Earth Day Rally

April 14, 2012 in Event

Sunday April 22, 1:00-4:00pm at the Capitol Building

The Occupy movement has been instrumental in raising awareness about the economic disparity that has become a prevalent theme in our society. Though the focus has not generally been on pollution, ecological issues and climate change, Occupy Denver does acknowledge these issues as integral to the movement as a whole, by virtue of the fact that these economic and ecological crises stem from the same root source: corporate abuse of power by an illegitimate 1%, and a government that not only enables but rewards such behavior through legislation.

Occupy Denver supports the development of self-sustaining, self-determining, healthy and vibrant local communities. The fossil fuel industry and agribusiness compromise self-determination by monopolization of consumer choice through greenwashing and the perpetuation of an unsustainable culture based on over-consumption and greed. Some of us think it is a bit ironic that Earth Day is only celebrated once a year—largely as an appreciation of over-abundance. Occupy Denver would like to change the tone of this event by taking inspiration from indigenous communities and recognizing that, if anything is to be done to address the twin crises of global accelerated climate change and the current mass extinction event, more drastic steps need to be taken than having a liberal awareness birthday party for the Earth.

We will provide, in a family friendly setting, the following:

  • A forum for dialogue on local issues of fracking, land rights, air and water pollution;
  • Music by the Raging Grannies and others;
  • Information booths for local groups and organizations;
  • Inspiring speakers to raise awareness about fracking in Colorado;
  • Artistic renditions of impending ecological disaster;
  • An earth flavored cake for Earth’s 4,546,434,982nd birthday!

An awareness of environmental degradation, uninhibited by media propaganda and lies, is the first step toward cultivating real political will and a real culture of resistance to the corporate domination of the Earth. Join us on April 22nd at the State Capitol as we build a community to stand against the ecocidal, genocidal rule of the 1%.