GA Minutes 12/27

January 4, 2012 in GA resolutions

12/27/11 GA Notes

Emergency Agenda Item- 24/7 Occupiers need a phone with a camera and a storage unit to enhance security, communication, and documentation during raids/police harassment.

On 12/27/11 at 1am Occupiers had their tarps torn off of them and were demanded to remove personal items within 10 minutes. The police officers offered the same “encumbrance” eviction paper as their justification (but with no warning ahead of time). Occupiers had to run to a pay phone (to no avail) and an apartment to reach help to retrieve private property and to record the officers.

The need for a storage unit for essential personal items, such as: birth certificates, personal photos, court papers, etc. was discussed.

The need for a phone with a camera (preferably a smart phone) for calling emergency help and back-up, for recording interactions with police, and for mass communication through the internet was discussed.

The idea was proposed to seek both items as donations before using funds.

An idea was proposed for an emergency twitter account that sends text alerts.

The previously discussed necessity of an emergency phone tree was reiterated.

A vote was taken to have a phone on the ground for the 24/7 Occupiers.
13 For
1 Opposed
0 Abstaining

The finances for the phone were discussed. Several people offered phones that could be donated. Different plan options were discussed. Anthony offered to add a phone to his plan. It had been proposed to raise the funds among the members of the GA, but as the exact cost was unknown, funding for the emergency phone was tabled until GA on 12/28/11 to allow Anthony to learn the total cost for activation fee, monthly service cost, etc. Funding options will be discussed at the GA on 12/28/11.

A vote was taken on the 24/7 Occupier to be responsible for the emergency phone. For security purposes this name will be available upon request. Alternates were discussed as well, in case of emergency.
9 For
0 Opposed
2 Abstaining

Further decisions on the storage unit were tabled until a cost estimate could be brought to GA. The goal for the estimate is 12/28/11. Discussion of access to the storage unit will be at the same GA.

The Twitter emergency account was discussed further. Privacy concerns were raised.

GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS (because this was an emergency GA, the emergency agenda item had been discussed first)

*Matt raised the proposal to act in solidarity with Occupy St. Paul, MN on January 17, 2012 against the NDAA. The action would be to Occupy the Senator’s Office.

Questions were raised about the fact that the NDAA, if not signed or vetoed, would become law within 10 days, well before January 17, 2012.

The idea was tabled until further information could be learned.


*Outreach Committee- Anthony mentioned that the January 10, 2012 event at the Hi-Dive was coming together well.

Anthony also mentioned outreach to veterans was going well, while outreach to senior citizens was not going as well.

*Silas mentioned hearing about other Occupations going underground and ceasing to exist and rallied everyone to keep things going at Occupy Denver.

At this time, the GA came to a close.