Get Involved!

How To Get Involved

Want to get involved with Occupy Denver?  Can’t make it down in person, but want to contribute to the Occupy effort?

There are at least four ways you can support Occupy Denver!

  1. Join Us!  Lend your voice & yourself to the Occupation – whether for an hour or a week – you are the 99% and this Occupation is for you!   Whether you’re interested in coming down and learning about the movement, joining one of our Committees or Working Groups and getting involved in the effort, or simply holding a sign to express your thoughts & feelings about these hard times, we welcome you to be part of the Occupation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
    Click here for a map to the Occupation.
    We realize and understand that many people want to support and be involved, but can’t necessarily break away from commitments in their lives. Here are some ways you can help even if you can’t lend your time to the Occupation!
  2. Donate!  Our dire necessities and hopeful requests are posted on our site – please note that any item that is still on the list is something we still need or want.  We cannot access online donations of funds at this point in time, but cash donations are collected on-site and used directly to purchase items on our list. Click here to view the current list of needs & requests.
  3. Spread the Word!  How did you find out about Occupy Denver?  Was it over the Internet?  In conversation with friends, family or colleagues?  From a piece in the newspaper or TV news?  There are so many outlets for information in today’s world that we can’t possibly cover them all–we need the support of our follow Americans to get the word out about Occupy Denver and the broader Occcupy movement!  Like & Share us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, talk about the Occupation with the people you interact with, and contact your local media so they know you care about unbiased coverage of our Occupation!
  4. Local Business Support!  While Occupy Denver stands vehemently against corporate greed, it’s the “greed” part of the situation that concerns us, not the effort of businesses–in fact, many of us are ourselves small business owners who have taken time off to support this cause.  Our effort needs access to many of the products and services that small businesses provide: services ranging from hot food delivery to printing, goods from outdoor gear to first aid supplies, even small things like permission to use the restrooms at nearby businesses.  If your business can offer support, please let us know!


Committees/Working Groups

All of our committees are in need of smart, dedicated, passionate individuals. Check out our Committees/Working Groups page to learn more about them.


Needs & Requests

Click here for Occupy Denver’s Needs & Requests


If you are interested in getting involved, but still aren’t sure how, please email us at