Environmental Defense, Animal Welfare, and Sustainability Committee

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About Us

This committee is dedicated to creating sustainable, compassionate lifestyle alternatives to the culture we currently inhabit, which puts profit over all life and prefers economic ‘development’ to biodiversity. We aim to raise awareness about the current business of planetary murder by modern industry, the legislative practices that enable it, and the virtual extinction of life—both human and nonhuman—that results from an economics of infinite growth and consumption. Therefore we host community events such as protests, public demonstrations, teach-ins, and nature outings, and we actively promote communal vegan/vegetarian dining. And, of course, we love bicycles.

Declaration of Purpose

Since its birth in September of 2011, the Occupy movement has been instrumental in highlighting the following abuses of power currently wielded by an economics of the 1%, an economics of death and destruction, subsidized by government, packaged and sold to the American public as ‘necessity’ or as affordable convenience:

  • Widespread abuse of livestock as a direct result of modern agribusiness, and the use of gag laws to prevent documentation of animal abuse;
  • Monopolization of agriculture by industry giants (like Monsanto) and the subsidizing of food products poor in nutritional content, made possible by legal patents (on GMO’s, for example) designed only to serve the expansion of corporate interest;
  • Destruction of natural habitats and ecosystems by industry and land ‘development’, resulting in the pollution of rivers and streams, the endangerment and/ or extinction of wildlife everywhere, and carcinogenic health effects;
  • Outright corruption of the political system by open bribery of members of Congress—to pass legislation, for example, granting tax breaks and subsidies to big oil companies;
  • Manipulation of FDA and EPA reports by the very same interest groups these would regulate, revealing gross conflicts of interest;
  • Deregulation of insanely dangerous methods of natural resource extraction, such as offshore drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking), resulting in mass oil spills, the toxic contamination of groundwater, and further destruction of life;
  • Use of economic sanctions, military power, and international “diplomacy as usual” to secure U.S. interests abroad (especially interest in crude oil), resulting in plunder of the world’s natural resources, open warfare, and the murder of innocent people around the globe;
  • Use of finance capital and private investment firms, such as hedge funds, to maintain the existence of, and further perpetuation of, all these abuses of power;
  • Use of lobbyist networks, super pacs, and conservative think tanks to spread misinformation about climate change and global warming, thereby thwarting efforts at regulation by environmental agencies and direct action groups;
  • Use of the capitalist-propagandist mainstream media to silence, ridicule, and threaten all organized opposition to these gross atrocities, and to perpetuate an ideology of death over a basic, simple truth: without a massive shift to sustainable alternatives in all sectors of cultural life, and soon, our planet will die.

The economics of infinite growth has had its heyday and should be brought to an end, yet it is currently endorsed by all mainstream political parties. This is truly an economics of death, and can only be maintained by a corporate-elite power structure that requires, as its “a priori” basis, a kind of magical thinking (e.g., that the future will forever resemble the past, that oil will never run out, that climate change will somehow reverse itself, that the earth will somehow replenish itself, that we can innovate our way out of the most dire ecological crisis our planet has faced since the dawn of human existence, etc.). The corporate-elite power structure that frames the issues of the day–through a corporate-controlled propagandist media machine, whose ultimate weapon of disarmament is misinformation–has grown into a cancer inhabiting (and inhibiting) the core of our entire culture; now it offers little more than cliched “green alternatives” to serious, organized resistance movements.

Colorado often prides itself on being a state dedicated to the health of its environment and its people. Many people of this state are already dedicated to a principle of sustainable living, one that seeks to put an end to the present domination of agriculture and livestock by corporate interest and seeks truly sustainable alternatives to our ubiquitous dependence on oil. The Committee for Environmental Defense, Animal Welfare, and Sustainability exists for Occupy Denver members who are interested in getting involved with specific activities/ issues related to (but not limited to) the following:

  • air and water pollution/ water rights/ global warming, etc.
  • fracking/ coal mining, etc.
  • GMO’s/ industry patents, etc.
  • corporate farming/ agribusiness
  • community gardening/ permaculture
  • vegan/ vegetarian dining
  • animal welfare/ wildlife preservation
  • alternative fuel options/ green technologies
  • bike-pool events
  • volunteer trash cleanups
  • rewilding events

This committee also exists as a point of contact for outside groups who are (or might be) interested in building coalitions or working groups with Occupy Denver on these issues.

Occupy Denver reaches out to people from all social, economic, political, and ideological backgrounds who are dedicated to ending the corporate abuse of power, which inevitably results in the continued poisoning of the environment as well as the continued decimation of human and nonhuman existence on this planet. Please join us in helping to put an end to this ecocidal insanity. Contact us at environment@occupydenver.org if you would like to schedule a teach-in, organize a community event, work on legislation, or get involved in direct actions.

Meeting times for this group vary from week to week.