12/18/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 19, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes


7 Pm GA

Roshan Facilitates – Ben 24/7 takes Stack

Committee Announcements:

Pat – Outreach Committee hosting video and gathering event at Gypsy House tomorrow 5:30 PM
Ben 24/7 – Announces weird state of occupation with pending eviction but points out extensive clean-up. Tomorrow is also a big clean-up
Terese multi-comittees – Declaration of Purpose drafting still occurring – call for content
Brandi – Headquarters, etc: Statewide meetings and conferences in work – structure building – get involved
Greg – Peace/Non-violence: Focus continues to being on the 1%

Outside group announcements: Mr. Simmons – civil rights activist announces protest at Red Lion 1:30 Pm 3200 S. Parker Road @ I-225 regarding a VA hospital being built without African American Labor being hired. It’s a corporate greed thing.
1st Monday of every month GEO detention center there is a candelight vigil for
Dec 20th Municipal Building 7PM a homeless vigil will occur for those who’ve died on the streets. “This will be there only memorial service”.
Carrie – building a kitchen calling for stoves, dishes, etc.
Ben – Write up about homeless intiative
“Construction” Working Group – Working on building more “houses” especially a women’s only house on the row.
Greg – ‘Occupy Senators working group’ to form regarding occupying government officials offices.

“Get Involved” proposal: A teach-in to be propagated as THURSDAYS “Get Involved” night on all media as a “Labor Liberation/ Workers Right’s” Workshop – American Friends Service Committee from 7 – 9PM, Thurs. 12/22. 27 Yes, 1 No, 1 Abstaining. ~ Motion Passes

Ben 24/7 Proposal: Tuesday, Homelessness Caucus (Fishbowl Style) – To hear from people who are so participatory in Occ Den, on the ground, living. ***Discussion*** Yes 23, 1 No, 4 Abstaining. ~ Motion Passes

Proposal Jason 24/7 for Meeting with Chief White Monday at 2 PM: Going into this meeting we have to be really careful/ smart/ strategic – There is list of criteria from a cross-committee meeting:

Be respectful, previous experience meeting with official, knowledge of inner-workings the movement as a whole, equal cross-section of occupy Denver, negotiation skills, no personal agendas, that group can agree on cohesive message, people need to be able to work together, have to meet before-hand to put together plan. Trustworthy on decision-making, regular participant on the ground, non-contentious, diverse body

Max 10 people … Beginning of proposed list:
Tim, Jason, Roshan, Anthony, Liberty, Brett, Terese, Nick at night, Leo, Cat 24/7
DISCUSSIONS & Added Nominations – BEN, JT Sexton, Dana, Carrie, Ambros, Kat
Tim- 25 yes, 3-no … Jason- 29 yes, 3 no … Roshan- 27 yes, 2- no … Anthony 14- yes … 8 no … Liberty 24 yes, 2 no, Brett – 24, yes – 4 no … Terese 27 yes, 2 no … Nick@nite 22, 2 no … Leo 22 yes, 3 no, Cat, 27, n0, 2 … Ben 28, 4 no, JT 15 yes, 3 no … Dana 28 yes, 2 no … Carrie 16 yes, 4 no … Ambros (non committee member) 30 yes , 2 no, Kat 30 yes, 2

Elected TEAM: Cat, Ambrose, Jason, Dana, Ben, Roshan, Kat, Terese, Liberty & Tim

GA Adjourned 30 min past schedule after some short additional announcements.