May 1st General Strike

together, we the 99%, make the world go round

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When and Where

May 1, 2012 — all day
Events start in Civic Center Park at Noon

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At noon on May 1st, we rally in Civic Center Park and make our voices heard. At 12:30 we march. At 1:30 we return to Civic Center Park and occupy until dusk with teach-ins, music, trading stations, food, and activities for all. Come together and let it be known that our labor is what makes this world function!

Get Involved

In recognizing the power of our labor, we also recognize that all of us have skills we contribute to the world. You can share that skill by contributing to the events of May Day in the park. The events of May Day will encompass all forms of public engagement using our shared power as workers. If you have a skill to share, contact the Occupy Denver May Day working group at All are welcome, so come down to Civic Center Park and join in the events taking place!

Communities Unite on May 1st

In solidarity with cities worldwide, the diverse communities of Denver will gather together as one powerful force demanding equality and justice for all. Around the world May 1st is known as International Worker’s Day. Recently in America, this day has become recognized as a time for standing up for immigrants’ rights. While fighting our struggles we’ve come to realize that our problems are connected, as are the solutions. We unite in action with Occupiers and Workers all over the globe fighting for a better tomorrow

Our homes are foreclosed, while banks are bailed out. Unemployment remains high, while the 1% continues to accumulate wealth. Federal funding for education is continuously cut, while the military budget skyrockets.

The strategy of divide and conquer has been used against us for too long; these created illusions keep us separate. The few who hold unprecedented power and wealth become deeply threatened as we realize they are reliant on us, WE HAVE THE TRUE POWER. Let them feel threatened, come together and join in solidarity over our common causes: HUMAN RIGHTS and ECONOMIC JUSTICE.

Stand up and take part in an action that demonstrates our true strength. Join us at Civic Center Park for May Day; we are the ones we have been waiting for!

A true alliance is based upon some self-interest of each group component and common interest into which they merge. –MLK, Jr.


Download the May Day Statement of Support (PDF)
Download a 4-up English/Spanish flyer with May Day 2012 schedule (PDF)

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In February, the Denver-Boulder IWW General Strike Coordinating Committee approached Occupy Denver with their initial call-out for a General Strike. Occupy Denver endorsed the event, providing their own solidarity statement. Since then, many other organizations have endorsed this event:

Event Schedule

Start Main Stage Offstage
Noon Rally Rally
12:30 March leaves Civic Center
12:45 Spoken Word Poets of Denver March
1:15 Musical Performance (Cottonwood) March
1:35 David Hughes (Poet) / Spoken Word Poets of Denver March arrives back at Civic Center
1:45 Featured Speaker
2 Teach-In Introductions
2:15 2:15 Wheelchair Sports Camp
2:45 Just James (poet)
3:00 Dehlia (poet)
  1. We Can End Corporate Education Reform
  2. Reclaiming our Responsibilities as Earth Warriors
  3. Labor and Neoliberalism: The Struggle Today
3:15 Performance Art
3:30 Teach-in Introductions
3:45 Musical Performance (Live Animal) Teach-ins:
  1. Defend Our Homes: Protect Our Communities
  2. Create Your Own Alternative Money: Don’t Rely On Banks
  3. Unionizing in Traditionally Unorganized/Non-Union Occupations
4:45 Siddique Abdullah Hasan – political prisoner
5:15 Performance Art Gift and Barter Market
5:30 Labor Panel Discussion
6:15 Music and Food
6:30 Lenny Chernila (Poet)
7:00 Occupy Panel and Open Forum
8:00 Sole (Musician)
9:30 Sleep-In on 16th Street Mall to Protest “Urban Camping” Ban

Download printable versions of this schedule

Teach-in Descriptions

We Can End Corporate Education Reform, 2:15pm to 3:15pm

Our public school system is being dismantled using our tax dollars and our children. Corporations and politicians profit. We can return a whole and equitable education to all children in our public schools by acting now. Join us to learn strategies for opting out of corporate education reform.

