Legal Support

Content on this page is provided by the Occupy Denver Legal Committee.
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What We Do

Occupy Denver’s Legal Committee is committed to working on the ground to support activists who are facing state repression. We provide jail support, raise funds to assist with bail/bonds whenever possible, host letter writing campaigns to support our long-term political prisoners and provide a ‘CourtWatch’ calendar so we can stand in solidarity with our comrades.

Standing up for what is right is not a crime, it’s a necessity.

Political Prisoner Support

Find out here how you can write, visit and support! Occupy Denver Prisoners of Conscience.

Courtwatch Calendar

Court sessions are at the Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse unless otherwise noted
520 West Colfax Ave (between Delaware and Elati, directly accross from Van Cise – Simonet Detention Center)

Please click on the names below for court start time, room number and additional details.


Know Your Rights!

Learn about your legal rights in the United States:

National Lawyers Guild
Manual: 6 different languages

American Civil Liberties Union
Manual: English | Espanol
Wallet Card: English | Espanol
and Videos!