National Occupation of Washington, D.C.

January 31, 2012 in Event

National Occupation of Washington D.C. - March 30, 2012

On Saturday, January 28, 2011, the Occupy Denver General Assembly unanimously voted to endorse the National Occupation of Washington, D.C. beginning on March 30, 2012. You can join this event on Facebook.

Gather for an American Spring in Washington, DC. NOW DC opposes the corruption of both parties and the Supreme Court. We are uniting against a corporate-controlled government that has failed to promote the public well-being, and we will demonstrate that together we can create a new world where the people, not the 1%, rule.

  • NOW DC includes occupation, education, protest and mobilization.
  • NOW DC begins by gathering in Washington, DC, on March 30 to start setting up occupations and to march.
  • The Occupy Social Forum April 7–14 will bring together the experience, knowledge and thinking of the 99%. Occupiers from across the country will present workshops on socially relevant areas, including political and policy issues, strategies for shifting power from the 1% to the 99%, ending wars and militarization, and the strengths and weaknesses of the Occupy movement, as well as concrete descriptions of how to organize communities, hold General Assemblies, live-stream and create your own media and other practical necessities for successful occupations.
  • Celebrate Occupy Power April 15 will feature music and arts!
  • Civil resistance will greet the return of Congress. NOW DC aims to unite occupations in a focused campaign to demonstrate to elected officials in Washington, DC, and K Street and corporate interests that the people no longer trust or accept their rule, that a radical transformation to a participatory democracy operating under the rule of law is essential.

If you would like to help promote the event, you can do so using the following flyers. Print them onto a different side of a single sheet, cut into quarters and you have 4 promotional pamphlets!

NOW DC ballerina 4-up flyer
NOW DC description 4-up flyer