Call-in Campaign for Jailed Foreclosure Resister

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***Update: Thanks to the tremendous outpouring of support and phone calls the Clear Creek Country received, Reno got the medical examination and health care that he was requesting. So we are calling off the call in campaign. Thank you so much to everyone who called in and let the Clear Creek County know that Reno is a very loved comrade and his civil rights can not be violated. Reno says, “Thank you!”***

On October 30th, 2012 William “Reno” Hall was arrested and charged with resisting arrest & interfering during a foreclosure resistance action in Idaho Springs.  Reno is a homeless veteran with very little support but didn’t hesitate to step up and defend 63 year old Sahara Donahue’s home against fraudulent foreclosure at the hands of US Bank. He missed a court date, turned himself in on a Failure To Appear warrant on July 16.  Upon turning himself in, Reno had his bond revoked without explanation.

Reno is currently being held in solitary confinement.  He has liver cancer, hepatitis C, and recently had his gall bladder removed.  He has not received proper medical attention, and due to his illness is unable to keep down the food he is given in jail.  Instead of providing nutritional care, the jail is treating Reno as if he is on hunger strike. Our legal support team has been has been told by Reno that he is being force-fed and that the lights are left on in his cells at all hours, keeping him from getting good sleep.  Reno’s human rights are clearly being violated and the conditions that he is being held in amount to torture.  Reno is a hero, a disenfranchised person who had nothing, yet risked his safety to try to save a woman’s home from being stolen.  We demand that the Clear Creek County jail respect his basic human rights.

Here is a sample of what you can say when you call:


I’m calling out of concern for William Hall who is currently being held in your facility.  Mr. Hall is a homeless veteran who was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and interfering while trying to help stop the fraudulent foreclosure of a woman’s home.  After missing a court date, Mr. Hall turned himself in on a failure to appear warrant.  Mr. Hall been held in solitary confinement since his arrival  despite the fact that he has liver cancer, hepatatis C, just had his gall bladder removed, and has yet to receive proper medical attention since turning himself in.  He also is unable to keep down the food he is served (the food he is given is too greasy which causes him to vomit) and is not receiving liquid foods that would enable him to retain nutrients.  I ask that Mr. Hall be given liquid foods that he can properly digest, receives the medical attention that he urgently needs, and that he be released from solitary into general population.

Please donate if you can to Occupy Denver’s Legal Support so we can be able pay for calls from Reno from the jail with updates. Every little bit helps!  Video of the eviction resistance and the militarized police response can be found here and here. Full statement from Occupy Denver at the time of the action can be found here.

Report Back From Denver’s Restore The 4th & Boycott The Palm – July 4th & 5th, 2013 Police Targeting Protesters, Police Assault, Threats Of Rape

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It’s been said by some that Occupy Denver does not give the Denver Police Department the respect they deserve. To that end we would ask what respect should we give to a violent and patriarchal institution that serves only those in power and uses threats of rape to try to intimidate into silence those who dissent? DPD has no respect for the people whom they purport to “protect and serve” nor any allegiance to the constitution for which they “swore” an oath to uphold. DPD has a long and ongoing history of violence, corruption, operating with impunity and zero accountability. At Denver’s Restore The Fourth Amendment March on July 4th Dist. 6 Officer Mark Moore assaulted a woman by running into her, and over her foot with a motorcycle. DPD then wrongfully arrested her, and one other person. This is not the first time Officer Moore has done this. On October 14th 2011 he ran over another protestor’s foot with a motorcycle. For more info on this thug please visit West Denver Copwatch. For videos of the protest click here and here.

On July 5th 2013 at approximately 5:45 p.m. Catherine Keffer arrived at Boycott the Palm.  Here is Catherine’s account:

“There were already several other protesters actively expressing their disapproval of The Palm’s support of the Urban Camping Ban.  There were also approximately 7 DPD officers and Sgt. Ortega present.  Myself and Alex Pickruhn were on the corner of 17th and Arapahoe holding a banner and passing out fliers.

We walked back around to the main protest area. As we walked by there were 4 officers on motorcycles. They were met with verbal frustrations over their continued misconduct and abuse of power. One officer said to Mr. Pickruhn, ‘I hope that your mother is raped so that I can respond to the call to help her.’

