Ongoing: Campaign for an American Dream comes to Denver

June 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Due to the time-sensitive nature of this alert, this solidarity action has not been passed by our General Assembly.

The Occupy Denver Direct Action Working Group has called for solidarity with the Campaign for an American Dream. They are on a 3,000 mile trek from the Golden Gate Bridge to Washington, D.C. and have stopped by Denver today to occupy the Obama for America Campaign Headquarters at 77 W 9th Ave., Denver, CO. As of 11:30am on June 6, multiple protestors have been inside campaign headquarters since 5:30pm on June 5, causing campaign staff to sleep with them inside, rather than risk a confrontation with the police. At least two protestors inside are in the middle of a hunger strike, urging President Obama to sign an executive order that will stop deporting persons that would qualify for protection under the DREAM Act. Please come show your support today!

Livestreams of this event:

Live stream by Ustream

Streaming live video by Ustream

Photo from inside on June 5:

Printed below is a press release from Campaign for an American Dream, describing this action:

Undocumented Youth Face Possible Deportation in Denver while Demanding an Executive Order at Obama’s Campaign Office
by Jonatan Martinez (478) 957-5296,

Civil Disobedience Action in Denver

DENVER – Undocumented immigrant youth walking from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. are sitting in the Obama campaign office this instance on 9th Avenue and Broadway. They are asking that his administration stop the deportations of DREAM Act-eligible youth by signing an executive order and they are not going to leave until it happens. We are on a hunger strike!

“With Deportations on the rise and Secure Communities recently implemented in the state of Colorado, We cannot just sit back and wait!” said Veronica Gomez, an undocumented student with Campaign for an American Dream (CAD), which is walking across the country to raise awareness about immigrant rights. “The immigrant community in Colorado needs to know that we have a voice in this country, that we are not criminals, and we deserve a pathway to legalization.”

CAD, along with the group Colorado, Organize, Resist, Escalate (COORE) will deliver a letter to the Obama Campaign office followed by a “Coming out of the Shadows” rally where undocumented immigrants will publicly declare their status.

“If they want the Latino vote in Colorado, they must show the community what they are doing for us. We are asking them to stop the deportation of all DREAM eligible youth!” said Javier Hernandez, an undocumented immigrant living in Colorado and member of COORE.

Despite the memo authored by Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton explaining that ICE is supposed to focus its resources on deporting criminals, DREAM-eligible youth are being put in deportation proceedings nationwide. We need the strength of an executive order to stop our deportations.


CAD’s mission is to walk across the nation from San Francisco to D.C creating dialogue around the passage of the DREAM Act and fixing our broken immigration system with the values of equality, unity, and diversity. CAD believe’s all people are equal, all those who are oppressed should be united, and our daily lives and the Campaign itself highlight diversity.