12/11/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

December 12, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes

Sunday GA Minutes 12/11/11

Facilitator – Matt
Stack taker – Pat
Note taker – Roshan

Committee members present:

  • Pat Boyle – Film & video working group
  • Ben – 24/7, Occupy Auraria
  • Candace – Outreach, GA procedures
  • Dana – Occupy Auraria
  • Martin – statement of purpose working group, non-violence, film & video working group
  • Matt – sanitation/beautification, welcoming & info
  • Roshan – admin, GA Procedures

Committee Announcements

  • Welcoming & Info: we need help finding the info materials that were taken in the last
  • Beautification: we need brooms & shovels
  • 24/7: we needs people to help pick up/distribute donations – people with cars
  • 24/7: want to remind us that they are having an open committee meeting at 5pm on Tuesday at which all are welcome to attend and participate in

Outside groups:

  • Candace – next Sunday 6:30 pm, there is a meeting with the Five Points community at 27th & Welton (Douglass Center) for planning a general strike on Feb. 14
  • There is a need for a van to help shuttle a class up to the Walmart action tomorrow
  • Thunderdome – there is a carpool tomorrow meeting on the Broadway side of the Denver Public Library starting at 8am to go to Loveland for the Walmart action

General Announcements

  • The Film & Video working group is looking for filmmakers, videographers, graphic designers, editors, etc. for putting together short films to help spread info about Occupy Denver and eventually make a documentary.  If interested, contact: pwboyle@umail.iu.edu (720) 243-0994
  • Kerri announced that the signs she received money to print have been printed, are awesome, and will be brought to the protest tomorrow


  • Proposal for Get Involved Nights for this week
    • Tuesdays: two breakouts are proposed – one for discussing the upcoming march on Saturday and during the holidays, and one for direct actions that OD should take in the future
    • Thursday: fish bowl caucus for women
    • VOTE PASSED unanimously
  • Kerri brings Proposal for releasing funds for gas money for carpool
    • Need about $20 per car for gas round-trip, want to have the money before hand to fill the tanks
    • Only requesting money for 2 people, so a total of $40 is requested
    • Concern is brought that since finance committee is not present, there may be problems with getting the money to people by 8am tomorrow morning
    • Candace offered that she is willing to give her own money and get reimbursed by finance later
    • Modification is brought to set aside as $20 per car, up to five cars
      • Modification was accepted
    • Candace will get $100, seek to be reimbursed by finance committee later
      • A man who was present generously donated $50 on the spot.  Candace will still contribute the $100, so there will be $150 available for gas.  Any left over will be returned to Occupy Denver
    • Modification was brought that receipts for gas must be brought and any money not used would be returned to Occupy Denver
    • VOTE PASSED unanimously
  • There was a question brought about what to do with the items that were collected from the last raid in safe houses – how do we redistribute these items efficiently, fairly, etc?
    • Pat offered the use of his pickup truck
    • 24/7 said that they are in charge of donation of physical items and have been asking for people to get this sort of thing done.
      • They suggest that people who still have items in their homes to come to their open committee meeting this Tuesday at 5pm
      • Suggestion was also brought to organize a car line that and that 24/7 could liaise between the people holding items and the occupation
      • Crucial part is that people email 24/7@occupydenver.org if they have items from the raids to coordinate their return
    • 24/7 asks that we establish a real system to prevent against loss of donated items once they are distributed
    • 24/7 suggested that this issue be taken on in their committee because it is really their area of operation anyway

General assembly ended at 7:50pm