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The problems of the world have a single common cause with four inter-related qualities: ignorance, selfishness, separateness, indifference. Decolonizing Consciousness is a working group of Occupy Denver created to foster social change through the identification, study, and subsequent elimination of those qualities that are the subjective / personal cause(s) of social problems. We facilitate teach-ins, meditations, and discussions regarding the subjective world and its features, working toward an understanding of how each of us affects the world in positive and/or negative ways. Since political activity depends on our thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the world, the study of these features is vitally important political work.

What is love? A Contextual Thinking Approach To A Science Of Being

The meaning of the word “love” has become superficial in our culture in that it is used to describe multiple conflicting feelings that a human being can and does have. We feel excited for instance and say, “I love this game!” Or when we want something we are about to get we might say, “Man, I luuuhve coffee!” Sometimes the latter applies to our feelings about our lovers, and we give for the purpose of getting.

But there is another feeling that the word connotes; it is the feeling that is shared, perhaps most commonly, between a mother and child. And it can be defined, albeit less than perfectly:

Love – that condition in which the happiness of another is essential to ones’ own.

This condition is much more pervasive than is at first apparent.

Try to recall the last time you witnessed someone suffering. Perhaps during an argument between two people where severely cruel things are said to the other; an argument that you can tell has no hope of being resolved. Imagine that you witness a woman being raped or beaten, and note the way you feel. Also, recognize the feeling you have in scenarios that are pleasant, when you are delighted by another persons’ mood or company, then ask: Is it easier or harder for me to experience happiness when another is suffering?

If we experience discomfort at the suffering of another, and if love is that condition in which the happiness of another is essential to ones’ own, then love is somehow an underlying condition of our existence as human beings. The happiness of others IS, in some sense at least, essential to our own! We can move from psychology to psychonomy at this point and try to furmulate a law of the mind, in the sense of the ‘laws of physics’:

A mind will tend toward the emotional state of another

When we live our lives without understanding ourselves and in ignore-ance of the principles of our existence, we create many problems without being aware of it. If I’m frustrated and angry, it is easier for you to be frustrated and angry, and if I am frustrated with you because you aren’t getting some point I think is important, you are more likely to be frustrated at me, and less inclined to listen. We experience situations like this daily, and if we are willing to examine them we will discover that there is a practical science of being that must be applied for the achievement of social justice and the cultivation of a happy life.