General Assembly Statement on Shelby’s Election

November 10, 2011 in GA resolutions, Uncategorized

You may have heard about Shelby Here’s some specifics from the GA:

We of Occupy Denver hereby elect and recognize Shelby the border collie dog as our leader until such time that Occupy Denver, rescind or replace said role.
As such, under auspices including, but not limited to, the facts that she can bleed, breed, and show emotion, there by proving she is more of a “person” than a corporation, here by demand that Shelby not only be legally recognized by both State and Federal government as the leader of Occupy Denver, but also as a person.

To similar call, should Shelby be granted such recognition, it is to our expectation that all pressing legal matters regarding the occupation that require a “leader” or representative to speak on the behalf of the Occupation, that unless representation other than the Occupation’s leader be found adequate and/or accepted through the governing body of Occupy Denver, that U.S. law be followed as it concerns providing an adequate interpreter to accurately and provably convey the meaning and substance of Occupation related legal matters both to Shelby and from Shelby to her legal counsel and/or legal bodies handling such cases. It is to be understood that it is not the responsibility of Occupy Denver, nor Shelby, to find or provide interpreters for such task.

Should such demands of the Occupation not be met, we of Occupy Denver demand that any and all rights and privileges granted to corporations under the rights afforded them through corporate “personhood” be made illegal through State constitutional amendment. Further, should such an amendment be superseded by Federal law, that the governing bodies and persons of the State of Colorado, through political, economic, and all legal means available, pursue without haste, in earnest transparency, and to their fullest possible capacity, entry into any and all legal contest necessary to both uphold and enforce the revocation of corporate “personhood”.