12/4: Join Community Resistance to Fracking in Boulder County

November 30, 2012 in Event

Due to time constraints, this event has not gone through the GA consensus process.

When: Tuesday, December 4 @ 2:30pm
Where: Boulder County Courthouse on 1325 Pearl St., Boulder, CO

Boulder county has recently approved a large number of fracking permits to Encana, a company which has wreaked environmental havoc through its fracking opearions in nearby Weld county. If fracking is allowed in Boulder county, every historic water well in the county will be at risk of pollution from fracking fluid. While Boulder currently has a moratorium on fracking, a County Commissioner’s hearing this Tuesday may allow this moratorium to expire. We call on all concerned citizens in the Boulder-Denver area to occupy this meeting and make a strong show of community resistance to fracking in Colorado. The hearing is at the Boulder County Courthouse on 1325 Pearl st and begins at 4 PM, but to secure seats at the hearing you must arrive at 2:30.

Private Water Wells (Blue) and Oil and Gas Wells (Red) Don’t Mix!

Daily Camera article:

Information from local activists on current and upcoming fracking
projects in Boulder:

Maps of fracking sites, oil and gas wells, and toxic waste pits in


County website with info on the commissioner’s hearing: