May 29, 2012 in Event, Legal

Homeless Occupy Denver Protester Brutally Beaten by Police or Sheriffs

On March 24th 2012, the evening after the Occupy Denver March Against Police Brutality, Josh Pearson holds up the arm injured in his first brutal arrest.

Josh Pearson, a homeless Occupy Denver protester, suffered multiple injuries inflicted by either the Denver Police Department or the Denver Sheriff’s Department during or after his arrest on the 17th of May. The abuse has been severe enough to require surgery, stitches and three days of hospitalization while in custody. This is the second time Josh has been injured by Denver law enforcement in the past three months alone.

Josh holds up a wounded hand for a photographer during a welfare visit on May 18th, 2012. He was transferred to the hospital the following day.

Josh and other homeless occupiers have been victims of highly disproportionate rates of police misconduct. Since Occupy Denver began, those of the most limited means within our occupation have suffered the most police violence, civil rights violations and incarceration rates. Occupy Denver has documented the Denver Police Department targeting the currently homeless and poor who politically dissent against the status quo.

Josh holds up one of his wounds for a photographer during a welfare visit on May 24th, 2012.

This pattern can be seen within the context of the unaccountable and violent misconduct that the Denver law enforcement routinely wage within more vulnerable populations across Denver, including the homeless, the low-income, minority communities and youth. The most shocking cases in the recent past were Marvin Booker, a homeless preacher who was murdered by Denver Sheriffs inside the Denver jail for attempting to retrieve his shoes, and Alexander Landau, whose police beating was so severe after an illegal left turn that it left him with brain damage and trauma.

Josh Pearson is currently incarcerated in the Denver Detention Center, despite needing urgent medical attention and support. As you may know, the Denver Detention Center is not conducive to a healthy psychological or physical state if you are a political target of law enforcement. Josh needs to have his injuries treated more thoroughly and needs to meet with his lawyer as soon as possible. Unfortunately, he is being held on a $1,000 bond. Someone has committed to pay $450, which means that we need another $550 to get him out.

Occupy Denver is requesting online donations for Josh Pearson’s bail. Your support and contribution is greatly appreciated. You can donate online at . Be sure to SPECIFY that your donation is for POLICE ABUSE. On both the We Pay and Paypal donation processes, you will see a text box where you can type what your donation is for at some point during the process. Stay tuned for a possible additional in-person fundraiser later this week. Thanks for your support.