We continued to protest at The Palm until approximately 9:20 p.m. at which point we left to walk down the 16th Street Mall towards the ArtWalk. We noticed two officers in a cruiser that had been parked at Boycott the Palm. They noticed us, made eye contact and continued driving. We saw them turn around on the mall and begin following us, but they were still a block away so we were unsure what they were doing. As we were crossing the crosswalk, the same cruiser sped up past us and turned into the next alleyway. We continued walking. As we approached the alley one of the officers lunged at us, grabbing Mr. Pickruhn saying “come here”. Mr. Pickruhn was forced to the ground, put in handcuffs and taken into the alley, out of visible sight. They immediately searched him and all of his possessions, forming a wall of officers to block what was happening in the alley from me and any other people walking by.

While all of this was happening Sgt. Ortega pulled up in a cruiser, parked in the middle of the mall and approached me, attempting to grab my wrist. I immediately put my hands up and asked repeatedly if I was being detained. Sgt. Ortega only said that I was with someone who threatened his officer and that I could be detained but they never actually detained me. I was told that if we would have conducted ourselves more “professionally” this wouldn’t be happening. I was also told that Sgt. Ortega and other officers would harass me as long as I continued to conduct myself in this manner. My wallet was in the backpack that was being carried by Mr. Pickruhn at the time. Sgt. Ortega asked if I wanted it back but demanded an apology for my behavior in order to get it.

Upon searching Mr. Pickruhn, the officers found marijuana which he is legal to have. The Denver officers claimed that it was for distribution and arrested him. They also seized all of our money, which wasn’t very much, and put it in evidence rather than in his personal property.  Mr. Pickruhn was arrested and transported to the Denver City Jail.

At approximately 12:55 a.m. I was on the 16th street mall charging my phone in hopes of accepting Alex Pickruhn’s call from jail. As I sat there alone, the 2 officers on motorcycles that were there earlier at Boycott the Palm, one of them is Officer McGrail and the other unknown, drove up, parking approximately 5 feet from where I was sitting. They stayed there, stared at me, wouldn’t say anything to me and didn’t leave until after I left with a concerned friend who had walked up.

At approximately 1:15, July 6th, I spoke with Alex Pickruhn via video phone at the city jail. Mr. Pickruhn told me he was threatened by DPD that they were going to find me and “get me alone”, while he was in jail the night before. Knowing that i am his girlfriend, it was clear what they were implying. I have safe places to stay and friends. I am actively seeking assistance in raising $350 to post bond tonight so that he will be released tomorrow morning after going through pretrial services. Any other donations for legal costs would be greatly appreciated”

Alex Pickruhn has no official charges against him, he is being held on $2000 bail for felony investigation for possession with intent to distribute when he was originally stopped for allegedly verbally threatening an officer even though the only threats came from the police officers themselves. He has told the Occupy Denver Legal Support Team that he is being mistreated in jail and is concerned for his safety. We are collecting funds to post bond and get him released as quickly as possible. Please click here for our legal fund donation page if you are able to help.

The 2 arrested during the Restore the 4th March were released on bond thank you to everyone who donated!

Whether you are protesting the erosion of our rights both constitutional and innate, or boycotting a classist restaurant that supported making homelessness illegal there is no excuse for us to allow DPD or any “law enforcement” to threaten, harass, and assault members of the community. If DPD can’t get their cops under control then police abolition is inevitable. When the corporately run government can decide they can overrule your rights, we can decide to overrule the government.



May 25: My Occupy Book Release Party & March Against Monsanto After-Party

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My Occupy book release party/March Against Monsanto after-party

May 25th, 7pm.  Top level of Denver Art Society.

Come celebrate the release of My Occupy: An Account of One Person’s Adventures in the Occupy Movement by Christopher Mandel.

All proceeds will go to the Denver Art Society, which has supported Denver area artists and activists graciously and has already made a real difference for a lot of people in its short existence.   Thank you  DAS!

Organic, Non-GMO food will be provided by Food Not Bombs, and there’ll also be drinks available.

There will be a one of a kind, interactive musical demonstration of “Sound Painting” led by DU music professor and former heavy metal singer, Conrad Kehn.  Sound painting is a unique musical language designed to bring order to improvised music while allowing participant to freely express themselves.

There will also be other performers, to be announced later.

Chris Mandel will be signing all books sold, and will donate $2 per copy to DAS.

