11/9/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

November 12, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

notes 7pm ga 11/9
Events – Cock brothers – blog con convention for conservitive blogers – direct action on friday 11/11 =, Corwn plaza hotel, 5pm protest.
24/7 – securing designated sleeping area for females, provide atmosphere where females feelcomforytable sleeping over night
Leason O Aurira O Denver – want invloved, e-mail to join committees
Safe spaces – smoke down wind
NOn-violence – 6 principles of non-violenceby Martin Luther KIng, meeting sun 2 at lib
Eucation committee – get involved
Security -
Outreach- fredrick dougless center, diusscussion on communities of color and role in the movement 2745 wekton st
Occ compared to freedom writers Terry on panal at Blar-coldwell lib
Theator group – tomo night bring food song and sport- spend the night
Iraq vets event – fri 6-8
Sat march against corperate personhood, 12:15 scit, pa on capital after the march good speakers on corperate personhood
NOvelist from NY, get everyone rto be apart in seridan floor for weekend
Agenda- buget for stikers. put them everywhere.
Ask for $200 worth of stikers
Janaless currently making stickers
Ask for $400 worth
Tabkled for qute latter
Like stikers!
Do you have design – occupy
Ask for smaller stikers too
100 of thusands to hand out
Next Item: Chris
Disconnect betwen 7pm ga and occupation
Pick a night for all to occupy- set it up, food…
See whole protest in diferent way when sleep here
disabled and elders can sleep here
Ben offer to make it possibe if can
weather disabilties can’t do it
Is it required
Just a strong suggestion
suggestion fri noon through sat
Pro – fri a week from tomo make an aficaial occupy event for occupy 24 particularly for people very involved but never stay the night.
Amend for every week and call it occupy the night and don’t specify just for thoise involved
What about sat night- everyweek
Chris fine with both amendments
Like saturday better
Where put people – on broadway there is space
Need to have secure area for people to out stuff
Everyone responsible for you own stuff
Volentary, not manditory, but encouraged because of the risk
Have friends look out for stuff
Toilets? Cops tear down sat?
Sleeping on street not tents
a week from this sat
Come up with list of things people should know when they occupy
Teach-in afetr march on sat on urban camping and street safty
Can we invite to encourage endourcers
Legistics will fall in place once we decude to do it
Proposal – Once week from sat start event called occupy the night and does 24 hour occupation
25 in favor
0 obstaning
0 oppossed
Propose form teach-in after day time and before night fastivities on how to stay safe and warm on the streets
Can’t we just do it – not a needed proposal
24/7 should teach it, spear head it and annouce it soon
non-violence meeting
round of aplace for being out here 40 days!
100$ for every 1000 stikers
pr committee responsibility, ga ask pr committee
what about finance committee? they give money for stikers
Propose to print them and bring bill to finance committee and have it by tomorrow, $300 worth
Include sharden dude on stiker project
Finance committee has money to do this
bring back smple
Tabkled ’til tomo
bring 3 or 4 samples to choose
simble to chalk
not want inclusive to denver
do we have that jurisdiction over the whole
99% vs occupy language
Occupy together
Come to ga with proposal, print out tomorrow