Non-Hierarchical Discussion Group

January 12, 2012 in Event

What: Non-Hierarchical Discussion Group
When: 2:00pm every Sunday, temporarily suspended during winter
Topic: varies week to week, see our teach-in schedule
Where: As a result of low attendance the past two weeks, the non-hierarchical discussion group is moving inside to Denver Public Library this coming Sunday at 2 PM, and until the weather warms up. The topic will once again be Class/Classism and how it relates to the Occupy movement. Meet in the lobby and we will then move into a conference room.

Please RSVP via this Facebook event.

Throughout the duration of Occupy Denver, there have been numerous discussions amongst participants about a wide range of societal and political issues. Unfortunately, often these arguments have resulted in hostilities that have led participants to such extreme measures as contacting the police, and in some cases, no longer attending Occupy. It has created division amongst people. Despite these discussions, Occupy has lacked a forum for these disagreements to be fully explored and one another’s perspectives fully understood. One of the inspiring aspects of the first few months of Occupy Denver was that it was a forum for people to discuss their hopes and visions of a better world. Subsequent antagonisms between people have diminished this imaginative spirit and the strong sense of community that stemmed from it.

Thus, we are announcing the creation of an informal, non-hierarchical forum/discussion group in which people can discuss a variety of political, societal, and movement-related issues with the hopes of fully understanding one another, becoming a more cohesive group, and simply voicing our opinions. The intent is NOT to create an atmosphere wherein everyone must be polite. Heated debates are encouraged. What we want to avoid is hostilities that stem from misunderstandings reducing the potential of this movement to accomplish fundamental societal change. Further, having a social, cultural, and intellectual component is vital to the success of any social movement.