1/21 March, Mourning For Civil Liberties

January 17, 2012 in Event

The 99% Stand in mourning of our lost civil liberties and dying internet neutrality.

Rally begins at 11:30 AM at Civic Center Park on Saturday, January 21st.

Funeral procession protest march beginning at
12:00pm at Civic Center Park, January 21st, 2012

Funeral Attire is recommended. Black or dark colors are appropriate. Funeral props such as coffins and tombstones, bugles playing taps or other such artistic statements are also strongly encouraged.

In Loving Memory We March

On Saturday January 21st, 2012 Occupy Denver will be marching in mourning for our freedoms lost, our rights trampled, our civil liberties crushed and the impending cataclysmic attack upon free speech in the form of internet censorship. Sadly we regret to inform you that we have already lost The 4th Amendment which guarded our personal freedom and privacy, The 5th Amendment which shielded us from abusive governmental authority in legal matters, The 6th Amendment, Habeas Corpus, our protector against unlawful detention, The 7th Amendment which guaranteed us trial by a jury of our peers, and The 8th Amendment which safeguarded us from excessive bail, fines or any other form of cruel and unusual punishment.

By the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act signed by the hand of President Barrack Obama on on December 31st, 2011, freedom, so cherished by generations of Americans is indeed in peril. Within the National Defense Authorization Act there are provisions which allow the indefinite military detention of anyone anywhere in the world including Citizens of the United States without cause, without trial, without representation, and without hope of any justice. In essence the National Defense Authorization Act establishes the prison and court system in use at Guantanamo as the new norm for the indefinite detention of anyone deemed to be an enemy of the state. This heinous action perpetrated upon the American public and the rest of the world by our government working in conjunction with the global military industrial complex is UNACCEPTABLE!

The 4th Amendment, born September 17th,1787 lived a hard life with many ups and downs ever vigilant in its battle to protect us from tyranny. It was widely known for guarding our personal freedom and privacy by protecting us from unlawful search and seizure. It died defending our freedom at the hands of the NDAA on December 31st, 2011.

The 5th Amendment, our bastion against abusive governmental authority in legal matters who’s lineage can be traced back to June 15, 1215 in the form of Magna Carta was dealt a death blow by the NDAA. Ever vigilant through the centuries against abuses of power including double jeopardy, self incrimination and confessions obtained through torture it kept us safe from abuses of power. Sadly it was no match for the NDAA and so on December 31, 2011 the 5th Amendment passed away before our very eyes.

The 6th Amendment, Habeas Corpus lived a long healthy life. Born in 1215, Habeas Corpus saved many from unlawful detention. The protector of freedom began a heated battle with the brutal “two party democratic system” beginning with the United States Military Commissions Act of 2006. There was a brief sign of hope for recovery given by the Supreme Court in 2008. However in the end it lost its battle four short years later on December 31st, 2011 by the signing of the NDAA.

The 7th Amendment, guarantor of our right to a trial by our peers too was slain by with the passing of the NDAA on December, 31st 2011. Born in England in the early 1700′s but withheld from the early colonies the lack of right to trial by a jury was one of the complaints against Britain which triggered the American Revolution. After the American Revolution the Bill of Rights brought to the American people the justice they had fought for. In 1795 Associate Justice of the Untied States Supreme Court William Tyler Patterson said of the 7th Amendment, “The right of trial by Jury is a fundamental law, made sacred by the Constitution, and cannot be legislated away.” Woefully this great Amendment designed to protect us from trial by partial or corrupt judges has been cast down by the passing of the NDAA on December, 31st 2011.

The 8th Amendment, the bedrock upon which justice is built protected us from excessive, and cruel or unusual punishment. Born in England in 1689 and brought to America in the Bill of Rights in 1791 in the form of the 8th Amendment it protected us from all manners of excessive punishment. Now with the passing of the NDAA that bedrock has been dynamited and thrown into a rock crusher. With the NDAA’s provisions allowing the indefinite military detention of any citizen of the United States deemed to be an enemy of the state without cause, without trial, without representation, and without hope of any justice how can it be argued that we are not now subject once again to cruel and unusual punishment at the whim of our government and our injustice system? Rest in Peace 8th amendment it truly was a sad day to see you depart from us with the signing of the NDAA on December, 31 2011.

