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Content on this page is provided by the Occupy Denver Website Committee.
It may not reflect the approval of the General Assembly, unless otherwise noted.
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The Website Committee is responsible for keeping the web site running and up to date. This includes managing the WordPress installation and backend, designing the frontend, and posting content. In general, the website committee only posts content that has passed the Occupy Denver General Assembly or is related to an event that has been approved by the General Assembly.

Creating an Occupy Denver Committee Web Page

The following proposal passed the Occupy Denver General Assembly on February 4, 2012. It outlines the steps a committee or working group can take in order to gain access to a web page on the Occupy Denver web site.

Each Occupy Denver committee, if they so desire, will be given a web page under the ‘Committees’ tab of the web site. This policy applies equally to working groups within Occupy Denver, and the phrase “working group” may be substituted for “committee” at any place in this proposal.

In order to have this web page created, and gain access to WordPress user account(s), the committee must email the administrative committee at This email must include:

  • A request for their committee web page to be setup
  • The committee name
  • The committee mission statement (3 – 5 sentences about the committee, and what its purpose is)
  • Regular committee meeting time(s) and place(s), if applicable
  • A committee email address that will be displayed on the web site
  • The name and email address for 1 to 3 people, more if absolutely necessary, that the committee approves to edit their page

The administration committee will then verify the request and send it to A starter page on the web site will then be created, and individual user accounts will be made for the person(s) approved by the committee to edit their web page. These user accounts will be limited in scope to editing content on the committee pages for which they have been approved. Individual logins will allow for accountability in the event that something inappropriate is posted. Committees should strive to maintain a uniform look across the web site and keep content professional, well-written and spelled correctly.

A notice will appear at the top of each committee page that says “The content on this page is provided by the Occupy Denver [name] Committee and may not reflect the approval of the General Assembly, unless otherwise noted.” In the event that a person has an issue with something on a committee page, it will be handled according to our Accountability Process.

User accounts for the web site may be created or removed for committee members as the needs and membership of that committee change. This information may be provided by a committee in their bi-weekly committee digest and the administrative committee will be responsible for forwarding those requests to