Eviction In Castle Rock: We have lost our property without ever knowing who to pay

December 14, 2012 in Event

Per the homeowners request, the Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition did not engage in any direct actions to resist this eviction

Homeowner wrongfully being evicted from home, Now!

Marcie Jacobs, a homeowner who was caught up in a banking fraud case and has been fighting lenders from wrongfully taking the home her husband and father in law built will be at her home when she is evicted at today. Colorado Progressive Coalition and Occupy Denver as part of the Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition strongly condemns this action by Ocwen loans.

The CFRC has asked for activists to respectively ask the Chief Justice of the 18th district court to immediately stop the eviction and allow Jacobs her day in court. Jacobs is asking for aid to move her belonging from the home her family built.

While the Jacobs family never missed a payment to Taylor, Bean and Whitaker (TBW), when the company was shut down for selling notes to her family’s, and thousands other family’s, home loans to multiple entities, it became impossible for Jacobs to determine who to pay. Despite her research and persistence in working to discover who the appropriate entity to pay was. However, despite her willingness to pay, to her surprise, Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, began foreclosure proceedings – a company with no standing to do so.

Though she asked Ocwen who owns the note for her home, Ocwen has refused to answer. Today she still does not know who owns her loan.

We never missed a payment when our lender was shut down for fraud and went into bankruptcy,” said Jacobs. “While the majority owner of Taylor, Bean and Whitaker was put in prison for 30 years, it is as if my family is also in prison,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs has filed complaints with multiple federal agencies but has yet to receive relief in either the TBW’s bankruptcy settlement or in the foreclosure process. Instead, though a victim of circumstance, Marcie is now being evicted due to no fault of her own.

“We have lost our property without ever knowing who to pay,” said Jacobs.
The eviction was to take place at 10 a.m. today, but has not yet occurred.

To see a speech by Jacobs on the case please view: http://www.colorado-frc.org/

What: Wrongful Eviction
When: Today, December 14, 2012
Where: 305 Rolling Hills Place, Parker CO.
Corrine Fowler
Economic Justice Director
Colorado Progressive Coalition