12/14/11 – Children’s General Assembly Minutes

December 14, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Children’s GA


Run through of facilitator duties: Facilitator, notetaker, stack keeper.


Explanation of people’s mic.


Explanation of process: Breakout to form proposals for this GA.


1 Thing for Occupy Denver to do this week, 1 thing for the kids to do in class this week.


Run through of hand signs.


Breakout into 2 groups: 1 group for OD proposal, 1 group for class proposal.



Breakout groups return.


First group proposes that Occupy Denver creates a video of day to day goings on at Occupy Denver. Also included to try to get school footage.


Open stack


1: Good idea. Don’t think video should include the children. Might not be ok with the parents. Should only be of those who occupy.


Point of Clarification: Wanted to ask teachers, parents, and principal.


POC: Proposal is just talking about OD on ground while asking for permission to include the school. Without permission just OD on ground.


2: Good idea. People who aren’t comfortable on camera, what do we do with them?


POC: You don’t have to be on the video if you don’t want to.


3: Great idea, hope it gets passed. Lots of talk at OD, but we need people committed to making sure passed resolutions actually get accomplished.


POC: This group came up with something for OD to do. Is this something you will make or we, the school, will make.


POC: We will make the video ourselves, including at school if permission is granted.


POC: What’s the video of?


POC: The school footage is why we’re down here, the OD footage is what we do.


POC: Several people on media working group who are photo journalists. We will contact them as soon as GA is over if it asses.


4: Great idea.  Can put it on youtube and all the other places, and email ABC or whatever.


5: Fantastic idea. Happy to work with teachers to include the “Why.” But either way we’ll do this on the ground. Too bad no one is here to tape this GA. We will draft a permission slip and be available to parents for concerns etc.


POC: Confused how school will be a part of it.


POC: Help show why this movement is important.


6: Fighting for kids’ futures. They want kids in the video to show that they agree that we are fighting for their future.


POC: Why couldn’t we just come here?


POC: Should be a mixture, good to show what happens here, but they have to show us and what’s going on with us.


POC: The reason we couldn’t come down here is because it would be another field trip.


9: Why would anyone want to look at the video.


POC: Want to look at it because OD is a big topic. Everyone has heard about it and is filming. It catches attention, people want to know what’s going on around here.


POC: I mean the public. Why would someone from the public want to see this.


Reached stack of 10…restate proposal.


Move to vote.


32 For

2  Opposed

1 Abstain


Proposal passes.


Next proposal.


Collect cardboard and other things OD can use from around the school and bring it down to the site of the occupation to donate.


Open Stack.


1: What would limitations be? What could you bring and what not?


POC: We can take and use anything out here.


POC: Any stuff you’ve used for past projects and storing. Cardboard scraps newspapers etc.


2: Clean out the overflow and stuff that won’t be used and give it to these guys


3: Could you bring down some artwork too? We love that you’ve been involved and want to remind us why we’re out here every day.


Any opponents to the friendly amendment?


POC: We might do that.


POC: This would be a perfect way to bring our light projects down.


4: I like the idea of giving art. Tissue papers hard to do. Back from break if we have extra time we can make more light projects. We could make a lot of them.


5: I think we can brainstorm a list of things that would be useful and spread it around the school. Make a list and pass it to the teachers.


6: Tissue paper wouldn’t work well in weather that involves water.


Restate proposal.


Move to vote.


34 Yes

0 Opposed

0 Abstain


Proposal passes.


Move to close GA