Video: Teach-In – Iraq Veterans Against the War + Operation Recovery

April 12, 2012 in Teach-In, Video

Iraq Veterans Against the War invited Occupy Denver to a teach-in at the Mercury Cafe on April 11, 2012. Local chapter members Garett Reppenhagen, Kelly Doughtery, and Graham Clumpner opened with personal accounts of what led them to join IVAW and a discussion about what veterans and active duty service members are doing to resist war and militarism. We then heard from Matt Howard and Scott Olson, a vet wounded while peacefully protesting at Occupy Oakland, about a new IVAW project called Operation Recovery. Operation Recovery advocates for individuals suffering from trauma and for their right to remove themselves from the source of the trauma.

Scott Olsen served two tours in Iraq with the Marines. He was critically injured last October when the Oakland police shot him in the head with a projectile while he was peacefully protesting as part of Occupy Oakland. He is currently organizing with IVAW and Occupy in San Francisco and Oakland. Matt Howard also served in Iraq with the Marines. He is currently a resident organizer at Under the Hood Coffeehouse and GI Resource Center in Kileen, TX, the home of Ft. Hood Army base. Matt is organizing with active duty soldiers there around the Operation Recovery campaign which aims to stop the deployment of traumatized troops.

Graham Clumpner is a two-tour Afghanistan veteran and member of the Colorado IVAW chapter. Graham is an organizer with the Operation Recovery campaign and is currently organizing the Right to Heal tour which will bring soldiers and veterans to communities across the country to talk about issues of war and trauma.

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Video: Teach-In – The Economics of Extinction

April 11, 2012 in Teach-In, Video

Sarah Bexill, a PhD from the Institute for Human – Animal Connection of the University of Denver, delivers a teach-in to Occupy Denver on April 10, 2012.

Synopsis: In this teach-in, we discuss the myth of infinite economic growth upon which our current economy is founded. Then we will proceed to discuss how this mythical thinking necessarily leads to disparity between rich and poor countries as well as the destruction of Mother Earth, loss of biodiversity, loss of ecosystems, and the current mass extinction event. Lastly, we will discuss new economic models and strategies for economic sustainability, such as Bhutan’s “Gross National Happiness Index” and Bolivia’s granting equal rights to nature.

Video: Teach-In – Arendt, Occupy and the Challenge of Political Liberalism

April 8, 2012 in Teach-In, Video

Produced by Gary Crabtree for OccupyNowTV

Chad Kautzer, philosophy professor and member of Occupy Denver’s Education Committee and Foreclosure Resistance Coalition, discusses the origin of the Occupy movement and the nature of its political praxis in light of Hannah Arendt’s notions of power and the spatial conditions of the polis. The talk was given at the Center for Values and Social Policy in Boulder, CO, on April 6, 2012.

Week One: Take Action Against Ordinance to Criminalize Homelessness

April 1, 2012 in Video

Video clips from meeting on Friday, March 30 filmed by Gary Crabtree
For background on this issue, please read our post: Occupy Denver Opposes Further Criminalizing the Homeless

On Friday, March 30, over 50 concerned citizens gathered in Lincoln Park to discuss a proposed ordinance that would further criminalize the act of being homeless. Members of Occupy Denver and many outside groups, along with those who are or have been homeless, discussed the bill and how it will effect all of us.

You can read the minutes from this meeting, if you desire.

At this meeting, we discussed some concrete steps that can be taken immediately to oppose this bill and make your voice heard.

Attend City Council Hearings

It will be very important for us to make our voice heard in person to our council members. Please try to attend one or more of the following meetings. Some of these meetings will have limited seating or may not allow the community to speak. It is still important that we bring as many people as possible and fill the hallways if necessary!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 1:30pm
This proposed ordinance will be discussed by the Health, Safety, Education and Sustainability Committee in room 391 of the City and County Building at 1437 Bannock Street, Denver, CO.

Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 3:30pm
A reconvening meeting of the Denver Commission to End Homelessness will take place in the Parr-Widener Community Room (3rd floor) of the City and County Building at 1437 Bannock Street, Denver, CO.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 10:30pm
The proposed ordinance will be discussed by LUTI and also be an action item where a vote may be taken. This will occur in room 391 of the City and County Building at 1437 Bannock Street, Denver, CO.

Monday, April 30, 2012 at 5:30pm
City Council: First reading with a one-hour courtesy public hearing. Takes place in City Council Chambers in the City and County Building 1437 Bannock St, Denver, CO.

Monday, May 7, 2012 at 5:30pm
City Council: Final consideration and vote. Takes place in City Council Chambers in the City and County Building 1437 Bannock St, Denver, CO.

Call your city councilperson, the mayor and the councilpersons at-large!

