Core Committees and Working Groups

All of our committees and working groups are in need of smart, dedicated, passionate individuals. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us!

The work required for Occupy Denver’s day-to-day organizational and logistical functioning is done by Core Committees. Core Committees are made up of individuals who voluntarily do the work. They are horizontally organized, meaning there is no “president” of a committee, and committees are not “above” any other participant of OD. Some committees are open for anyone to join, and a few require that committee members be aproved by the General Assembly to insure that people doing the work are trusted by other OD participants.

Core Committees

Administration Committee,

Finance Committee,
The Finance Committee handles monetary donations, accounting, and expenditures. We are also involved in fund-raising and legal issues. Members of this committee are elected at General Assembly.

Press Communications
This committee’s job is to write releases based on GA resolutions & Occupy Denver events. They publish/edit statements for the website based on GA/working group approved mandates and/or emergencies. This team also receives press requests and delegates interviews to appropriate people.

Legal Committee,
Occupy Denver’s Legal Committee is committed to working on the ground to support activists who are facing state repression. We provide jail support, raise funds to assist with bail/bonds whenever possible, host letter writing campaigns to support our long-term political prisoners and provide a ‘CourtWatch’ calendar so we can stand in solidarity with our comrades. Standing up for what is right is not a crime, it’s a necessity.

Social Media Committee,
This committee’s job is to staff our Facebook page, Twitter handle, and Tumblr account, which relay the voice of Occupy Denver to the public.  All members who have access to social media accounts will have individual identifiers for each post that will be made known to the GA.

Website Committee,
The Website Committee is responsible for keeping the web site running and up to date.

GA Procedures Committee,
General Assemblies are the deciding body of Occupy Denver, which utilize direct democratic processes that help facilitate open participation in the actions and decision-making of Occupy Denver. GA Procedures helps design, streamline, and document procedures for General Assembly as well as helping to inform participants about the process itself. We help provide structure for the General Assembly processes, train facilitators for the GA, keep records of past GA decisions, and do our best to hold the GA accountable to those decisions. We write up actual rules and procedures of the GA (which of course are voted on by the GA), offer trainings for facilitators, offer advice for participants on how to best participate within the process, and help record and post notes from GAs online.  Interested parties can email us, speak with any member of GAP, or they can attend a facilitator training or GAP meeting.

Most of the organizing and active work within Occupy Denver is done by Working Groups. Working Groups consist of people working together on a particular issue, event, or project. Anyone can join a Working Group, and anyone can start a Working Group. Some Working Groups exist only temporarily for a particular project (these often are not listed on the website due to their short existence), and others remain long term. If you are a part of a group working for social justice, Occupy Denver wants to work with you to network people and promote this work by posting the Working Group on this site. If you are interested in starting a Working Group on a particuar issue, OD encourages you to network with others interested in the issue at General Assembly, other Working Group meetings, actions, or anywhere.

Working Groups

The Outreach Working Group seeks to grow the Movement by building personal relationships within our community, serving our community, educating our community, and learning from our community. We hope to put faces and names to the Movement beyond what’s portrayed in the media, and in so doing demonstrate to Denverites that they have more in common with us than with the financial Fat Cats that govern most aspects of our lives.

Occupy and Educate Denver,
Occupy and Educate Denver is the education working group of Occupy Denver, created to develop an OD Educators Collective and organize educational events, teach-ins, and workshops both for and about the Occupy movement in a way that is free and accessible to the general public.

Film and Video,
This working group’s job is to connect OD supporting photographers, videographers and other media artists, support documenting OD in all aspects (including police confrontations), develop tactics to protect fellow videographers and photographers during confrontations, quickly create content for web videos, provide technical audio video support, and work on a long term goal of an Occupy Denver documentary film.

Decolonizing Consciousness Working Group,
Decolonizing Consciousness is a working group of Occupy Denver created to foster social change through the identification, study, and subsequent elimination of the subjective / personal cause(s) of social problems. We facilitate teach-ins, meditations, and discussions regarding the subjective world and its features, working toward an understanding of how each of us affect the world in positive and negative ways.

Foreclosures Working Group,

Denver Homeless Out Loud,