My Occupy is the day-to-day journal of an Occupy organizer who, for several months, dedicated his life to the movement. It’s a one-of-a-kind, detailed account of how activists in the Denver area struggled to organize themselves while dealing with the authorities, philosophic differences among the activists themselves, and a public that was all too ready to turn its back on the would-be revolutionaries. My Occupy holds detailed accounts of conflicts between protesters and police forces; the specific measures activists took to organize themselves; and the organic evolution of Occupy culture. This is the story of Occupy from within Occupy, and is particularly focused on Denver.

$$ Suggested donation of $3 dollars at door.  Donations also taken at food table and bar.

Due to legal restricts associated with selling drinks you must be on the guest list to participate so please click “join” on the Facebook Event or email

Please share this invite with your friends.

3/18-22 Occupy Denver Call for Action and Solidarity with Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance Training Camp

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Occupy Denver has been continually inspired by the nonviolent direct action campaigns against Transcanada’s toxic Keystone XL Pipeline carried out in Texas and Oklahoma by the Tar Sands Blockade & Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance.  Some of us have had the chance to visit the blockades in person, and participants in Occupy Denver have engaged in civil disobedience to stop the pipeline in its tracks.

Occupy Denver calls on all occupiers & occupy networks to attend and support the Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance training camp in Oklahoma from March 18-22.  If you cannot attend the action camp, you can attend or organize a solidarity action targeting tar sands investors in your own community. If there are no investors close to you, take action against other harmful energy extraction methods such as fracking.  While the Keystone XL pipeline does not come through Colorado, fracking for natural gas has already decimated Colorado’s ecology and the fracking industry here has imposed political dominance over the direct welfare of our citizens.  Natural gas from fracking is a necessary ingredient in the toxic tar sands extraction process; and direct action against both tar sands AND fracking are crucial elements of the emerging extraction resistance movement.  All of our struggles are connected.

Sign up for the GPTSR Direct Action Training Camp here.

Find a local tar sands investor to host your direct action here.

More detailed information on tar sands and fracking profiteer/eco-terrorists here.

You can donate to Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance here to help them bring indigenous organizers & participants to the camp, as well as to secure bail funds for direct actions.

Information about the camp from Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance:

“A coalition of Great Plains residents against the Tar Sands is excited to announce a training camp in March, this time in Oklahoma. Long a stronghold of the oil empire we must ignite a fire of resistance in the belly of the beast. See you there!

Please, begin to make your travel arrangements today for the Ponca City, Oklahoma area and we’ll be contacting you with more details soon. $0-50 sliding scale donation Food, climbing gear, camping gear and other in kind donations are well appreciated.


Sunday, March 17th – Travel & Arrival

Monday March 18th-Thursday March 21st – Training Camp

Friday, March 22nd – Debrief and Cleanup

Come prepared to camp out. Bring warm clothing and sleeping bags/blankets and tents. Meals will be provided. This camp will be a drug and alcohol free environment. Questions? In the meantime if you have any questions about travel or details please email:

Together we have the power to stop this toxic tar sands pipeline!”


Occupy Denver also stands in solidarity with the following groups engaging in related struggles:

-Red Lakes Blockade, an ongoing blockade carried out by members of the indigenous Red Lake nation against an Enbridge tar sands pipeline illegally built on their tribal lands. #RLBlockade

-Protect the Sacred, a group of indigenous nations that signed a treaty committing to halting the Keystone XL project.

-Stop the Tennessee Pipeline, an awesome group in Pennsylvania that has been using civil disobedience to halt construction on a fracking natural gas pipeline being built there. #NoTGP

-The Poudre Canyon Sierra Club Group in Fort Collins, CO, who are engaged in a power struggle to get the national Sierra Club organization to demand a nationwide ban on fracking:

Idle No More, both here in Denver and Internationally

Across the country and across the world, let’s SHOW the toxic extraction industry that we will no longer sit idly by as they poison our communities and our planet.


2/23 1000 Days Too Many – Free Bradley Manning Rally

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When: Feb 23rd 12-3:30pm
Where: State Capitol 200 East Colfax
Join the facebook event!

Exposing war crimes is a duty, not a crime!
Feb 23rd marks 1000 days that Bradley Manning has been in prison without a trial for doing the right thing and exposing war crimes against innocent civiliansCome together with us in downtown Denver to show that “We the people” will not stand for this extreme injustice. This will be a fun informative family friendly event. All inclusive, open to everyone who believes in peace and truth.

