12/16/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 16, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

faciliator speaking

Explaines rules for general assembly. Newcommers no interupption. pop. stack rules, etc.

Roshan is taking stack.

Committe introductions:

Nonviolence committee introduces themselves

Education comittee introduces themselves

Security comittee introduces themselves

24/7 comittee introduces themselves

Events committee introduces themselves


Commitee Annoucements:

New into: I am frustrated. I am my biggest enemy, in and out of recovery. The single most important thing is love. I live hard work hard I do it for you.

24/7 Tommorrow and Sunday there are open meetings at 5:30 greek ampitheter. Please come. We need outside comittees to come. We have a reponse and statement to pu on Social media sites about last 2 day.

Events committee: Hands out flyers for immigrants rights teach in and march.

Events immigrants rights march. tons of immangrant issues connected with 99%. Please come. Tomorrow at 11:00 am. teach in and then march.

General announcements

Events Dec 20th: candlelight vigil for homeless. Explain the situation to the mayor. He likes to make a show to the cameras.


24/7 proposal: As you can see, we reponded creatively to raid. A massiv response. People are asking why. We answered in a written reponse.

24/7 reads statement. Ends with ….”the spirit of the occupation can not be torn down.” We need more creative materials. We will be working all weekend.


strategy, timing may bring response

I would love to share on my own site

I believe in all my rights. We have one individual tearing it down. We need to back up our brothers and sisters and there freedom of speech.

Direct response: throwing stuff in trees is not free spech

Yes it is.

The supreme court ruled burning a flag is speech, thn so are garlands.

we are discussing the statement. It is a complication. It is a public park and it is the biggest homeless camp.

I would like to see that his was a protest against encumbrances in the language. We had to show what encumbrances ar

The encumrances have changed multiple times.

We need to take trash down. We keep it clean. We take care of this park.

Point of process: Can we focus on the topic. This is about the language?

Stack continues:

Homeless and middle class have come together.

247 this was an emotional response from thse who are marginalized. It is a statement of solidarity.

I agree with every word. If the public has questions, we need answers. We can connect the dots.

Proposal is to add details and put this statement of social media sites.

20 for

1 against

Facilitator: Proposal to take trash out of trees.

This is a public park organize a clean up crew. I think we need a straw poll to table this

This body does not have the right to make this decision. Citizens have to right to. we can not enforce this.

It looks like decorations, not trash.

The choices we make here will be in the media. We clean up he park. We need to take care of the park.

A friend says this is disgusting. She specifically pointed out the fan in trees.

I do not think we would win this argument in court. I think we need to bring people in not push people out. If this repells people than we have a problem.

This was a battle of chess. This was an emotional response. We won that battle. Now we have a differant battle. The PR battle. Lets make sure it is decorations.

We can argue all day long whether the Supreme Court woud rule. This is not the supreme court. You can make a rule that someone should take something down. No one ever tries to censor speech that they agree to.

The only object Occupy Denver has jusisdiction over is the banner.

I do not think the legal system should dictate our course of action.

Personally I think the park has never looked better. I do not think this body has the right to censor others. I think they will get angry.

Honestly, as soon as we see the cops staging, the decorations are going ack up. I would hate to see this turn into conflict within the group. We buildt dcorations in the park and we are stewards of the park.

Facilitator: You are free to propose ammendments to the proposal. we will continue stack.

I say, by the token, if people get arrested for doing this, the GA should not bail them out.

dr: I beleive ga is relevant, but they can not control everything.

facilitator: amendmend idea: take out big objects and thank people for decorations. show flexibility.

This is a movement. I would suggest that the GA make a decision that is a compromise and it is run like an events issue. We do not need a battle.

dr: why can’t a few people just go do it.

answer: I would be beat up if I took things out of the trees. We have to not create a conflict.

Why not keep up stuff that is clearly decoration.

member of the row: we are stockpiling stuff to throw in the trees. I love all of our encumberances becauses I am classified as an encumberance: I am homeless.

I stand by the decisions of my brothers and sisters. We made a scene. We need more decorations.

There is a difference between trash and encumerance, same as there is a difference between encumerances and you guys. I was here last night when we cleaned up leaves, cigarrette butts, etc.

This borderlines on discrimination and promoting the same economic injustice that we are promoting.

people who have not been here 24/7 do not know what it is like. No one has the right to take down another’s protest.

pop: We are talking about amending the proposal of taking objects out of the trees.

It is Orwellian that this group is talking about censoring itself.

I do not think it is censorship, but I think we need to build the movement. A public works worker making minimum wage will have to take the kayak down, not a cop, not the government, but the same people that we are fighting for.

This is an expression, a manifestation of the row, a group which has never been been empowered.

Proposal maker wants to change to the propsal to dissaprove officially of decorations in the trees.



2 yes

18 oppossed

5 abstentions.