to find in Denver, we urge you to try ETSY or look online for the independent equivalent.

We at Occupy Denver know that we can’t buy our way out of the massive problems we face. What we also know is that we can hit these mega exploiters where it hurts, like we did with the banks last month for Bank Transfer Day; in the pocketbook.

We stand in Solidarity with branches of the Occupy Movement across the Country who have denoted Walmart as one of the main enemies of American Labor. One measure of Walmart’s, and all corporations’, success is sales on Black Friday, so we urge all Americans to shop elsewhere. Avoid the Cherry Creek mall and all bastions of Corporatocracy in Denver. Spend the day with your loved ones and support your local economy.


Occupy Denver Wins Westword’s #WebAward

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Thank you, Westword, for bestowing a #WebAward for Best Social or Political Campaign unto Occupy Denver. We most graciously and humbly accept this recognition.

Occupy Denver is Denver’s Best Social or Political Campaign.

With no tents or structures allowed and regular run-ins with the police, it would be understandable if Occupy Denver struggled to keep the world updated on the movement. But that’s hardly the case: The group has occupied Twitter, Facebook and its own easy-to-use website since the beginning of its reign downtown, and all three provide a functional, readily comprehensible approach to a city that the Daily Beast recently voted the angriest in America.

Wesleyan Students Revoke Hickenlooper’s Degree

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Demonstrate for Global Day of Action

Press contacts:
Ross Levin – – 610 888 1541
Daniel Plafker – – 561 573 6602

Middletown, CT – Earlier this afternoon, Wesleyan University students demonstrated as part of the November 17th Occupy Movement global day of action, culminating in the symbolic revocation of Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s, Wesleyan Class of 1974, degree. Almost 100 students rallied through the campus in response to the recent eviction of Occupy Wall Street and Governor Hickenlooper’s ongoing support of evictions and arrests at Occupy Denver.

Students began their march on the steps of the University library, before continuing in a path around buildings central to campus life. They entered the library, administrative buildings, and the student center. Students were accompanied by a marching band and distributed informative flyers as they walked.

Popular chants included, “We are the 99 percent,” “Whose school? Our school,” “End student debt,” and, “Stop police brutality!” The demonstration occurred to voice support for the Occupy movement, as well as condemning the recent evictions and widespread police brutality.

Students chanted in support of inclusivity in higher education and against corporate greed and student debt. At the end of the march, they gathered to watch and participate in a dramatization of a citizens’ arrest of Governor Hickenlooper and the subsequent revocation of his degree by Wesleyan President Michael Roth. Afterward, the assembled crowd called the Governor’s office to inform him of the ceremony.


Occupy Denver Reponds To Ongoing Police Brutality & State Oppression Against The Occupy Movement

November 13, 2011 in Press

photo by tanner spendley


Experienced police brutality? Go to our resources page for a form to submit to the Office of the Independent Monitor of the DPD.

If you so choose, please email a copy of your completed for to us for our archive.

It is clear that the occupation movement has the government terrified of the emerging “people power” in America and is willing to suppress this movement by any means. In the past 24 hours, major Occupations across America were attacked and forcibly evicted. Word is that the newly emerging class consciousness in America is bad for business and must be stopped. Last night, once again,public safety and health reasons were evoked by legal officials as a mob of riot police marched into Civic Center Park. In the past weeks Occupy Denver members were legally sleeping on the sidewalk without tents. A warning notice was given to the protesters late Friday night by police officials stating that “encumbrances” must be removed from public sidewalks, though no official notice of enforcement, or a time, was given. Again the government decided to change the rules and enforce its most belligerent action to date, to remove everyone from the sidewalk that in prior notices from the state were approved. When asked if ample time would be given to remove personal property, the officers responded in the affirmative. Moments later, the police moved in.

Once again, the DPD reaffirms its position as the most violent police force in the United States. Officers assaulted demonstrators who were just standing on the sidelines. An officer waited until a protester turned around and hit him in the back three times. They assaulted people verbally, including threats to “break the teeth” of protesters. One officer told another officer to “SHOOT EM!! SHOOT EM NOW!” One protester was struck by an officer on a motorcycle and was hospitalized. Protesters were kettled and shot with pepper-balls, according to Colorado Street Medics, who found pepper-ball shells at the scene of last night’s incident. The shooting took place at 14th and Speer, eventually forcing the group to move to 16th St. Mall, where diners and theater-goers were present. The police action resulted in the closing of the 16th St. Mall bus system for civilian safety. Police actions put the general public in harms way, for no reason. All of this dangerous mayhem, completely instigated by police under the orders of our Mayor, was directed at peaceful protesters. Protestors were followed, intimidated and hunted by the police for hours after the eviction, proving that this was not about Civic Center park, but an attempt to aggressively confront the Occupy movement. These are certainly the kind of actions one might expect from the Egyptian Police in the last days of the Arab Spring, but not in Denver….

