Legal Funds Call Out for Stop the Empire March

October 1, 2012 in Legal

A vital component of the preservation and success of social movements is prisoner support, as the state uses isolation and the violence of the prison system as a means of breaking the spirit of social movements and undermining their ability to affect fundamental change. It is for this reason that Occupy Denver would like to stress the urgent need for legal funds for the October 3rd Stop the Empire march in the vicinity of the first presidential debate at the University of Denver.

The purpose of this event is to demonstrate our dissatisfaction with the two-party system and their perpetuation of imperialistic wars and unjust domestic policies. This event is expected to be heavily policed at both the local and federal levels, with a Denver Police presence, and presence of various federal agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security. The march has the potential to yield arrests, and past experience has shown that these arrests can be arbitrary, violent, and retaliatory for those who engage in their right to freedom of expression.

Arrests are expected, as is the potential for rather high bonds.

Please visit to donate. Whether you use Wepay or Paypal to donate, as you go through the donation process, you will be given the opportunity to specify what your donation is for. Please specify that your donation is for LEGAL.

Thanks for your support.
- Occupy Denver