Occupy Denver endorses Critical Mass

April 18, 2012 in Endorsement

As carbon dioxide levels climb to 393.65 parts per million—far above a sustainable 350 ppm threshold—thousands of Americans remain skeptical of global climate change. Some even continue to challenge the connection between human energy consumption and the present environmental crisis. Could this madness be yet another symptom of the ideological power wielded by a propagandist media? Or is it the voice of your local Congressman speaking as puppet for big oil interests? Or is it a manifestation of the death drive of an ecocidal 1%? All the above?

Through it may be tempting to believe that fuel consumption, car culture, and industry as usual have no harmful impact on the global environment, the verdict of scientists is in: It’s hurting us, and in a bad way, and that harm may be irreversible.

Occupy Denver seeks to foster understanding and raise awareness about environmental as well as economic sustainability, and this entails pushing for alternative modes of transportation. Therefore, keeping with Occupy Denver’s “diversity of tactics” approach to a wide array of issues, the General Assembly voted on Saturday, March 31st to endorse Critical Mass Denver. Critical Mass is the enactment of a literal situation in which, for a snapshot in time, bicycles are the dominant mode of transportation. According to CM philosophy: “By riding en mass we create an experiential space for both cyclists and the wider community to see what a world full of bikes looks and feels like.”

Critical Mass is non-political and is not beholden to any particular ideology. There is no leadership or membership, and there is no predetermined route for bike rides; our decision is made by spontaneous consensus, and we ride as one indivisible mass. A safe space is intended for all who attend. It should be further noted that CM is not particularly an Occupy Denver event. Occupy Denver offers its unwavering support to those who may not necessarily agree or subscribe to its principles.

Currently, Critical Mass Denver meets the last Friday of every month at 6 PM, at Lincoln Park (Broadway and Colfax).

Off your computer, into the streets!