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Content on this page is provided by the Occupy Denver Film and Video Committee.
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About Us

The film and video committee of Occupy Denver will:

  • Connect Occupy Denver Supporting Photographers, Videographers and Other Media Artists
    The Film & Video Committee intends to gather media professionals, aspiring media artists, & collaborators alike.
  • Support Documenting Occupy Denver in all Aspects
    Due to the fact that police are less likely to brutalize people when they know their actions are being recorded, this committee will increase safety for our fellow occupiers. Upon formation of this committee it will henceforth strive to function as a grass roots guerilla media crew.
  • Develop Tactics to Protect Fellow Videographers and Photographers During Confrontations
    Instead of acting as individuals multiple videographers can operate as a unit to ensure full coverage of actions with various filming tactics for potential legal purposes, documentation purposes, web/PR purposes, to ensure the safety of our brothers & sisters, & to insure the safety of our fellow videographers.
  • Quickly Create Content for Web Videos
    The committee is available to make videos for various other committees’ needs. This process is initiated by committees submitting a one-paragraph summary stating what they would like the short video to be about. Submissions should be sent to the Film & Video Committee via  After Film & Video reviews it, each proposed video project will be ratified by the Occupy Denver General Assembly before starting said project.
  • Provide Technical Audio Video Support
    The Film & Video Committee will also assist in providing technical audio video support for Occupy Denver events. This may include things like acquiring technical equipment, providing technical support and the like, or documentation of an event. If a committee would like assistance in this manner, please submit a one-paragraph summary stating what their event needs are. Submissions should be sent to the Film & Video Committee via the filmandvideo@occupydenver.orgaddress.
  • Work on a Long-Term Goal of an Occupy Denver Documentary Film
    The Film & Video Committee’s long-term goal is to make a feature length documentary film about Occupy Denver.Together we will ensure that THE TRUTH WILL BE TOLD!

    Passed Video Proposals

    These Film and Video committee proposals have passed the Occupy Denver General Assembly:

    Meeting Minutes

    The following documents contain minutes from the Film and Video committee meetings.