Help Un-Raid 24/7 Activists and Homeless People

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Sleeping BagOn Friday March 2, 2012, many activists and homeless people camped on the row at Civic Center Park attended a court hearing in support of one of the community. During that time, the police raided their camp. Those present were ordered to remove their belongings from the sidewalk, which they did. They were then blocked from protecting the personal belongings of others, many of whom were at the court hearing. The police then had sleeping bags, tarps, blankets, boots, books, socks, clothing, toiletries, and other personal items taken and thrown in the trash.

The General Assembly of Occupy Denver has decided to replace as many of these items as possible. Most of them are survival necessities. We are starting with sleeping bags.

We appreciate any and all donations to help both activists and homeless persons to survive outdoors. We need money to help replace these items. Also, if you have any winter sleeping bags and other camping equipment or clothing that you would like to donate, then we welcome any donations that would be brought directly to Civic Center Park.

Thank you.

Foreclosure Auction Observation: Wear Red

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Foreclosure Auction Observation: Wear Red The Foreclosure Working Group is carrying out a foreclosure auction observation this Thursday, February 23 at 9:00am. The purpose of this observation is reconnaissance for new people and organizations wanting to get involved in future disruptions. After entering one at a time, individuals who want to, will simultaneously reveal a piece of red clothing as a show of solidarity with those in the foreclosure process. Anyone who wants to get involved in further auction disruptions is strongly suggested to attend in order to become familiar with the process.

It is important to understand that these auctions are public affairs, meaning that anyone can show up, and technically we all have a right to be there. We might be asked to leave, however, because they may recognize those people from last week who disrupted the auction, and they might be freaked out by a sea of people wearing red. Keep in mind that this observation is designed as a no-arrest, low risk action. While we can’t make any guarantees that it will remain no-arrest, low-risk, people participating are advised to comply with all requests to leave, as well as to ignore any negative comments from bidders, which we are expecting to be more intense than at last week’s disruption. Please be prepared for both.

Thursday February 23 +9:00am meet up at Colorado Progressive Coalition, at 1029 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204 for observation debriefing

+9:30am car pool to Wellington Webb City and Council building.

+9:35am begin entering the auction one person at a time

+10:20-10:30am Those who are wearing red, display your red

+10:30am If the group is asked to leave, then those people will leave. It has been decided that this action is a no-arrest, low-risk action.

Otherwise, leave at your own discretion. Send any questions or concerns to

Occupy Ice Skating!

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Come for a bit of levity and family fun with your fellow occupiers at the Skyline ice skating rink from 12:30-2:30pm on Saturday, February 11, 2012! Bring your own skates, or rent them for $2. This is a chance to socialize, talk about the movement, and, if you’re really ambitious, work up a sweat on ice skates – all in the company of your immediate family, and your extended family of 99 percenters.

Then, feel free to participate in the decision-making process of the movement by attending Saturday’s 3:00 pm General Assembly meeting at Civic Center Park.

Foreclosure Auction Protest on Thu, Feb 9

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Thursday, February 9 at 10:30am, Webb Building, 201 W. Colfax.

Join Occupy Denver in solidarity with Colorado Progressive Coalition, as we rally to protest the auction of homes that could have been saved if the loans were modified. These homes in many cases are being stolen out from under struggling families and we want to support those whose homes are on the chopping block every Thursday to be auctioned off inside the Webb Building.

We’re rallying against the crooked lending practices that led to many of these home foreclosures, but we’re also rallying for some of the legislation proposed by the Colorado Progressive Coalition, including Senate Bill 71, to make foreclosure a last resort: The foreclosure system is biased toward foreclosure rather than loan modifications. Loan modifications are much less costly than foreclosures and they contribute to our economy as a whole. With 20% of homeowners underwater in Colorado, we need to keep more families in their homes to help stabilize the housing market for everyone! We’ll also be rallying in support of House Bill 1156, which would increase transparency and accountability for lenders.

Banks got bailed out, and homeowners got sold out. Come join us and other 99 per-centers, as we say ENOUGH!

We are the 99%, and we will be heard.

Proposal to Amend GA Times & Location For The Winter.

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This Wednesday we will be voting on a proposal to amend the times and locations of our General Assembly meetings. As this is such a critical change to how we will manage our organization, we urge everyone to have their voice heard on this subject.

We have been offered a space upstairs from City O City (2 Blocks from Civic Center Park) as a place to hold GA’s and Teach-Ins during the winter. This proposal grants Occupy Denver members a warm place to organize and hold General Assemblies throughout the upcoming winter months. The addition of Saturday voting GA’s on this new schedule is designed to empower folks who only come out on weekends with the opportunity to have a meaningful voice in this movement. When Spring comes we will resume holding all of our General Assemblies in Civic Center Park. The proposal is as follows:

What: General Assembly schedule and location change beginning January 16th. The new location will be the “Deerpile” space upstairs from City O City at 206 East 13th Avenue.

Why: To work more efficiently through the winter and grow our numbers in a convenient location. To make our General Assemblies a more inclusive environment for the elderly and people who cannot stand in freezing weather for 2 hours at night.