To compound the loss of our rights and civil liberties by the passing of the NDAA bill currently Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Congressman Charles Dent (R-PA) are now sponsoring a bill called the Enemy Expatriation Act which will allow the US Government to strip citizens of their citizenship without being convicted of a crime. Combining the NDAA with the Enemy Expatriation Act whether or not you are a citizen is most definitely a mute point when the government can strip our citizenship away followed by the military locking us up indefinitely without cause or trial. The NDAA as it is now is the death blow to our rights and civil liberties afforded to us by the Bill of Rights and the Enemy Expatriation Act will be the final nail in its coffin.

Finally we get to the most precious of all freedoms ever afforded to mankind, Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech is what brought us together on the internet to form the Occupy Movement. Freedom Speech is what allows us to raise our voices and be heard. Freedom of Speech is what allows you to read the words you are reading right now. And sadly in addition to the rights and civil liberties which we have already lost through the NDAA, are about to lose through the Enemy Expatriation Act now our Freedom of Speech is also under attack in the form of proposed internet censorship laws including the Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA). This fight to crush Free Speech on the internet centers around Net Neutrality, one of the youngest of all freedoms who has lived a glorious life, mostly free from attacks within the United States. Widely known for granting everyone freedom to access information upon the internet, Net Neutrality gives corporations and citizens equal footing in the “marketplace of ideas.” Attacks on Net Neutrality have been slowly gaining steam in the last few years as the internet has become a major tool in voicing dissent against tyranny and oppression both here in America and abroad. The internet has been a key form of communication used by dissidents overthrowing Eastern European as well as Arab Dictatorships. An uncensored uninhibited internet is what allowed the Arab Spring to burst forth in 2011. An uncensored uninhibited internet is what allowed the protest in Zuccotti Park to crystallize into the Occupy Movement we now find ourselves in.

Although SOPA and PIPA claim to be about protecting copyrights, its most obvious effect will be to protect those in power. SOPA grants the US government the ability to shut down any website that is found to have any material that infringes upon any copyrights or to shut down any site or software which assists in accessing copyrighted material. This literally means, if a person posts a clip from a movie copyrighted by a major studio in Hollywood or a group of teenage cheerleaders post a clip of themselves dancing to a copyrighted song on a site like Youtube then the US government can legally shut down the entire Youtube website. If those clips are linked to another site like Facebook, then both Youtube and Facebook can be legally shut down according to SOPA and or PIPA. Further the government will have the power to order search engines to remove all traces of links to such sites and payment companies will be forced to no longer do business with the sites. American Pharmaceutical companies will also score a win in maintaining there monopoly over American medicines if SOPA passes as there are provisions which will make it easy to ban internet sales of low cost medicine from Canada. Proxy servers used by dissidents the world over will be banned and software that allows surfing of the web anonymously will also be made illegal in the U.S. including the Tor Project. Possibly the most scary part about SOPA and or PIPA is that all of the enforcement will be happening without user knowledge. Every packet of data sent from or to our computers will be monitored. Every conversation, every page clicked on and viewed all of it will be monitored and analyzed for content. Oh yah and one other thing, those cheerleaders mentioned earlier, they could go to jail for uploading copyrighted material.

Today Net Neutrality and Citizenship have both recently entered intensive life support, their survival depends on the overthrowing of NDAA and the blocking of SOPA, PIPA, and the Expatriation Act. The implications of these laws for the American people are tremendous. From the Russian Gulags and Nazi Concentration Camps to Japanese internment camps in America during World War Two and all the way up to Guantanamo Bay, nation states have always found creative ways to indefinitely detain “undesirables” and otherwise bend the law to their will. Although President Barrack Obama ran on closing down “Guantanamo Bay” and the blatant disregard for civil liberties that it entailed, he will now be known as the president that enshrined these practices into law through the NDAA. If the Enemy Expatriation Act passes it would simply be a matter of rhetoric to call an Occupy Protester a “Terrorist”who without cause, charge or trial can lose their citizenship and be detained indefinitely for life. If SOPA passes, the internet that we know will immediately look like a giant corporate controlled cable television network. A network that we will no longer be able to use to communicate in the open fashion that we do now.

So please consider joining Occupy Denver on Saturday, January 21st, 2012 at Civic Stadium Park at 12:00pm where we will be marching in mourning for our freedoms lost, our rights trampled, our civil liberties crushed and the impending cataclysmic attack upon free speech in the form of internet censorship. Whether or not you can make the march you must contact Colorado’s Senators Mark Udall and Micheal Bennet and demand them to reject SOPA & PIPA as well as the Enemy Expatriation Act, while you still can.

Contact Information for Colorado Senators
Senator Mark Udall http://markudall.senate.gov/?p=contact
Senator Micheal Bennet http://bennet.senate.gov/contact/

Contact Information for all Colorado Senators and Representatives


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