Led by Peggy Robertson, Administrator for United Opt Out National, Member of SOS Steering Committee

For more information, visit or contact Peggy Robertson at

The Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition Presents: Defend Our Homes… Protect Our Communities
A Call to Action from the Front Lines of the War on Corporate Corruption, 3:45pm – 4:45pm

In 2007 rampant fraud in the mortgage industry triggered a financial crisis throughout the world economy. Within two years 7.5 million American workers lost their jobs and in an attempt to cover their original crimes, the Banksters have fraudulently forced 15.5 million homes into foreclosure. Thousands across the country have joined together in the fight to save our communities. If you want to have a direct impact now, please join us for a panel discussion on out how to get into the fight.

Led by Panel of Activists:

Corrine Fowler – The Economic Justice Director at the Colorado Progressive Coalition.
Corrine has gained an extensive knowledge from experience of how to fight foreclosures through Legislative and DirectAction.

Chad Kautzer – A philosophy professor who specializes in Social and Political Philosophy.
Chad is active in Occupy Denver and has been giving teach-ins on the financial causes and Wall Street corruption that led to the foreclosure crisis.

Steven Bailey – The victim of a fraudulent foreclosure in which his family lost their home and livelihood. Steve offers the perspective of how these crimes are impacting the lives of the victims and how the Occupy movement will empower us to fight back.

If you are not able to make the teach-in, please visit to get involved.

Labor and Neoliberalism: The Struggle Today, 2:15pm to 3:25pm

The push for deregulation in the financial sector, which precipitated the current economic crisis, and the attacks on public sector unions at the state level, are part of a long-term neoliberal strategy to empower capital and disempower labor (and not just unionized labor). From Occupy to the labor-led struggles in Ohio and Wisconsin, resistance movements are, however,growing. In this teach-in we’ll talk about the history, policies, and practices of neoliberalism, the people and organizations pushing its agenda, as well as the shape and future of the resistance.

Led by Chad Kautzer: a member of Occupy Denver’s Education Committee and Foreclosure Resistance Coalition, as well Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Social Justice Minor at the University of Colorado Denver

Reclaiming our Responsibilities as Earth Warriors, 2:15pm to 3:15pm

Tessa McLean, Scott Jacket and Shannon Francis from the Fourth World Center, American Indian Movement of Colorado and Black Mesa CO Caravan will discuss current projects such as Suncor/Tar Sands XL Keystone Pipeline, Black Mesa/Peabody Coal Co., San Francisco Peaks Snowbowl development. These issues are all taking place on sacred Indigenous lands affecting human health, animals, birds and fish, heavily impacting millions of living ecosystems, contaminating and depleting our water, earth and air. Get involved and give back to Indigenous communities, elders and youth. Learn about sustainable living through permaculture based on Indigenous principles, and values. Engage in the next steps to make a difference for our future generations!

Create Your Own Alternative Money – Don’t Rely On Banks, 3:45pm to 4:45

This workshop is about breaking free from your dollar dependency. The power to create credit and money and exchange is already in your hands. We have been taught to use only bank controlled credit which drastically limits our true wealth. This workshop will be half theory and understanding of alternative currency and half implementation and exercise of a new money system.

References for workshop:

  1. Thomas Greco’s Blog
  2. Charles Eisenstein’s Book – Sacred Economics
  3. Documentary on YouTube – The Money Fix
  4. Thomas Greco’s Book – The End of Money and the Future of Civilization

Led by Brok McFerron: a serial entrepreneur whose greatest passion is changing the debt-based money system to another more equitable and beautiful means of exchange. In 2012, Brok is launching a local currency for Colorado. He is a serial entrepreneur who currently owns myGroFarm, a garden product company.