Our calls for the state to respect our First Amendment rights have apparently fallen on deaf ears. Our attempts to negotiate through the city council, the mayor, and the governor have turned up nothing concrete. The first amendment states that it is illegal for the state to make any laws “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” For the Occupy Movement, the ability to assemble in tents is a form of free speech, and our constitutional rights have clearly been violated. The state and local governments are both in violation of the U.S. Constitution, as they are also in violation of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  We call on the Department of Justice and the UN Human Rights Commission to look into these allegations as we assert our right to freely assemble peacefully.

So far almost 4,000 folks have been arrested at Occupy demonstrations around the country, yet not a single one of the Wall Street criminals responsible for the financial ruin we find ourselves in has. We have mobilized against the greatest concentration of power known to man, and like all empires of the past, we know this one will not go down without a fight. It’s been little over a month, and we can already see the tremendous positive impact the Occupy movement has had. For the fourth time in a month, they may have blocked off our park from us, but we are not going anywhere.

Saturday Rally To End Corporate Personhood

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This Saturday join the 99% led by Shelby, who is more human than any corporation could ever dream, in a march against corporate personhood! Let’s celebrate what it means to be human.

We’ll start at noon at Civic Center Park with speeches and a skit putting corporations on trial. Afterwards we march downtown, ending up at the west Capitol Steps where Move To Amend and others will be speaking about the dangers and illegitimacy of corporate money as protected speech.


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Occupy Denver
Attn: Media-PR Committee


In response to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s insistence that Occupy Denver choose leadership to deal with City and State officials, and drawing inspiration from the notion that corporations are people, Occupy Denver’s General Assembly has elected a leader: Shelby, a three year old Border Collie. “Shelby is closer to a person than any corporation: She can bleed, she can breed, and she can show emotion. Either Shelby is a person, or corporations aren’t people,” said a Shelby supporter at the time of her election.

Occupy Denver reserves the right to alter leadership status, but for now, Shelby exhibits heart, warmth, and an appreciation for the group over personal ambition that Occupy Denver members feel are sorely lacking in the leaders some of them have voted for on national, state, and local levels. Accordingly, Occupy Denver looks forward to communication with Mayor Hancock and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper sometime this week to introduce their leadership.

Newly-elected leader Shelby will be leading this Saturday’s Occupy Denver march against Corporate Personhood, and invites all other civic minded dogs (and their leash-holders) to join.

- END -

Occupy Denver Honors Veterans & Takes Action Against Big Banks

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Occupy Denver
Attn: Media-PR Committee




Denver, Colorado, November 2nd, 2011 - This Saturday, November 5th, Denver is hosting its 2011 Veterans Day Parade in Civic Center Park, where Occupy Denver has established its Occupation. Last night, Occupy Denver came to a unanimous consensus to vacate Civic Center Park following the 7 PM General Assembly meeting on Friday, November 4th, in a show of solidarity with our veterans, our service men and women, and our fallen heroes. Occupy Denver supports the valor and sacrifice of the men and women of our armed forces, and unilaterally wishes to show unwavering support and respect for the Veterans Day Parade.


Occupy Denver will reestablish its Occupation at Skyline Park on 16th Street Mall, directly across from the Denver Federal Reserve building, and has planned a series of actions for Saturday to coincide with the bank boycott known as Bank Transfer Day, in which customers are urged to close their accounts with predatory financial institutions like Wells Fargo, Citibank, and Chase, and redeposit their funds into their local credit unions. Occupy Denver member Mitch Shenassa explains, “The Occupation has deliberately chosen the space across from the Federal Reserve as its temporary site to bring attention to the economic dangers posed by this independent central bank and its short-sighted fractional reserve banking system that cause the devaluation of our currency and the ballooning of our national debt.”


Denver’s citizens will gather at the Federal Reserve building and march en masse to their respective banks to withdraw their financial support from the corporate entities responsible for the gradual erosion of the middle class through sub-prime mortages, usurious fees and interest rates, and a loyalty to corporate profits over the financial interests of their hard-working customers. Occupy Denver will coordinate and rally customers to an undisclosed number of Downtown Denver’s corporate bank branches in a randomized sequence throughout the morning and afternoon. Read the rest of this entry →

6pm Sunset Peace Vigil Tonight – Press Release Attached

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Occupy Denver is currently working to reconstruct a timeline of yesterday’s events, and to place all available unedited photographic and video evidence in its full chronological context with statements from witnesses.

Tonight we will gather again in solidarity to hold a Sunset Peace Vigil.  This candlelight vigil will serve as our collective stand against violence by individuals and police, and to refocus our collective perspective on our primary goals of socioeconomic justice and peace.

