November 30, 2011 in Press


Wednesday, 30 Nov 2011

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Starting today and ending on December 3rd, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is hosting a “States and Nations Policy Summit” in Scottsdale, Arizona. Many from Occupy Phoenix and around the region are expected to arrive in protest of this foul collection of legislators and corporate figures. Occupies around the nation are standing in solidarity with Occupy Phoenix against this corruption of our legislative system by private interests and money.

ALEC is a conglomerate of 2000 mostly conservative politicians and over 300 corporate figures, and is responsible for crafting over 800 prepackaged bills and resolutions behind closed doors. These templates are then passed to state legislators to adopt, with about a 20% adoption rate. This is a clear example of private interests GREATLY influencing the direction of our “legal” system and its grip on our livelihoods.

ALEC is responsible for the recently passed anti-immigration (and ultimately anti-Latino) bills passed in states like Arizona and Alabama. The enforcement of these bills are a direct attack on our Latino brothers and sisters, and enhance the surveillance and policing of Brown communities, while funneling money directly into the pockets of the Corrections Corporation America for building and managing private immigrant detention centers. Other bills created by ALEC serve to further privatize our educational system at the expense of our children, further expand the private prison system at the expense of predominately Black and Brown bodies, and restrict voting freedoms at the expense of low-income communities.

We condemn the infiltration of corporate funding of and influence on our “legal” system. It is clear that this corruption affects us all and it serves to disadvantage our freedoms. We call on protestors from Occupy Denver and around the nation to stand in solidarity with Occupy Phoenix and their actions against this perverse union between our legislators and private interests.

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