Help Un-Raid 24/7 Activists and Homeless People

March 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Sleeping BagOn Friday March 2, 2012, many activists and homeless people camped on the row at Civic Center Park attended a court hearing in support of one of the community. During that time, the police raided their camp. Those present were ordered to remove their belongings from the sidewalk, which they did. They were then blocked from protecting the personal belongings of others, many of whom were at the court hearing. The police then had sleeping bags, tarps, blankets, boots, books, socks, clothing, toiletries, and other personal items taken and thrown in the trash.

The General Assembly of Occupy Denver has decided to replace as many of these items as possible. Most of them are survival necessities. We are starting with sleeping bags.

We appreciate any and all donations to help both activists and homeless persons to survive outdoors. We need money to help replace these items. Also, if you have any winter sleeping bags and other camping equipment or clothing that you would like to donate, then we welcome any donations that would be brought directly to Civic Center Park.

Thank you.