Mayor – Michael B. Hancock. (720) 865-9011,

At Large – Robin Kniech, (720) 337-7712,
At Large – Deborah Ortega, (720) 337-7713,

District 1 – Susan K. Shepherd, (720) 337-7701,
District 2 – Jeanne Faatz, (720) 337-2222,
District 3 – Paul D. Lopez, (720) 337-3333,
District 4 – Peggy Lehmann, (720) 337-4444, (Council President Pro Tem)
District 5 – Mary Beth Susman, (720) 337-5555,
District 6 – Charlie Brown, (720) 337 6666,
District 7 – Chris Nevitt, (720) 337-7777, (Council President)
District 8 – Albus Brooks, (720) 337-8888,
District 9 – Judy H. Montero, (720) 337-7709,
District 10 – Jeanne Robb, (720) 337-7710,
District 11 – Christopher Herndon, (720) 337-7711,

Contact Albus Brooks

Albus Brooks, the councilman from district 8, is the person who is bringing this proposal to the city council. It is very important that he knows there are many people in Denver united against this bill and think it is a bad idea. You can contact him at:

Albus Brooks, District 8 Councilman
2713 Welton St.
Denver, CO 80205

Phone: (720) 337-8888
Fax: (720) 337-8883

Albus Brooks’ Facebook Page
Albus Brooks’ Twitter Account

Learn more about the proposed ordinance

The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless has much more information at their website Homes Not Handcuffs, where you can also download the draft ordinance.

The city council has titled this ordinance as a ban on “urban camping,” as if it’s just people going out for a fun night on the town. In reality, this ordinance would criminalize the state of being homeless, as there are not enough shelter spaces for all of Denver’s homeless population. It is also aimed at stifling peaceful political protest. Watch this video to understand how ridiculous the notion of “urban camping” truly is:

Urban Camping from Tanner Spendley.

Video: Teach-In – Occupy The Tactics of Gandhi, King and John Lennon

March 29, 2012 in Teach-In, Video

Psychoanalyst Walker McDonald speaks to an Occupy Denver teach-in about the non-violent tactics of Gandhi, Martin Luther King and John Lennon. Developing a state-of-ease and moving out of the state of survival. Produced by Gary Crabtree for OccupyNowTV.

Video: Teach-In on Strikes and International Workers Day

March 9, 2012 in Teach-In, Video

Ric Urrutia, a labor expert, delivers a teach-in to Occupy Denver regarding the Labor movement’s strikes, how they have been effective and the purposes they have served. He discusses the rationale behind calling, or not calling, for a general strike on May 1, International Workers’ Day.

Video: Occupy Economics: Class Conflict and the Occupy Movement

March 4, 2012 in Video

Produced by ZGGary and Occupy Now TV.

Chad Kautzer, of the Occupy Denver Education Committee and Foreclosure Working Group, gives an introductory teach-in on economic class and class conflict in the context of the Occupy movement. Why do we need an analysis of class? Is the Occupy claim to be the 99% a claim about class? Are the 1% and the 99% inherently at odds with each other? What is the role of the state and the police in class conflict?

View the other teach-ins in the Occupy Economics series:
Part I: Occupy Economics 101
Part II: Capitalism, Foreclosures and the Politics of Responsibility
Part IV: The Occupy Movement as Ideology Critique

For more information about Occupy Denver teach-ins, email

Video: Occupy the Courts Demonstration

February 26, 2012 in Event, Video

Steven Justino, Co-chairperson of Move To Amend of Colorado and Occupier speaks at the Move To Amend Demonstration supported by Occupy Denver, on the anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling of Citizens United decision. This event took place on January 20, 2012.

Video: Indigenous Activist Teach-In Panel

February 26, 2012 in Teach-In, Video

Occupy Denver Indigenous Activist Teach-In from Tanner Spendley on Vimeo.

A panel of indigenous activists who are deeply involved in indigenous peoples’ liberation struggles, in places ranging from Denver to Canada to the United Nations, led a teach-in for Occupy Denver. The panel included Glenn Morris, Tessa McLean, Shannon Francis, Robert Chanate, and Scott Jacket. Among many issues they spoke to the importance of making indigenous values, perspectives and analysis integral to the occupy/decolonization movement.

Foreclosure Fraud Teach-In with Corrine Fowler

February 19, 2012 in Teach-In, Video

Corrine Fowler, director of The Colorado Progressive Coalition, conducted a teach-in at Occupy Denver on the foreclosure crisis. She described fraudulent foreclosure practices by the banks and the attempts by banks to pay an estimated 25 billion for approximate 330 billion dollars in underwater mortgages.

Our economy can and must work for everyone. To achieve this, we must advance a new bottom line – one that puts the economic well-being of American families first. The measure of our economy cannot rely solely on the stock market ticker or corporate earnings reports. It must start and end with the level of economic opportunity we create for everyone, not just those at the top.

A new bottom line means supporting families in their efforts to stay in their homes and find quality jobs. It means requiring Wall Street banks to contribute fairly to public revenue and lend equitably to small businesses, consumers, and homeowners, rather than gambling in stock and bond markets. It means ending mass foreclosure, and toxic predatory lending that disproportionately targets communities of color.

This teach-in occurred on February 9, 2012.