How: To change the schedule of voting GA’s to be on Thursday @ 7PM upstairs from City O City and Saturday in Civic Center Park @ 3PM. Tuesday will be reserved for Inter-Committee meetings, or spokescouncil meetings (pending approval). Meetings will continue in this space, until spring weather is upon us.

When possible, teach-ins will be held in this space before GA’s from 5:30-6:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, & Friday would be utilized for Committee meetings in Civic Center Park.

The new location is 2 blocks away from Civic Center Park. This was the only location that was willing to donate this space to us and these were the only times available to hold such a regular event.

Occupy Denver Joins Occupy Boulder’s Dance Party, Staves Off Eviction

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On Friday January 6, in response to Boulder City Manager Jane Brautigam signing a new ordinance making it illegal for residents to be in any city park between the hours of 11pm and 5am, Occupy Denver showed up in force, standing in solidarity with an Occupy Boulder coordinated dance party that began at exactly 11:01pm.  Armed with bucket drums and a mobile DJ, protestors stood up in an act of civil disobediance, howling at the moon, claiming victory while dancing into the night. No arrests were made and the new ordinance went unenforced.

1/12/12 Teach-In – Capitalism, Crisis, and Occupy Economics 101

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Occupy and Educate Denver Teach-In:
Capitalism, Crisis, and Occupy Economics 101
Chad Kautzer
7PM Thursday @ Deerpile(upstairs from City O City)

We’ve been suffering from not only the worst recession in the U.S. since the Great Depression, but also from a global crisis in capitalism. People took to the streets in the Occupy movement as a response to the crisis and to the state’s legitimation crisis that followed. Effective strategies of resistance, however, demand informed analysis and the right conceptual tools—not just to understand the present crisis, but to understand capitalism and class relations in general.

In this teach-in we will therefore begin with a brief overview of the more immediate causes of our current economic crisis, before taking up the fundamental concepts and relations necessary for a developing a critique. We will develop a basic understanding of capitalism, neoliberalism, class, and class’s relation to gender and race.

This is a lot to introduce in one teach-in, but it’s only the beginning. Subsequent teach-ins will take up several of these topics in greater detail.

The format of the teach-in will be approx. 30 minutes of lecture followed by a facilitated discussion for the remaining time. Handouts will be provided.

Chad Kautzer is a member of Occupy Denver’s education committee and foreclosure working group, and an associate editor for Radical Philosophy Review. He is also Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Social Justice Minor at the University of Colorado Denver, where he teaches courses on Frankfurt School critical theory, Marxism, Hegel, critical race theory, and feminism.

Sat. 1/7 Open Forum General Assembly

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                                                                                                        Photo By Jenn Wohletz

As we begin the New Year, the Occupy sites all over the country and the globe are shifting and evolving.  For the Occupy movement, this year is full of promise and potential for amazing things.  Occupy Denver would like to use the first Saturday of 2012 to hold a General Assembly Open Forum to give Denver a chance to discuss our vision for this momentous year.  We will gather, as always, in the late morning this Saturday at Civic Center Park, and the Open Forum will begin at 12:30pm. This Open Forum will be more structured than our usual rallies, and although we will not be voting, we will be using the General Assembly Process.  We would like to use this opportunity to share ideas, hear from our fellow Occupiers, and organize with others who share our passions in order to make those ideas a reality.  The first hour will be a broad discussion on topics related to the direction we would like to see Occupy Denver take.  In the second hour, we will break out into smaller groups and discuss how we can work together to realize these goals. The facilitator will be making a call-out for agenda topics at 12:15pm, so please show up early to add a topic or idea to the agenda that you think is important to discuss.


This Open Forum is a golden opportunity to have your voice heard in the movement and to get more closely connected with Occupy Denver committees and working groups, or possibly start your own new working group.  Let’s begin 2012 by coming together with fellow citizens to talk about the future of our society. This is a leaderless movement – by participating together we shape the Movement and the World! For more information contact

1/5 Tactics Teach-In: Urban Camping 101, Part Deux: Travois, Tacos, Bug-Out Bags and the Art of Escapeology

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                                                                                                                                                              Photo by Tanner Spendley
Tactics is offering a teach-in this Thursday 1/5/12 at 3PM, located at Civic Center Park, titled Urban Camping 101, Part Deaux: Travois, Tacos, Bug-Out Bags and the Art of Escapeology.

This teach-in will focus on alternate methods of protecting the encampment’s gear and supplies. While the Tactics committee has formed solid tactics to have adequate transport available to evacuate essential items, our last raid demonstrated that we may not have time to properly effect this strategy. Our class will highlight points of minimalism and evacuating large amounts of heavy gear over short distances, both as a back-up to our primary plan of vehicle evac and to buy time until the vehicles can arrive. The goal is to provide tools to save as much gear as possible in the event of a raid, thereby ensuring our ability to re-occupy as soon as possible. For more information contact Occupy and Educate Denver at

Evacuation Phone Tree

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The Tactics Committee had its first meeting last night in which they resolved to start a ‘phone tree’ in order to coordinate evacuation help. If you have a vehicle and are interested in evacuating gear and supplies during raid warnings, please email with your phone number to be added to the alert list.

Please note whether your phone is text-capable, and be advised that raids tend to not come during polite hours. Warm regards from your Occupation.