Visit to see the event page and learn more about this heroic whistle-blower and click here to see the infamous “Collateral Murder” video that he exposed.

Show support by adding your photosignature to the i am bradley manning project

Occupy Denver Stands with Anti-Fracking Dissenters in Sierra Club

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In Fort Collins, CO the Poudre Canyon chapter of the Sierra Club, with support of other chapters and members across the nation, has officially asked Michael Brune, the national director of Sierra Club, to call for a nationwide ban on hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” is an oil & gas extraction technique that is toxic and potentially lethal to all life within miles of the extraction well pad.

While Occupy Denver and the Sierra Club operate on radically different organizing principles, it is crucial to America’s future that mainstream environmental organizations like Sierra Club take strong stances against toxic oil and gas extraction methods such as hydraulic fracturing. We support any effort to hold environmental NGOs to their commitments to ecological protection, and also recognize that due to political inertia, pressure will need to be applied to these groups, both from within and from without.

It is known that the leadership of the Sierra Club is wary to call for a fracking ban, and may formally reprimand those calling for this ban, expel them from Sierra Club, or pursue litigation against them. Occupy Denver stands in solidarity with the call issued by the Poudre Canyon Sierra Club in Fort Collins, and calls on the national Sierra Club to do the right thing, enact their mission statement, and call for a nationwide ban on hydraulic fracturing. Anything short of a complete rejection of fracking would demonstrate that Sierra Club is an environmentalist group only on paper, willing to trade away their ecological principles for political convenience.

Ways you can help!
Sign this petition asking Sierra Club Director Michael Brune to lead a nationwide ban on hydraulic fracturing:

Share this letter – Poudre Canyon Group (Fort Collins) letter to Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune (In addition to being a good call to arms, this letter is a comprehensive collection of diverse research data proving the many dangers of fracking):

Call Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune at his office, (415) 977-5500 and ask him to call for a nationwide ban on hydraulic fracturing.

Fax Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune at his office, (415) 977-5797 with the message:
“If your child’s life was in danger, would you pause to ask a politician if it is OK to save their life? What would John Muir do? It is time for Sierra Club to call for a nationwide ban on hydraulic fracturing.” Or another message of your choosing.

Occupy Denver calls on all Occupy networks to circulate this petition & letter from the Poudre Canyon Sierra Club group, and to participate in the call-in & fax-in actions listed above.

Solidarity to everyone everywhere fighting the toxic extraction industry

1/11: Idle No More – Global Day of Action

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When: Friday January 11th, from 6:00-7:00pm
Where: The State Capitol building in Denver, CO

Occupy Denver stands in solidarity with the indigenous Idle No More movement. We call on all to stand in solidarity and join the January 11th Idle No More day of action. Stand up for Indigenous sovereignty, and the protection of our land and water!

Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honors and fulfills Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water. Colonization continues through attacks to Indigenous rights and damage to the land and water. We must repair these violations, live the spirit and intent of the treaty relationship, work towards justice in action, and protect Mother Earth.

On December 10th, Indigenous people and allies stood in solidarity across Canada to assert Indigenous sovereignty and begin the work towards sustainable, renewable development. All people will be affected by the continued damage to the land and water and we welcome Indigenous and non-Indigenous allies to join in creating healthy sustainable communities. We encourage youth to become engaged in this movement as you are the leaders of our future. There have always been individuals and groups who have been working towards these goals – Idle No More seeks to create solidarity and further support these goals. We recognize that there may be backlash, and encourage people to stay strong and united in spirit.

Video: Idle No More flash mob in Broomfield. January 2, 2012.

Extraction Resistance: Solidarity with Tar Sands Blockade and Unis’tot’en Camp – Weekend Long Fundraiser & Workshop/Training Series in Denver

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When: Saturday & Sunday, January 5th & 6th
27 Social Center (2727 W 27th Ave Denver, CO)

In response to the Tar Sands Blockade call out for Solidarity on January 7th, radical groups and organizations from across the Colorado Front Range are joining forces on January 5th and 6th to raise donations and material support in the fight against the tar sands and industrial extraction. Deep Green Resistance, Denver Anarchist Black Cross, and other local groups are collaborating to organize Extraction Resistance: Solidarity with the Tar Sands Blockade & Unis’tot’en Camp.

