Occupy Denver Resists Eviction.

December 16, 2011 in Press

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This past Wednesday, Occupy Denver recieved an invitation to meet with the new Chief of Police, Robert White, to discuss our relationship. The same day, we also received a warning notice from the Department of Public Works stating that they would remove all encumbrances from the sidewalks between 10am and 2 pm on Thursday. Instead of meeting on Thursday, the Denver Police Department tweeted an invitation to meet with us on Monday. Occupy Denver’s response was that the Chief come to a General Assembly. Fearing imminent eviction due to “encumbrances,” many occupiers began working through the night to “encumber” the park as a protest against the threat.

On Thursday Chief White came to Occupy Denver to ask us to remove encumbrances and to meet with him on Monday. The general opinion on the ground was that if we were evicted there would be nothing to meet about. It was still unclear after Chief White’s visit if we would be evicted, so we held the grounds. Later that day, the Denver Post released a statement that “Public Works had backed off its plans.” It is still unclear if an eviction will take place over the weekend, possibly in the dead of night, so we urge our supporters to stand with us this weekend.

This is the first time we have successfully resisted an eviction by the state, but we also must remain vigilant and keep our numbers up over the weekend to ensure the safety of our occupation. If you can’t occupy with us, feel free to drop off food, water, and winter supplies. We are also accepting cash donations & paypal donations for legal support.