Just Say No to “Unconventional Oil”: Stop Fracking Colorado!

May 12, 2012 in Event, Press

Members of local environmentalist groups will team up with Occupy Denver to rally and protest an upcoming “unconventional” oil and gas convention at the Colorado Convention Center, where former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum will be present as a speaker promoting the interests of the ideologically counter-progressive 1%.

When: Tuesday, May 15th from 11:00am to 2:00pm
Where: By the “blue bear” on 14th and Stout, 700 14th Street.

The purpose of this rally is to let the corporate execs and engineers who pack this convention know that turning Colorado into a dead zone for hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and oil shale development is decidedly NOT OK with us; also to raise concern among the general public about the dangers of unconventional methods of oil development. We will rally outside the Colorado Convention Center before and during Rick Santorum’s keynote speech (which begins at noon) to let people know what’s going on inside, and what this means for the future of our state—unless we put an end to it. An open mic forum will be held to address issues crucial to the physical health of our people as well as the environmental/ ecological health of our state.

Be sure to make a visible sign so that you can send your message to all inside, and to the general public outside. (Possible sign-making ideas: “Colorado Not For Sale”; “There Be Frackers In Here”; “No Country For Old White Frackers,” etc.) We also encourage anyone to bring theatrical ideas to dramatize this event (haz-mat suits, EPA inspector costumes, gas masks, “fracking fluid,” etc. would be quite appropriate here).

A few additional details about this convention may help to explain why we are protesting it. For one thing, the name of it is significant: “Developing Unconventional Oil: North America’s Bountiful Resource.” (“Bountiful” is obviously code for “plenty,” as in “ripe for profit,” etc.) For another thing, the cost to get in this conference/ exhibition is $995 per person, guaranteeing that no representative of the soiled masses shall enter. (In all fairness, it should be noted that the cost is generously reduced to $885 per person if you’re with a group of four or more. So how can you call that ‘elitist’?) Oh, and leading sponsors for the convention include Haliburton among others. Really, need we say more?

For a more in-depth account of what this is all about, here is a brief description taken straight from the website’s welcome page: “In 2011 alone, 67% of DUO’s audience was corporate and engineering management along with research and development. Operating and financial companies accounted for over 55% of conference delegates.” So this is kinda like a country club gathering for oil tycoons. Full details about the conference are available at http://www.hartduo.com/. The “conference agenda” is well worth a look. If you’re interested in finding links to articles with titles like “Why BP May Be The Ultimate ‘Bounce-Back’ Stock,” the website may be worth browsing at some length. And finally, should you have any questions about the event (like, “Why does it cost so much?”), there are plenty of folks on staff to answer them via email.

In case anyone should like to make a more permanent presence at this event—or rather, outside of it—it should be noted that the convention actually begins on Monday, May 14th at 1:00 PM and ends at noon on Wednesday, May 16th. So, if you have spare time, feel free to greet these people as they come in, or bid them farewell as they leave, letting them know exactly what you think about their intentions to ‘develop’ “unconventional oil” in Colorado. They might tell you that it’s in the best interest of Coloradans, that it’s good for the economy, that it creates jobs, and so on.

What would you like to tell them?