Denver Police Ticketing Supply Drop-Offs And Bail Info

November 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

Word is coming in that in the continued effort to squash Occupy Denver by any means necessary, the Denver Police Department is ticketing donors who drop off supplies for the demonstrators. Apparently a donation must be hand-delivered, and the car from whence the donation comes must be parked, not temporarily stopped with hazards flashing. Please park your car and walk in donations. If this is not possible, please contact us for assistance.

3:00 pm update and correction:
Regarding arrests, the way the state has interacted with our legal team is suspicious, to say the least. A few details include the supposed temporary failure of the NCIS computer network which processes bail, therefore unnecessarily prolonging jail stays and creating a window of time sufficient for a judge to drastically increase bail amounts. Additionally, members of the legal team were not permitted to do their job to post bail and were removed from the facility late last night.

Like I said, squash by any means necessary.

Please contact Governor Hickenlooper via the Citizen’s Advocate office by filling out this form or call:
(303) 866-2885
(800) 283-7215

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock
Email The Mayor

To read more about Occupy Denver’s official statement about recent police activity, please check out this Huffpo piece, as well as this Examiner article.