Children’s March for Saturday November 26

November 25, 2011 in Event, Press, Uncategorized

This Saturday Occupy Denver is proud to announce its first ever Children’s March on November 26th at 10am.  From our first march, we have been blessed to have so many young people marching with us.  Some of the most telling & compelling testemonials  we’ve heard have come from the youth.  To the parents of Colorado, we invite you and your children to come out and stand in solidarity with our younger brothers and sisters as they hold rallies and march for their future at Civic Center Park on 11/26.

Last Monday Occupy Denver was blessed with a  fieldtrip of 50 or more 7-8th graders from the Logan School.  We were blown away by the questions they asked, their understanding of the issues, and their enthusiasm.  We know that the intrinsic human state is one leaning towards equality, generosity, inquisitiveness and of love. These qualities are ever present in our younger generation despite the world that awaits them.

In other countries the children are building iphones, sewing together designer brands or fighting wars, so we tell ourselves they have it pretty good.  For the first time in a long time, a generation in the United States is born that has less opportunities than the one that came before.

The adults have had their chance.  In a few short years this generation will be leading the world with their ideas.  They are the generation that will face the worst effects of the Global Warming catastrophe that we have done little to mitigate. They are the generation that will help develop a renewable green energy infrastructure and rebuild our cities. They are yet another generation that will decide if America will continue to wage imperial wars or seek to build cooperation and collaboration amongst the rest of the world.  Will they live in a world where corporations have more rights than people?  Will they live in a world of where organisms are copy-righted and people are mere cogs in a wheel?  Will they live out a virtual existence or an authentic one, full of real life possibilities? The answers to these questions rest on all of our shoulders. The world of the future belongs to the kids, so let their voices be heard.