- Tanner Spendley

Thank you to everyone who was at the march yesterday, to everyone who stayed through the police raid, and everyone supporting from home and elsewhere. This movement needs us all now more than ever.

We aren’t going anywhere!

See you tonight - 6pm Sunset Peace Vigil at Civic Center Park.






Occupy Denver

Attn: Media-PR Committee


The weekly march at Occupy Denver deteriorated into a full-fledged standoff yesterday, resulting in several confrontations between police and protesters. The primary message of the Occupy Wall Street movement has become overshadowed in the past few weeks, as focus has shifted from demands for economic justice to 1st Amendment rights and outcries against police brutality.

The display of overt police violence at yesterday’s assembly of peaceful protesters was entirely abhorrent. The overwhelming police presence was centered on a handful of tents in a public park. The unnecessary show of force by the Denver Police Department was not only disproportionate and inflammatory, but a vastly excessive expenditure of public funds. We urge Denver’s new Chief of Police, Robert White, to live up to his reputation for being reasonable and holding police officers under his jurisdiction accountable.

We openly condemn the Denver Police Department for using pepper balls, shotgun-propelled beanbag rounds, pepper spray and tear gas on an entirely unarmed and nonviolent group. We have collected scores of unedited photos and videos depicting sheer brutality on the part of police on site: officers choking already restrained protesters, using a stun wand on a female arrestee who was already face down and pinned to the ground by an officer, verbally threatening protesters during the standoff, and recklessly and indiscriminately deploying chemical weapons on unarmed civilians, to name a few.

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October 26, 2011 in Press


Over the past few days the city has issued its initial price tag
for Occupy Denver. They say they spent an exorbitant amount,
over $365,000. That is enough money to put most of the
homeless folk that they forcibly evicted from the “tent city”
in condos for a year and still have money left over to provide
Occupy Denver with electricity, portapotties, and heat for the
winter. At the very least, that money could have been used
for creating jobs or community building. According to Mayor
Hancock’s office, the money was allocated as follows: Denver
Police Department – $237,000. 
Denver Sheriff’s Department
- $116,000. 
Denver Health – $10,000. 
Public Works – $1,300 

Environmental Health – $500. We are told that the tents were
taken down for safety reasons and that they set a dangerous
precedent. We are concerned about the safety of the homeless
population as well as the Occupiers as winter encroaches. We
question the state’s demands for “safety” as we recall a massive
police presence, and the treatment of non-violent protesters
over the last week, and many others who find themselves
without a safe place to sleep at night.

This week it was announced that the Mayor seeks to ban all
downtown camping. Currently, the 16th St. Mall is one of the
few places in the city where homeless people can legally sleep
from 9pm-7am without risking arrest. This ban will make
the lives of Denver’s homeless even more difficult. The mayor
says, “We only have one downtown. We must protect the
vitality of our downtown, the city core.” Occupy Denver is in

full agreement with this statement. We must protect our city
core, which as we know, consists of many homeless veterans
and other citizens who have nowhere else to go. We are also
comprised of those who continue to occupy the downtown
area in solidarity with the global Occupy movement. Placing
a ban on “downtown camping” would attempt to hammer the
final nail into the coffin of the Occupy movement in Denver,
by making it illegal for anyone to sleep on a sidewalk, which
is where the Occupy Denver exiles are currently situated.
Mayor Hancock’s website states, “He believes in bringing
different groups together to find common-sense solutions
to complicated challenges, and he believes that by working
together we can build on our past and create a world-class city
of tomorrow, because We are all Denver.” We invite the mayor
to follow through with his commitment to find a common
sense solution to this complicated challenge, by addressing
his concerns directly with Occupy Denver. This is not a debate
over tents. We are focused on being allowed a platform by
which we may legally express our grievances.

With this in mind, we would like to draw to the state’s
attention, that as promised, we have obtained over
10,000 signatures on the petition to end arrests at Occupy
Denver. We urge the city council to pass a resolution of
solidarity with the Occupy Denver movement, and to push
the Mayor and Governor to allow us to occupy throughout
the winter. We urge the Mayor to grant a waiver of city
ordinance to Occupy Denver members to allow us to resume
our occupation without arrest.

Let us help you. We are all the 99%. By working with us on
these issues you will have the support of the people. When this

occupation movement succeeds, corporations will be paying
their fair share of tax revenue, generating more income for
state infrastructure, education, and policies to improve the
quality of life for all Coloradans. This protest, this Occupation,
is an act of free speech and peaceable assembly, protected
by the United States Constitution, and the First Amendment
has no curfew. In Los Angeles, the Mayor passed out ponchos
to occupiers and the homeless. Hundreds of police officers
in Albany refused orders to dismantle the Occupation in
upstate New York. Many other cities have given up on trying
to suppress this movement by force, we urge Denver to follow

Occupy Denver is holding a rally & march at 12PM Saturday @ The Civic Center Park. Join us.