In addition to collecting funds and supplies for both the Tar Sands Blockade and the Unis’tot’en Camp, the two-day event will include workshops and teach-ins at the 27 Social Center (2727 W 27th Ave Denver, CO) on radical resistance to extraction across Colorado & North America.

With the aim of providing a space for education and discussion around a wide range of topics, the organizers hope to foster further discussion and facilitate new relationships that will cultivate resistance against industrial extraction in Colorado and solidarity with those fighting it elsewhere.

Workshops–which will cover a variety of topics including radical environmentalism, social justice, anti-extraction and direct action–will be hosted by Deep Green Resistance, Denver Anarchist Black Cross, indigenous organizer & NVDA trainer Robert Chanate, the Beehive Collective, Glenn Morris of the American Indian Movement of Colorado, and more. Updates on the program and more information on the workshops will be published on our site here:

Besides building local capacity and networks, the event also aims to directly support those who are on the front lines in the fight against the tar sands and industrial extraction. The event will serve as a fundraiser, with a requested donation at the door of $5-20, with all proceeds going to the Tar Sands Blockade and the Unis’tot’en Camp. However, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Lunch will be provided for those attending, including vegan and gluten-free options.

We will also be collecting donations of materials for these groups, so please bring any camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, etc.), bicycles (working or not), warm winter clothes, climbing gear, rain gear, non-perishable food, rope, medical supplies, and tools (shovels, saws, drills, etc.). For a complete list, see the Tar Sands Blockade’s ‘Wish List’:

The Facebook event can be found here:

For more information, contact DGR Colorado at

Tuesday Reading Group: Anarchism: From Theory to Practice

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Anarchism: From Theory to Practice by Danuel Guerin: a Reading Group of Occupy and Educate Denver

When: Begining Tuesday, January 8th, 5:30-6:45pm
Where: @ the Deer Pile (13th and Sharman – above City O City – 206 East 13th Avenue )

“One of the ablest leaders and writers of the French New Left describes the two realms of ‘anarchism’—its intellectual substance, and its actual practice through the Bolshevik Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, the Italian Factory Councils, and finally the role in workers’ self-management in Yugoslavia and Algeria… An important contemporary definition of New Left aims and their possible directions in the future.” – Noam Chomsky

This reading group will begin January 7th and continue every Tuesday for four or more weeks. Anarchism: From Theory to Practice is an accessible text, delving into issues of authority, freedom, power, and mutural aid. This reading group will open up a valuable dicussion of anarchism for people of all political leanings. We hope you will join us!

The full text of the book can be found here:

Contact for more information.

1/19: Explore the Alternative Economy

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When: Saturday, January 19th @ 9am
Where: Kirk of Bonnie Brae, 1201 S. Steele Street, Denver, CO 80210

The purpose of Social Forum is to organize, educate and empower people on critical issues; sharing knowledge; and teaching skills to build alternative and sustainable systems that better meet our human needs. Through the Social Forum model, individuals reflect on their own purpose and how to make a difference, and hopefully we can create the consciousness that we have the knowledge and skills and the power to create the change we desire.

Workshops: 9am to 12:30pm

Worker Cooperatives – This workshop will discuss the Worker Cooperatives (employee-ownership model) which are business entities that are owned and operated by their employees. It creates a sustainable economy, stable, and non-competitive jobs that can’t be sold out, and that build community. Bill Kirton & Dick Peterson

Alternative Currency – In this workshop, we will explore Denver’s brand new local currency.  This becomes a self-financing revolution to create a bottom-up economy with self-sufficiency, and self-government. No waiting, voting, or asking permission from the corrupt.  You can learn how you can benefit from Hours as an individual, or business. We have set up 5 local, currency systems in 8 months. Each can trade with one another, and none support big-box stores. “The People are the gold, and can create a more abundant future immediately!” Wayne Walton

Money, Public Banking, and Global Transformation
In this workshop, we will examine the following: Money is ubiquitous, but few people understand what it really is and how control over its creation and availability affects global, local, and individual conditions. Clarity, regarding what money is, enables us to transform the monetary system so that it serves people, rather than the other way around, which is currently the case. The transformation process requires, at a minimum, three initiatives: public banking; verifiable voting and public-only campaign financing; and decentralized media ownership. Robert Bows

Open Forum: 12:30pm

Time to brainstorm and choose the next step for our community.

Please bring a healthy dish to share, if unable, please come anyway