Future of Occupy Denver Meeting 1/8

January 4, 2012 in Event

There is a limited amount of floor space, livestreaming from the comfort of your home is an encouraged option: http://ustream.tv/channel/occupyden. Skype is another option, please send your Skype username to general@occupydenver.org

Below is a letter from an Occupier. It seems fitting as an introduction to the announcement of our Future of Occupy Denver Meeting this Sunday 1/8/12:
Greetings and Happy New Year,
Evolve or die. These are the options presented not only to the Occupy movement but to the human race. Humanity as we know it, and Occupy as well, are at a crossroads. We are witnessing the collapse of our natural world, our financial and economic systems as well as the American way of life. But not all of this is bad. With the collapse we are given the opportunity and responsibility to rebuild. To build a better future based on sustainability and compassion for one another. A world not lead by the desire for wealth accumulation and infinite growth but a world based on community building and local resources. We are witnessing the death throws of an empire. With death looming those in power will do whatever it deems necessary to stay in power, ie. NDAA & SOPA. These are actually good signs. It means they are afraid, and they should be. As much as they have brainwashed us, poisoned us and kept us subdued they cannot kill our collective desire for liberty and justice for all. And so on September 17, 2011 the sleeping giant came out of its hibernation. And like a virus we spread across the country, waking up from our passive slumber. Pfizer cannot produce enough Ambien to put this beast back to sleep.
And so here we are. We came out and took back public spaces. Letting each other know that we are not alone in our feelings of anger and distrust towards the ruling elite. We had rallies drawing thousands into the streets of Denver to express their frustrations. And now winter has settled in. This is the time for regrouping and organizing. The stakes are way too high to let ego and petty drama get in the way. The way I see it is that this is a life or death struggle. We don’t have the time to waste on bullshit. No more infighting, put all past differences aside and lets take this fucking country back! The real enemies are the central bankers, the CEO’s destroying our planet, the politicians killing our brothers, sisters and children. No person should fear its government. The governments should fear their people. Its time to strike fear in the heart of evil and start taking (nonviolent) action.
We are not just protesting. We are not just complaining. We are building a community. We are providing an outlet so that the solutions to these complex problems can be heard. And soon we will be that force that implements the solutions to save civilization. Make no mistake, this is a very real battle. Sacrifices have and will continue to be made. Its going to be a long hard struggle. But we are in this struggle together. We are no longer alone. They have the money, we have the numbers. And we all know the dollar ain’t worth shit. But a million people in the streets, now that’s fucking priceless. 2012 is a time for change. Be that change. Occupy Denver. Occupy America. Occupy The World.In Solidarity,

There will be an open forum, town hall style, meeting THIS Sunday to discuss the future of Occupy Denver.

The meeting is open to anyone who would like to come. This includes occupy friends old and new, who are, or would like to be, invested in the future of Occupy Denver. Those that have a voice and opinion to lend and would like to participate in a respectful open dialogue with their peers are welcome.

Future of Occupy Denver Open Forum
Sunday January 8th
2:30 pm
1201 Sante Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
(this meeting will likely take a long time, plan for 6 hours)

For those interested but not able to make it in person, The meeting will be livestreamed and we are also considering skyping participants in. Due to space constraints, this is likely a good option and is encouraged.
Please contact us if you are interested in the skype option, general@occupydenver.org