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Content on this page is provided by the Occupy Denver Finance Committee.
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About Us

The Finance Committee handles monetary donations, accounting, and expenditures. We are also involved in fund-raising and legal issues. Members of this committee are elected at General Assembly.

The following proposal was passed in February of 2012:

INTRO- This proposal is designed to create a system for donors to influence how their donations are spent by Occupy Denver, to promote fund raising activities by individual committees, and promote financial transparency.

1) This proposed system is for all OD funds other than any legal fund which may or may not exist at the time of this proposal. Legal/bail needs should be considered separate from this proposal.

2) Donors may designate what their donation be used for. They can do this by naming a committee or working group, a project or event, or specific need. These earmarks must be specifically noted by the individual donor via memo line on a check, note on PayPal donation, or a written note with cash. Any donations which lack a note from the specific donor will go to the general fund.

3) All earmarked donations will be associated with a committee and added to the appropriate committee fund. All capital, regardless of earmarking will remain in ODs general bank account until a request for allocation is made by the GA or a committee. Committees do not need GA approval to request the allocation of capital in their committee fund. The separation of committee funds will be done internally by the finance committee.

4) GA is the only body with authority over the general fund. It also retains authority over the entire OD budget but will avoid the reallocation of earmarked funds. Only in emergency situations will reallocation be considered.

5) All expenditures must be reported to finance, if receipts are possible they will be given to finance for the sake of accounting. Failure to produce receipts means the committee in question risks not receiving reimbursement.

6) Finance will include a committee by committee breakdown of the current budget on admin’s committee digests.

7) This policy will be reflected on a “donations” and /or “finance” page of