Unionizing in Traditionally Unorganized/Non-Union Occupations, 3:45pm to 4:45

This teach-in will go over the basics of organizing your fellow co-workers into a united bargaining unit, or a union. The emphasis will be on unionizing in typically union deprived private sectors, such as retail and food service. It will include helpful information to help you start down the path of demanding the treatment and compensation you deserve from your employer. Your best tool in the unionization process is information, and this teach-in will attempt to provide you with the basics, on how to get started, where to find out more, and where to go next.

Tony Talarico is a long-time supporter of social movements. Born and raised in the labor hotbed of Detroit, he completed his undergraduate studies at a Wayne State University in Detroit, which is one of the few remaining schools with a rich labor studies program. He recently completed his graduate studies at the University of Denver and is currently working with his co-workers to form a union at his employer of the past five years, REI (Recreation Equipment Incorporated).

Labor Panel

5:30pm to 6:30pm on Main Stage

A panel of Union members and organizers from different unions will speak to the state of the union today and how we can unite as workers. They will speak on what a union is, the role of immigrants in the labor movement, and the current state of the labor movement. There will then be a time for Q&A.

Panelists: Lowell May (IWW), Andrea (former SEIU), Tony Talarico (non-affiliated), Ric Urrutia (labor organizer), Stanley Gronek (Amalgamated Transit Union)

A Gift and Barter Market

An Abundant Economy. This is What is Possible.

On May 1st, May Day, the diverse community of Denver is gathering as one powerful force to demand equality and justice for all. In the spirit of working together for a better, more equitable, more prosperous tomorrow, we will be hosting a gift and barter market to celebrate the abundance that exists when we come together and share our resources as opposed to hoarding them for ourselves. We have all experienced some form of this in our lives; a neighbor, who needs a cup of sugar and in return, when it’s needed, asks to borrow a lawnmower, or a helping hand to carry in the groceries. This is a simplistic example but it highlights the point; we do not all need to own a lawnmower if we can offer something to our neighbor in exchange.

We believe that if we share, we become wealthier, and we invite you to come and feel the truth and power in this statement. Join us at 5 to 8pm for an experiment in what is possible when we collaborate through exchange.

How can YOU be part of this abundance economy?

Bring something you want to gift to others (not expecting anything in return)
This can be: clothes that you no longer need, kitchen appliances, artwork, crafts, sing a song, write poems for others, or almost anything else! It should be something that has value to you, and that you think others will be interested in!

Bring something you want to barter (trade among the other people around)
This can also be pretty much anything you want it to be. It should be something that has value to you, and that you think others will be interested in! You cannot force anyone to barter with you, so think about what others might want that you have! This could also be a skill or a service, as well as something more tangible. To learn how to barter (or one way to barter) look at the back of this page!

Bring an open mind and the willingness/excitement to meet new people

Bring a table!
If you are planning on bringing a bunch of stuff to gift/barter you should bring a folding table! We will bring a few and we’ll ask you to share your space if there’s extra! If you need to set up, please come anytime before 5pm, park by the Greek Amphitheater on the south side of the park

Remember, no U.S. Currency (dollars) will change hands!

Occupy Panel and Forum

7:00pm to 8:00pm on Main Stage

Long-time participants in Occupy Denver will share about their experiences in the movement, discuss how the movement currently operates, and speak about how they see the movement going forward. There will then be time for an open forum where we will have a collective discussion about how Occupy Denver can collaborate with other communities to improve our city and our society.

Sleep-In on 16th Street Mall to Protest “Urban Camping” Ban

starting at 9:30pm

Pending the outcome of the April 30th City Council Public Hearing, the 1st Reading and first vote (final vote will follow on May 14th) on the Urban Camping Ban. Occupy Denver has endorsed a sleep-in at the Denver Pavilions, 16th Street between Tremont and Welton, starting at 9:30 PM on May 1st. Thus far City Council has been placing the interests of the business community over the needs of the least fortunate residents of our city. Bring a sleeping bag or blankets and protest this criminalization of homelessness and the businesses that have lobbied for this ban.