12/28/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 29, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Minutes for Wednesday, 12/28/2011

Tim (Relocation Committee): The Relocation Committee is looking for a reliable place to hold in-door GA’s and meetings- there is an offer from a local theater. A debate then ensued about the merits/lack thereof of moving GA’s inside.

Patti (Media/PR, Events): There is a rally Saturday at 1:00pm against Suncor, Tar Sands, and XL Energy. It will include various groups, including AIM and DABC.

Jo (Tactics): The Tactics Committee has newly reformed, and the number one need is people able and willing to be on phones at a moment’s notice in the event of emergency.

Martin: Martin is working on a web portal (different from Blair’s). Talk to him if interested.

Ben (24/7): CCH is willing to consider endorsing a review of homeless shelters.

Jo (Economic Statement Committee): The committee needs people. Contact her if interested.

Josh (Outreach): Outreach is looking for permanent occupiers to work with on a coalition-building project to get them consistent food. Talk to him if interested.

Tad: While the Movement is in hibernation over the winter, need to keep on the radar with direct actions. Currently thinking of an action against Wells Fargo- contact general@occupydenver.org, subject “Event Ideas,” if interested in this or if you have other ideas.

Anthony (Veterans working group): Vets working group convened for the first time last Saturday

Jason (Admin): Proposal to fill Admin Committee vacancy with Nick Snoux.
Passed: 13 Yes, 0 No

Tim: Proposal to make amend Saturday’s events to make it a “double header,” going ahead with the original War on Drugs march @ 12PM, then moving to Skyline to join the anti-Suncor march @ 1PM.
Passed (after lengthy debate): 15 Yes, 3 No, 8 Abstain