A Candlelight Vigil For All Protestors Brutalized By The Chicago Police #SOLIDARITYMONDAY

May 20, 2012 in Event

For the second day in a row, Occupy Denver Direct Action Committee will be holding a solidarity event for our brave brothers and sisters who have faced severe repression by the Chicago Police. Stories of police throwing metal barricades into crowds, randomly beating protestors and more continue to stream in from our people on the ground. The calculated usage of violence to achieve political ends is the very definition of terrorism! In response we will be converging at 8PM Monday in Lincoln park to hold a candlelight vigil.

When Occupy Denver took the streets today, we were greeted with more pepper ball guns from the DPD than most of us have ever seen. As long as the corporate class colludes with our governments to repress people here and overseas militarily, Occupy Denver will continue our struggle locally. For too long the military industrial complex and the machinations of empire have largely avoided the ire of the Occupy Movement, and finally this critical issue is being brought to the forefront. For every day of massive violence against protestors in Chicago we will continue to peacefully assemble and exercise our First Amendment rights in Denver.

For more information on N.A.T.O. visit natoprotest.org

Here is a video of one of our own, Audrey from Occupy Bouler/Occupy Denver getting severely beaten down by the Chicago Police.

For more information direct from the front lines, follow Occupy Denver protestor “Drbenway2323″ on twitter

Monday 5/21 at 8PM we will meet in Lincoln Park at 8PM, where we will march downtown, hold a candlelight vigil and discuss further actions.

Bring candles. Bring a friend. #SOLIDARITY

Monday May 21st 8PM
Lincoln Park