11/23/11 – General Assembly Minutes (7pm)

November 25, 2011 in GA resolutions, Meeting minutes, Uncategorized

Committee Announcements
o Tactics needs members, email general@occupydenver.org
o Katie Ms. Katie’s Corner is here to feed Occupy Denver, it’s a new non-profit
o Information committee- signs to wear that say ,occupy Denver info. Since the raids we no longer have an info desk.
o GA procedures- acknowledge that the GA we have had a problem getting minutes. GAP set up a email, minutes@occupydenver.org, email them to the address
o Kids March on Saturday-10am
o Finance Committee set up a co-op and a credit union account
o 24/7 committee deals with the logistical needs of having a 24/7 occupation

Outside Groups Announcements
o Family of Love- group of protesters who collectively shares resources.
o Patty says, occupy the rose parade is a scam, don’t give this person any funds

General Announcements
o Matt-Occupying Skyline park to reach greater numbers, there is a local merchants market during the month of Dec, he suggests that we should not be there
o Burt-wants a critical mass ride-OccupyBike
o Dec 12 is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, we should do something,

o OWS has endorsed the occupy foreclosure going nationwide on Dec. 6. Meeting with a woman who is being foreclosed on. Occupyyourhouse.org.
o Working group suggested
• An individual met with Susan Sheperd, she may want to endorse
o Working group suggested..

Trip to go to LA to the Tea Party- Denver OccuTrip-Dec6- Dec14-18
o yes 1, no 1, none abstained
o Live streaming the entire event
o Wants OD GA’s support
o If you have a specific questions email denveroccutrip@gmail.com
o Wants donation
o If you want to join email at denveroccutrip@gmail.com

Something is happening in DC in March, no one knows what

Rumor that we will be raided tomorrow or that the cops think we are planning some trouble. We should have a press release on the website

Occupy Denver, as far as the 24/7 goes, has nothing to do with the Night of 1000 Tents
o Unknown guy claiming to be with the Thunderdome and 24/7 on facebook
o Admin will communicate that Night of 1000 Tents is not an official Occupy event.

OccuTrip 2 the other coast, OD will endorse the trip
o 18 yes, 1 obtained
o Occupy Tampa is looking to people amass in Tampa for the RNC
o 24/7 is up for the trip in August

Rob from legal-
o No conspiracy with the mayor, governor and the injunction. There has been suspicion of ulterior motives. He is offended and says he has been transparent.

Food- concerned about sanitation. It was stated that food control has been hard because the police tear down everything