Occupy Denver in solidarity with a General Strike on May 1

February 22, 2012 in Event

In solidarity with cities worldwide, the people of Denver will enter into a preliminary General Strike on May 1, 2012, known around the world as International Worker’s Day. Recently in America, this day has become recognized as a time for standing up for immigrant’s rights. While fighting our struggles we’ve come to realize that our problems are connected, as are the solutions. As diverse communities, we stand together as one powerful force demanding equality and justice for all. We unite in action with Occupiers and Workers all over the globe fighting for a better tomorrow.

The giant that is the 99% has been sleeping for too long. Awaken. 

As the recession has deepened, wealth and power have been concentrated into the hands of a shrinking few at an exponential rate. We can no longer afford to bailout the rich and powerful. Nor will we tolerate a system designed to keep power in the hands of so few while the rest are left fighting for scraps. We The People have been divided, marginalized and pushed to the limit. We aim to strike at the heart of the corrupt system by refusing to contribute our labor to commerce. The American Spring will not just be about stopping tyranny, but implementing solutions and creating a better world. It will be a time for the people not just in this country but around the world to come together as one unstoppable force and make change happen. 

Those in power have continued to concentrate wealth and resources into the hands of a few for too long. They have squashed dissent with overwhelming force. They have silenced our voices. This is not a new phenomenon. It is designed by those in power to stay in power. And yet the people continue to resist. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s People’s Army “Occupied” Washington D.C., as the people of Egypt “Occupied” Tahrir Square .. so will we occupy, so those in power know that we aren’t going anywhere until we create real sustainable change.

The people of Denver hold the true power. Without our labor, resources, knowledge and support, the rich and powerful would not exist. By turning to our local labor power and resources we can fulfill our needs without continuing this oppressive and unsustainable system holding power now. Let us use our shared power of labor and creativity to start building a new society starting right here in Denver.

Now is the time for community, neighborhood, school and work groups to organize autonomous and direct actions. As long as we are attacked and deprived of our basic rights, we will not allow for business as usual. We will support independent efforts of people to claim control over their workplaces, schools, and community as the beginning stages of our journey towards reclaiming our lives and taking the power back.

In preparation for this 2012 May Day strike and for future collaborative actions with Denver’s diverse communities, Occupy Denver will be walking through neighborhoods in the coming weeks and months. We will be hosting meetings across Denver to listen to each other’s struggles and plan together how we will strike and beyond.

May Day will be the beginning of a new chapter of struggle for justice and equality. As we occupy our streets, workplaces, neighborhoods, and other common spaces, we start to build a new world within the shell of this old world of injustice and inequality. Let May 1st be the beginning of a new chapter that has yet to be written…

We strike to unite and take the power back.

Download a large version of the above flyer that is suitable for printing.
Thanks to the Occupy May 1st site for the graphic this flyer is based on.

Download a large version of the above flyer that is suitable for printing.